Written by Helpful Nurse

23 Jan 2010

During the recent snow, I was shopping in the local shops and saw an old man fall over on the ice. I went to help him and realised that he had grased his leg. He was a bit distressed so I offered to help him home with his shopping.

I am a nurse so I said I'd have a look at it when we got him home. I am married, 42, about 5'6 with blonde hair, and quite curvy and as described by my hubby as having 'lovely big tits'.

As I helped the old guy home he put his arm in mine and I carried his shopping. He lived a few hundred yards from the shop and he was quite exhausted by the time we got there. He sat in the lounge and I offered to make him a cup of tea. He lived on his own as his wife had died about 5 years previously and I would say he was about 65-70.

We sat drinking the tea and I asked him if he wanted me to clean the grase on his leg which he accepted. I got his first aid box and helped him pull up his trouser leg to attend to his knee. I realised that he had quite a large bruise coming on his leg and said to help him properly, he would need to remove his trousers. He stood up and undid his belt and took his trousers off. Not the best looking underpants but I did notice he had a very large bulge in his pants. I cleaned his leg and he lay back in the chair and we chatted about his wife. He was very nice to chat to, and said that he missed his wife a lot.

I suddenly noticed that his cock was hanging out of the bottom of his pants, and I was surprised how big it was. It is a fallacy that nurses see this sort of thing all of the time and I suppose I stared a bit. It must have been about 6-7 inches long and very fat. He noticed me looking and it started to get hard. He was very apologetic and said that it had been a long time since a woman had touched him and couldn't help it.

I told him it didn't matter and I was flattered. I was secretly dying to touch it as it got bigger and bigger.

We have experimented with others in our relationship so I was not averse to sex with other people. And although I have been with a couple of other men, none had been a patch on his size.

He adjusted himself so that it was inside his pants but it stuck out of the top and must have been 9 inches long. The foreskin had pulled right back and it had a massive purple end.

I asked him how long had it been since he had been with a woman and he told me probably about 10 years as his wife had been ill for a long time. I asked him if he wanted me to touch it and he quietly said yes please.

I pulled his pants down and I held it in my hand and rubbed it. My hand did not fit round it and I rubbed it up and down with two hands. The end was getting wet and he was beginning to breathe deeply. He asked if it was possible to touch me so I took off my top and my bra. I felt really horny and let him squeeze my nipples and have a good feel.

His hand went between my legs and I opened them to let him feel me. I was soaking wet and took off my tights and pants to make it easier. I was only wearing a skirt and he was laid back on the chair with his cock standing up very hard. I couldn't resist and straddled him to get it inside me.It was difficult getting it in but eventually I sat all the way down on it. I could feel it right up inside me and I came straight away.

He suddenly said that he was coming even though I had only moved up and down about 3 times and I felt his cum shooting in me. He groaned loudly as he came and I felt the heat of his cum as it shot into me. I just kept coming and coming until he had finished and collapsed on him.

We were both a bit embarrased afterwards but he said that he had really enjoyed it and would I visit him again.

I haven't told my hubby about it as I am not sure if he would understand me letting an old man fuck me. I visit him whenever I can, in the first week that was every day, and he has turned out to be quite a good gentle lover. I especially like him laid on top of me thrusting hard into me and love the feel of his cum when he shoots it into me.

I don't really fancy him but can't get enough of his big cock inside me. I never thought that I would do this as I have always fancied young, good looking men. Obviously age doesn't matter.