Written by peter_perv

30 Nov 2017

A school mum friend bemoaned that her washing machine had packed up and it would be a few days before a new one one would be delivered.

She stated on Facebook that she needed clothes washing urgently and could anyone help. I sent her a private message letting her know I was home and our machine was free today so could help out. As she doesn't drive I said I would pop around and bring her to ours so she can use the machine.

She replied back that she had to go out shortly I said if you dont mind me touching your stuff I will do it for you. As we are always joking I said I promise to not put my hands in your knickers. Who said I wear any was her reply. I just sent back a lol and see in 5.

This mum is 17 yrs my junior but our daughters have become best friends and even share the same birthday so we have become good friends with her and I always or is it her have conversations with sexual innuendos. Shes a size 10 I thought and found out to be spot on she has a good handful from the sneaky playground glimpses I've seen down her front.

I knocked on her door and she had two large bags of washing all mixed up sorry I haven't had time to sort it out but your an experienced man so know what to do she said to me. Maybe you can teach and old dog new tricks I said she just laughed and said behave what would your Mrs say . Oh she would say go on call his bluff . Any way you're young enough to be my daughter. Any way I had best get this done and bring it back to you. Your a one in a million I would kiss you but ..... I'll see you later.

I took the washing back to my house and started to sort it out dark's and lights a few school tops and polo shirts for the 2 kids a few of her clothes t shirts and work trousers. Now I have no idea if this was intentional or not but there was a good load of her underwear in it all . Being the perv I am I start to look more closely a woman's every day type of knickers plain cotton size 10 full cut peach and pastel colors I picked them up and looked at the gusset a light mark from where her pussy had been I picked them up and had the urge to sniff them nothing to strong and smell of her pee drips and the smell of a pussy thats got sweaty hidden inside knickers. I counted at least 6 pairs of similar type of knickers . As I sorted the dark pile out it became more interesting as I discovered 5 thongs these must be her pulling ones as the gusset was a lot more dirty and covered in her pussy marks. I kept one pair of each of her undies aside and put a load in the machine.

I went up stairs to the bedroom stripped off and lay one the bed with her undies the thong over my face to lick and sniff the aroma the other around my cock to wank off with and use as a wank rag .

I loved licking that thong clean sucking it in to my mouth while wanking dreaming she was sat on my face rubbing her self over me. Stoking my cock with her undies felt amazing the feel of her gusset rubbing up and down my cock then the urge to cum as I came I cried out her name saying fuck me P use my cock my cum covered and soaked in to her gusset .

I let her pair that I wanked in to dry on the bed and kept the thong as a trophy for future wanks.

The cum covered pair were returned in the washing later that day I wonder if she discovered them or not . But now one a walk home from school in the mornings she cheekily says do you want to wash more of my clothes after you done a good job o the last ones. I reply back is it just so I can get my hands inside your knickers again she goes all coy with a cheeky grin and says I know who to call when I want them cleaned.