Written by Helen

2 Dec 2013

Following me being screwed by one of my husband John's friends and finding out later how I was set up, I said I would get my revenge. Things have certainly changed over the last 3 or 4 weeks and I must admit I'm grateful to John for letting me find out what a good sex life is all about, but I still wanted my revenge.

I arranged for Amanda, my new bisexual friend, for her and a male friend to meet John in the hotel bar and get him pissed. I had booked a room and the three of them went up to the room when Amanda thought John was tipsy enough, would could still perform.

They all stripped off and the 2 guys had their hands all over Amanda. Eventually Amanda lay on her back and John stuck his cock into her juicy cunt. He was hammering away nicely with Amanda sticking her fingers into John arse, lubricating it at the same time and he was quite wet. Then my revenge was exerted, as John stuck his huge cock into John's arse and fucked him hard. Amanda came first, followed by John and then eventually Chas.

When John came home he was very quiet, had a cup of tea and went straight to bed. He said nothing about his encounter, but it was obvious he was sore. Revenge is sweet.