27 Jul 2016

I have been together with my fiancée for nearly ten years. We first got together when she was married to a guy that hated to let her out of his sight which basically drove her away.

Not long after we started seeing each other we went through the stages of talking about fantasies and what we each would like to try. Like most young guys I said I would love to experience two women having watched them enjoying each other first. This took less than 72 hours to arrange.

She met me one night in town and I was to drive her and her best friend home. However I was diverted to a country park where they both hopped in the back and put on a very quick show for me. At the time I couldn't believe my luck. Following the show my girl sucked my cock whilst her friend ate my girls pussy and played with herself.

Fast forward a few years and we have enjoyed many a session talking about that night but so far it has not been repeated. We have a great sex life in all other aspects but I would like to involve another woman again (as I know most men would).

We still see her best friend regularly and it has never been awkward between us all however she has said if her new boyfriend found out he would go mad as he is a bit of a prude.

Any help appreciated....