Written by Greg

20 Jan 2013

We are a couple in our early fifties, I'm fifty two, Heather is fifty. We started going on naturist holidays 5 years ago. Heather took some persuading but she finally agreed, with the warning “No funny business” She'd read my mind. I'd been trying to get her to agree to a threesome for sometime.

She was quite self conscious at first but once she saw other women naked, all shapes and sizes she relaxed. Heather is 5' 6” tall, attractive and has a curvy, voluptuous figure, a nice bum, a magnificent pair of 40ff tits, almost as firm, round and perfect as when we married, the benefits of always wearing a bra paying dividends. She particularly enjoyed the freedom of spending two or three weeks braless, her large tits unfettered. A day or so into our first holiday she surprised me by shaving her pussy, like many of the other women. Much to my delight she's been smooth since. We went on a couple of holidays to inland France and on the Atlantic coast. If there was anything going on sexually we didn't see it. I tried persuading her to go to Cap d'Agde in 2011 but she wouldn't entertain the idea, giving the impression that she didn't approve of the things which she'd read went on there. Worth a try so back to the Atlantic coast.

In 2012 we decided not to go on holiday to save money. By the middle of August after what seemed like months of incessant rain we changed our minds and arranged time off for mid September. To late to guarantee decent weather in France so we booked for the Canaries and she agreed to Maspalomas for its nude beach, unaware of it's reputation.

We arrived quite late in the day, time to settle into our studio, go out for a meal then bed. The next day was quite windy, not really beach weather so it was the day after before we went to the beach. Stripped off, got comfortable, enjoying the sun after cold wet Britain. We went to the beach at some point on each of the next three days. I could see the dunes where I’d read swingers met or people went to watch and had seen people going in that direction, but hadn't come up with a plan to get her to go there. She unwittingly came to my rescue the next day. We'd gone in late afternoon, it was windier than expected and she suggested it might be more sheltered in the dunes.

I decided to say nothing, gathered up our things, and we strolled towards the dunes which eventually gave way to an area interspersed with bushes, shrubs and stunted trees. Through a gap in some bushes I glimpsed a couple, only for a few seconds, but long enough to see they were fucking. Heather hadn't noticed and carried on walking, suggesting a sheltered area in some shrubs about 100 yards away. I was so busy looking around, it wasn't until she suddenly said “Oh” that I realised that she'd seen something. She'd stopped dead and I bumped into her. She looked at me then back towards the bushes. One woman, three men. The woman on her back, legs spread, being fingered by one man, her arms outstretched, wanking the other two, kneeling beside her.

I waited for the outrage, bollocking or both but neither happened. “Oh my God” she said quietly as the guy finger fucking the woman, lowered his head and went down on her. The woman saw us looking and smiled as if giving permission for us to go closer and was happy to be watched, before she she turned her head and began to suck the guy to her right. I touched Heathers arm and asked if she wanted to leave. She brushed my arm away, “In a minute” she replied breathlessly, moving closer, almost in a trance.

I followed, watching her reaction almost as much as what the four people were doing. Heather stopped only about ten feet from them, dropped her mat on the ground and sat, apparently transfixed. I thought it was just curiosity, and didn't realise the effect it was having. The woman stopped sucking the guys cock momentarily, pointing at the other guy and spoke, in either German or Dutch, presumably inviting her to join in. She looked at me, a look in her eyes I'd never seen before, Longing? Lust? I gave her what I thought was a an encouraging smile and said to go ahead if she wanted to.

I held my breath as she moved, putting one hand on the ground as if she was going to get up. I think she almost did, but changed her mind. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed what she did next. Supporting herself on one hand, she opened her legs. Not just a little, but wide, exposing her cunt. She looked down, as if to satisfy herself they could see her sex. Hesitantly she reached between her legs with her other hand and touched her slit, wetting her fingers with her juices.

Any moment now she's going to realise what she is doing and stop and I'm going to be in so much shit, I thought, wondering if I should intervene. To late! She started to move her fingers, slowly at first, just stroking her clit, then more confidently. She slipped a couple of fingers in her cunt and started to masturbate. She sometimes masturbates or uses a vibrator while I watch but only when she's highly aroused, randy as hell and had always refused to say what she fantasised while she did it. I suspected I'd just discovered her secret.

The woman spoke to the guy licking her pussy and he surfaced for air, his mouth and chin soaked with her juices. She said something else then turned on to all fours. The guy shuffled up behind her, guided his cock into her pussy, put his hand on her hips, drawing her slowly back onto his shaft and started to fuck her, while the other guy knelt in front of her and she resumed sucking his cock.

Heather was engrossed, fingered herself harder, eyes just slits, sighing as she pushed all four of her fingers in her cunt, masturbating more urgently. The third guy sidled up to her, holding his cock. He said something, offering her his cock, pointing at her mouth. She turned her head away, but made no move to stop him, when he stood over her wanking. I was holding my cock by then, slowly stroking my erection, my prick feeling as hard as it had done when I was a teenager. Heather started to huff and puff, making noises she only makes when she's close to orgasm. She pulled her fingers from her pussy, placing them on her clitoris, rubbing it so vigorously and energetically, her sex juices or possibly piss seemed to be squirting out of her cunt. The guy wanking, suddenly stiffened and ejaculated, a stream of semen, then a second weaker jet, aimed at Heather. It splashed on her, the first landing on her face, the second on her tits. She seemed oblivious, thrusting her hips, her fingers almost a blur, groaning as she had possibly the most powerful orgasm I'd ever seen her have. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load too at about the same time as the woman took a load in her mouth and moments later one in her pussy.

I grinned at Heather, who was wiping her fingers on a towel then cleaned the guys spunk from her face and tits. She stood up looking a bit sheepish and abashed, almost confused. “I think we'd better go” she said quietly. I grabbed our stuff, put my arm around her, walking slowly through the dunes, saying nothing. “You must think I'm a Slut” she finally said. “Certainly not. I think you're a beautiful, sexy woman and I love you. That was one of the horniest things I've ever seen and I'm proud of you” I assured her. We didn't say anything for several minutes, stopping to dress. “Did you enjoy it?” I finally asked. An almost guilty nod, a pause before she replied “It was incredible. I'm still tingling. It was horny wasn't it?” she grinned, visibly relaxing. “Why did you suddenly do it?” I asked “I'll explain later after you've fucked me” she replied. We hurried back to our studio, even though I’d only cum shortly before, using her hands and mouth she got me hard again and we fucked.

Laid in bed afterwards she explained that suddenly seeing the woman behaving like that had been a huge turn on, incredibly erotic. “I've never told you this but since we started going on these holidays I've had a fantasy to behave like that and have sex with guys I've seen. That's the reason I wouldn't go to Agde. I was afraid if I had the opportunity I probably wouldn't be able to resist the temptation. It seems I was right” she giggled

I reminded her I'd suggested threesomes and she just said that was different and shrugged, women’s logic I suppose. I wanted to know if she would do it again. “I'm not sure. I'll think about it but I don't think so” she answered, perhaps a little to quickly. I tried to hide my disappointment. We went out for dinner, returned quite late, she was randy still and, at her insistence, we fucked outside on the balcony.

We went to the beach the next day and the following one. Heather couldn't settle, getting up strolling along the beach, going in the sea, laid down trying to read. I noticed that she was far more careless about keeping her legs together, than she had been, sitting or laid with them open, particularly if she thought that guys were looking. She kept surreptitiously, glancing towards the dunes, whenever any one went in that direction. I didn't press her, the decision had to be hers. We've always had good sex but on those nights she was particularly demanding, wanting sex before we went out and again outside on the balcony later.

The following day we went shopping first then to the beach in mid afternoon. Heather seemed to be looking around searching for a spot. We stopped higher up the beach, she took off her dress and stood applying sun cream, rubbing it on her tits, body and legs, then her pussy. Standing only a few yards from a youngish bloke with her legs apart, quite blatantly rubbing her cunt in an extremely provocative and sexual way while he watched. Finished she turned, bent over giving him another good look at her pussy while she adjusted her mat, before laying down with her feet towards him. “What was that all about?” I asked. “Him and another lad were near us yesterday, their eyes followed me everywhere. Didn't you notice?” I can't say I had, and said that lots of men had been admiring her so why him. “He's got a rather big cock nd I fancy him” she informed me with a gleam in her eye. “Do you want to do more than just look at it?” I asked trying to hide my excitement. She quickly said what she wanted to do and see what happened.

She laid on her front, resting on her elbows and as instructed I rubbed lotion on her back and bum then her legs, starting at her ankles working my way up. I reached her thighs and as my hand got closer to her bum she parted her legs. The guy could see clearly, as I smoothed lotion on her inner thighs, almost touching her pussy. She moved her right arm and slid it under her body until I felt her fingers brush mine as she touched her pussy. She parted her legs more. Not exactly what she said she intended to do. She pushed my hand away then slipped her fingers in her cunt and began to move her hand. I moved my hand to her bum, stroking her buttocks. Only the guy could really see what she was doing. I spread her cheeks, touched her puckered hole, felt her shudder as I lightly stroked it. I could feel her masturbating, her bum quivering as she started to get more excited. The lad turned on his front, either for a better view or for the same reason I'd covered my stiffening prick with a towel. He was holding his phone, taking a photo or texting. She carried on rubbing herself, for several minutes until she clamped her legs together, quietly whimpering as she climaxed.

I can safely say she'd got the guys attention. She lay still, for several seconds then looked at me and said “I want him to fuck me” Turning her head towards him smiling, she rolled over and sat up with her legs open, her pussy and thighs wet, shining with her sex juices. He smiled back, looked at her enquiringly and she gave him the nod to come over. He picked up his stuff and came and stood next to her, his cock only two or three feet from her face. She'd been right about his cock, soft it was a good 7 inches. She stared at his cock greedily, opened her mouth, licked her lips, in a way that could only be interpreted as meaning she wanted to suck his cock. She reached for his hand and he pulled to her feet. “We're going to the dunes. Do you want to come with us?” she asked pointing. He understood what she was asking from her tone and actions.

The three of us strolled towards the dunes. When we reached the scrubby area, Heather put her arm around his waist possessively, pressing her breast against his arm. He said something, pointing towards some trees and bushes, I suppose saying it was a good place. We walked more quickly, passed a couple being watched. Another 50 or 60 yards, three guys about the same age as the one she'd picked up were sitting in some shade. The guy waved to them, called a greeting and they got up and followed us into a clearing.

Towels were quickly laid out. Heather lay down next to the guy and took hold of his cock stroking him. He turned on his side and began to play with her tits, leaning over sucking her nipples, his hand moving over her navel to her pussy. She parted her legs and his fingers delved into her still soaking cunt. He stopped sucking her nipples, said something to her. She nodded though she didn't understand and he spoke to his mates who had been watching until then. They knelt beside her, I expected her to realise she'd unintentionally agreed to them participating and tell them No. Instead she reached for the nearest one and wrapped her fingers around his cock pulling him closer.

She glanced at me briefly, a look on her face, lust, lechery, wantonness, certainly. Or fleetingly, was it triumph? I couldn't be sure because, she turned away, pushed the first guy on his back, kissed and licked her way down his body. She reached his cock, now rock hard, at least 8 inches and quite thick, she opened her mouth, engulfed his knob and began to suck him whilst still wanking the other guy. He touched her arse, she raised her leg and he began to finger her with one hand, his other squeezing and fondling her tits. I moved for a better vantage point, she was sucking his cock slow and deep, massaging his balls.

She stopped sucking for a moment, while the guy fingering adjusted her position, lay down behind, lifted her leg and entered her, sliding his cock up her in one fluid moment. He fully penetrated her, checked for a moment, then began fucking her. I could hear her sodden cunt squelching as he slid his prick into her, her slurping as she sucked cock. He fucked her slowly for 3 or 4 minutes, then started fucking her faster. She stopped sucking the other guys cock, breathlessly gasping as she got close to cumming, the guy fucking her beat her to it and ejaculated, clenching his bum as he squirted his seed deep in her cunt then pulled out. Although I tried to hold back I'd got over excited and came.

She immediately mounted the guy she been sucking, straddled him, gripped his cock and guided it to her pussy. Her cunt stretched around his impressive girth to take him then she slid down onto his shaft taking his full length. Within seconds of taking one load and still simmering on the verge of cumming, she started to ride him. Not slow and gentle, but fast and hard, almost violently, slamming down on his cock, whilst vigorously frigging her clit. Both came quickly, Heather loudly, head thrown back, muttering that she wanted him to cum inside her, moaning, climaxing when she felt his cock pumping his seed inside her. She'd now attracted a small audience, a man and a woman and three older men and she seemed to be revelling in her behaviour.

Her body was covered in perspiration, running down her back, from her face, rivulets running from her neck to her tits, droplets falling from her nipples as she panted. She recovered her breath climbed off the guy, knelt in front of the last two, sucking their cocks in turn. I sat watching, noticed the sand between her legs damp, strings of spunk hanging from her cunt, dripping to the ground. She seemed to be in charge, indicted she wanted fucking again. She got on all fours, just like the woman she'd watched, one in front of her, one behind.. The guy behind her shoved his cock up her pussy and began shafting her. She kept still while he got a nice steady rhythm going, her heavy breasts swinging as he thrust into her. She pulled the other lad closer, parted her lips and took his cock in her mouth. Fucking and sucking she drained the pair of them swallowing most of what she took in her mouth and adding to the mixture flooding her spunk sodden cunt.

The three older men seemed to want to fuck her too but she wouldn't. They had to be satisfied watching her masturbate and seemed quite happy when she let them feel her pussy, grope her tits then allowed them to wank and cum over her. I waited until we got back to our studio having the incredible new experience of fucking her spunk soaked cunt for the first but certainly not the last time.

We had about six full days remaining we went to the dunes each one. We went to the same area, I fucked her first, which was enough to attract guys and some women then sat back to watch while she was fucked by some of the men. In those few days Heather was fucked by about a dozen different guys.

Her only regret? That she wasted most of the first week. However since then she has been making up for lost time and we usually pick up or arrange to meet one or two guys to fuck her most weekends. She's now busy planning our summer holiday, and Cap d'Agde, some time in June is looking favourite:)

I've posted this as a surprise for Heather's birthday. I'm certain she would love to know if you think she is a Slut and reading what you would like to do with her would turn her on.