Written by Steve

19 Nov 2013

I'd worked with Tez for a few years and met his wife Maxine a couple of times. Tez is 60 now with Maxine 5 years his junior. Both Jamaican, I'd wanked a few times imagining Maxine's ample breasts round my cock. I've got a thing for older black women. But I knew from Tez that it was a happy marriage although recently Tez had been a bit subdued. Eventually he confided he was having erectile dysfunction issues. I really sympathised with him as he'd told me before theirs was a very sexual relationship which had caused more furious wanking from me. "There's other ways to satisfy her Tez" "no Steve, she cums on the dick, that's how she's always been". Then he invited me for dinner. Now he never said or implied that he wanted me for my ability to get hard but that was certainly what entered my mind, probably wishful thinking I told myself. Anyway I went, Maxine was great, bubbly, welcoming, those tits spilling out of a tight top. The good was amazing and Maxine chatted happily while Tez was, unusually for him, subdued and preoccupied. During after dinner drinks Tez rubbed an anguished hand over his brow and blurted out "Maxine Steve can give you what you need". We were all shocked into silence and then Maxine knelt by Tez "baby I don't need anything, this won't last forever" "but you're missing it" "yes I'm missing it but I'm missing it with you" he tried to persuade her but she firmly said no. They went to another room to discuss it and I offered to leave but Maxine said "no darling don't let this spoil the evening. Let me talk with him and we'll have some pudding". I couldn't make out what their hushed voices were saying but they spoke for some 20 minutes before Tez came back in to me. I was embarrassed and fearful for our friendship and fully expected to be asked to leave. But instead Tez said quietly "she'll do it" I gulped hard. "Tez are you sure about this?" He nodded a few times before speaking. "She needs it Steve. She wants me in there too tho". I nodded my assent, too excited to speak but really sorry for my poor friend. He led me to the bedroom door and ushered me in first. It took my breath. Maxine lay on the bed wearing black stockings and suspenders. Her tits huger than I'd imagined with the largest blackest nipples. They were sprawled across her chest but that wasn't putting me off. "I thought the undies would help you" she smiled nervously. "I'm well past my prime". I shook my head "your gorgeous" I drooled. I undressed and lay by her. Tez sat by the bed in a chair barely able to look. Me and Maxine kissed. I helped myself to her magnificent tits and then kissed my way down her slightly plump belly hearing her breathing quicken. She parted her legs and I sniffed greedily at her shaven pussy pushing my face into her. "We don't do that" Tez blurted. "Don't stop him" Maxine gasped pushing her sex up into my face. I'd planned to gently bring her to orgasm but she grabbed my head and fucked at my face until she gushed her cum almost drowning me. She lay panting before she began laughing as she said to Tez "we should do that ". A still disturbed Tez instructed me "give her what she needs". Eagerly I clambered up her hot body and locking lips I slid my cock into her easily. I fucked hungrily and although Maxine grunted a bit a second cum didn't seem imminent. I upped my pace but to no avail and then I heard Tez say hoarsely. "Maxine ". He'd stripped off and was sporting a huge erection as big as a porn stars. No wander mine wasn't doing it for her. Maxine's mouth dropped open in shock. "What happened?" "It was seeing you with him. It just got hard". Maxine pushed a foot against my chest and pushed me out of her motioning Tex onto his back. She impaled herself on his hard on and that magnificent cock disappeared into her. Now she was vocal "oh god oh fuck yeah"Tez, holding her arse had the biggest smile as his wife satisfied herself on his pole. Cum after cum and I wanked as I watched. Maxine looked at me. "Come here Steve" she motioned me behind her reaching back to grip my manhood. She stopped moving and rubbed me against her buttocks. She struggled a bit but then placed my tip by her taboo hole. "Push baby" she ordered. I complied and she yelped as I went to the hilt. Then she and Tez laughed and the fucking resumed. Her arse was blissfully tight and looked so sexy. I closed my eyes to try and delay orgasm but then felt her hands on my balls as they slapped against Tez's. I knew I'd soon cum so opened my eyes to see both Maxine's hands holding onto the headboard. It was Tez squeezing my cum into his wife's arse. I returned the compliment and I shot my load up her ass as he creamed her big sloppy cunt. Maxine collapsed onto the bed exhausted and Tez indicated I should leave. In the hall he said we must never speak of this. I agreed. I don't know if his erection problems will return. I bloody hope so.