Written by Helen

6 Dec 2013

The evening was fantsatic and everyone was enjoying themselves and I was determined to have my way with Matthew, the young guy from the gym. Both he and Amanda were naked, as with everyone else, and kissing passionately on the stairs. I walked over to them, excused myself and took hold of Matthew's hand and led him up stairs to our bedroom. Once inside and the door closed, he took me in his arms and we kissed. I could feel him growing as I slowly rubbed up against him. He was getting really big. I stepped away for a moment and looked down. He must have been at least 9 0r 10 inches long and pretty thick. He pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me, rubbing his cok against my soaking wet pussy and then slowly pushing into me.. It was quite painful as he went deeper and deeper. His slow approach ceased as he started to pound into me. I was cuming hard as the pain subsided and the enjoyment took over. I had never experienced anything like it before and after I'd cum again, he filled my hole with so much semen, it was seeping out of me as he continued pushing into me. We relaxed and before we went downstairs I thanked him and arranged to meet up with him at the gym the following day, where we agreed to have a swim and sauna together.

One other guy I'd invited was Raymond who was about the same age as John and was quite good looking and even before my sex life had changed, I fancied him. He was chatting to Graham, who had his arm around Amanda. He seemed quite small at first glance and wondered if he'd be able to satisfy me the same as Matthew had. We went into the kitchen to get a drink and as I stood against the worktop pouring the drinks Raymond took hold of me from behind and his hand went straight down to my pussy, I tried to turn round but he'd wouldn't let me. I was already wet so it ddin't take much to turn me on again. He took his hand and put it between my legs, putting a couple of fingers into my pussy and rubbed his thumb against my arse and as he did he transferred the wetness into my hole and then put a finger deep into me. Minutes later he had 2 fingers inside me, pushing in and out. Sudenly his cock was being thrust into me. It didn't feel that small any more, as he totally filled my hole. I came within a few minutes as he was going faster as I felt him starting to cum. He filled my hole beautifully.