Written by Stevejane

1 May 2010

My husband Steve have had a few meets but wouldnt call ourselves hardened swingers. We usually meet couples but on occasion we have had mmf,mmmf fun and from a selfish note i enjoyed them lots !!

We live about 20 miles from Catterick Garrison but we hve never really ventured out there, but we got a message through this site from a sqauddie called Ben, he was 26 very fit looking and he had an impressive looking cock. He said he met couples either on his own or he had a mate who would join him.

Steve and I talked about if i we should meet him or not, i need to say at this point Steve is not cuckold if we meet he likes to join in not just watch and I enjoy this too.

Steve then surprised me by suggesting I met Ben or both guys by myself. The thought certainly worked for me, but I decided to think about it.

After 2 days we contacted Ben and told him we needed complete discretion , although i realise for two young squaddies not to tell there mates was wishful thinking . We also asked for him mobile number.

Within an hour he replied agreeing with discretion and giving us his mobile number.

I rang him and we chatted for about half an hour when I decided I was comfortable with him I arranged to meet him the following thursday at a pub near to Catterick. Steve said he would take me and drop me off then he would return home .

For the next 2 days I was totally turned on , i couldnt wait. Thursday came I dressed to please Stockings Basque high heels i looked and felt good. Steve dropped me in the car park I was fifteen minutes late, when I walked in i was shocked at how busy it was there was a quiz on or something , I was worried there may even be someone in there i may know.Before I had chance to think about it I noticed Ben , walking toward me , My god he was a hunk tall tanned and a great smile, it raised a few eyebrows me a 47 year old meeting this young guy lol , i was impressed. He bought me a drink and we went into the bar where it was less busy just a couple of guys playing pool. Ben told me that the pub did do rooms we could stay there but i said no and suggested a motel. He asked if I wanted his mate to join him I said why not lets have some real fun, about 30 minutes later his mate texted him saying he was outside in his car , leaving our drinks we left , Ben opened the door and for the first time I met Simon and again my pussy dripped he too was very good looking, ben got in the back with me and told Simon to drive to the motel, Ben started to kiss me parting my legs commenting on my stockings telling Simon how wet I felt. Unfortunatly it only took a couple of minutes to get the motel, Simon parked up and went to reception to see if they had a room, after about 15 minutes he returned giving us a spare key and telling us to join him in the room in 15 mins.

The time passed and we went to the room , Simon was lying on the bed watching t.v, as soon as Ben closed the door he started to kiss my neck from behind me taking down my zip on my dress and letting it fall to the floor. Fuck me Si he said she is one horny looking bitch at this time i was just needing to feel a cock so i went to the bed and kissing simon started to loosen his jeans to release his cock at the same time ben was behind me on his knees ripping my very expensive knickers off and burying his face in my pussy. Simon had a nice cock to not as big as bens but very fat I sucked him for an age tasting his pre cum , but not wanting him to cum yet, I then felt ben pull my hair and turn me round forcing me to my knees and pushing his big cock in my mouth , he was rough but I was loving it he was calling me a slut and a slag telling me to take more and more of his cock, he was fucking my mouth , Simon stood next to him and I started to suck him as well altinating between the two impressive cocks, Do you want fucking now Ben was asking yes i replied between mouthfulls fuck me , fuck me hard now Simon sat on the bed and Ben bent me over forcing my head down onto Simons cock before slamming his cock in me hard and fast calling me his cum slut and telling me to suck that cock , I was like a rabid bitch saliva and pre cum was oozing from my mouth , I could feel my juices running down my thigh onto my stocking tops , Then i felt Simon grab my hair before jerking his cock in my mouth , filling my mouth with his cum , my god there was loads , then Ben slapping my arse started to cum too shooting his spunk into me, I collapsed on the floor spunk dripping from my mouth and pussy I must have looked a real slut. . the one thing about fucking young fit guys is how quick they recover soon Simon was lying on the bed , erection in hand hard and pinting up to the ceiling , i got on the bed straddled him lowering myself down on to his cock , he reached up pulling my nipples making me groan, I could feel ben behind me , then he started to lick my bum hole forcing his tounge in my most secret place, I knew what was coming , I wasnt against anal sex but had only done it with Steve and a couple of guys on a meet a couple of years before, but i wanted it now Ben eased his cock into my ass i lifted my head from Simons chest and gasped now I was fucking horny Simon stared to groan as I started to ride him , as Ben started to fuck my arse oh my god it was soooo good soooo horny I was coming over and over again , Ben was slapping my arse hard but I loved it. Ben came first flooding my arse then after a couple of more thrusts Simon did the same to my pussy.

I told them i needed a rest they said I could have 15 minutes, true to there word they were ready to fuck me again and they did, along with both comiong over my face and in my mouth. At 6 I showered and called a taxi leaving them to get dressed. In the taxi it was clear to the driver what I had been doing , on arriving home I slipped into bed next to steve, have a good time he asked mmmmmmmmm yes darling i did i whispered before dropping of to sleep.

And thats was it Ben a called since did I want to do it again ? We will have to wait and see

Jane xx