Written by franks friend

30 Jul 2019

Please read the 21st July, 26th July and 28th July ones so you know what this is all about

After Frank, John and the other guys had their Wednesday night fuck of Helen , she asked Frank if they can be trusted not to talk so he said he wouldnt have invited them if he couldnt trust them. He also reassured her that they lived 20 mls away so werent familiar with our Town.

She'd told him she enjoyed three men helping themselves to her and and they'd enoyed milking her she's ok for more if he wants. Frank was over the moon she liked it and kept me updated. Strangely I find it really exciting having a wife like her. Frank used to say 'aslong as its ok with me, its better than cucumbers or bananas. He was right cos I was still getting plenty and she knew I probably wouldnt mind . I could have told her I know whats going on, but I really wanted to see how far she'd go to get extra sex .

Every wednesday night for about a month the three of them turned up when I was at the Club with my 2 cousins. I used to get a hard on thinking of the 3 of them fucking and milking her while I was having a few pints. It was so exciting going home afterwards knowing if she waas in the shower, it meant she was getting rid of the spunk before I fucked her later. Whilst I was In the Club I'd think what can I test her with next. When I was talking to Frank about it he mentioned John and his mate have wank nights at his place,have a drink and watch porn with two other guys so I said I bet they've bragged about fucking Helen when they are sitting wanking. He said boys will be boys when theyre watching Porn, so you might be right there. Then he said at least they arent local . I said next time you and her fuck, ask if she fancies a couple more guys, then say something like but you dont think she could manage 5 .That's a challenge for her cos she'll boast that its 'easy' or something like that.

So next morning when I'm at work and he's fucking her he said it outright that John has a couple of wanking pals that would love to come round on Wednesday night . She didnt say anything at first, so he said 'On second thoughts I dont think you could take on 5 '. That ploy worked as I predicted cos straight away she said she could take 5 or more dead easy. Frank said are you gona prove it then and she said aslong as they are not locals and keep their mouths shut about it. He told her they aren't local and live near John and his friend.

He told me he got intouch with John that night and arranged it for Wednesday at 8pm. To cut a long story short I went to the Club with the cousins and not long after the 5 of them arrived. Frank is a thinker and said incase neighbours saw them they parked away from the House and Helen had left the front door open. Frank said he had a horn on walking in seeing her sitting feeding the baby, totally uncovered so her tit was in full view. She'd dressed in a short skirt with a zip all the way upthe front, with her usual stockings and suspenders on. Frank said she had skimpy little knickers on when he opened the zip up soon after.

She'd timed the feed so she finished feeding a few mins after they arrived thengot up to put baby in the cot with her blouse wide open showing her big tits, milk dripping off the nipples.. She then sat down in the middle of the large sofa, as if to say she's ready. Frank said he liked watching the guys, fascinated with the size of her nipples and drips.

He said she sat upright and lay back with her feet on the carpet, and one guy unzipped the skirt while others took a tit each. Thats when Frank said she had put tiny nylon knickers on, which were quickly removed. The guy who took her knickers off said you are right Frank, she shaves it. He told me later they were disappointed she wasnt wanking with the cucumber he'd told them about. Helen took the 5 of them that first night and said it was easy. Frank was making sure they all got turns cos they had to leave by 9-45 to give her time to get cleaned up. So she was well fucked that night, and soon after they'd left I arrived back to find her having a shower. In the lounge I could smell a hot and sweaty aroma , but didnt mention it.

We had a great fuck on the bed. I thought to myself if the 5 of them did fuck her tonight , it shows how keen she is. I found out next day the 2 new guys were definitely there to fuck her and she'd enjoyed the 5 of them. I had been pondering whether to tell her that I knew all about it, then thought better not cos she's enjoying it and I'm getting as many fucks as I can handle. I thought if I spoilt her fun, I couldnt keep up with her. I asked Frank if he thinks she's game to have the 5 of them again and he said its upto me cos she enjoyed it. I told him I'd pondered about spilling the beans and he said its upto me.

I borrowed a porn film off his pal John and me and Helen watched it one night. By coincidence it was a young woman probably Helen's age 24/25 getting gang banged by 10 big fellas. At the end of the film we were turned on and as we fucked I asked her could she take 10 cocks? She said twos enough for me . So I said if you were getting paid for a film like that one could you? and she said she can fuck her creamy cucumber for an hour and those men only last a few mins each so yes it would be easy enough. She laughed and said they'd only last three mins in me so 10 times 3 mins is easy.

I was now in a position of letting her have fun or stop it. What do I do next? Even if I did stop it, she always knew I wanted her to have more cock so she wasnt doing things behind my back that would hurt me. I know her very well and think deceiving me was a thrill and a game knowing I'd be pleased with her.