Written by seams_1

17 Sep 2010

Have posted two accounts over the past week. If you're following them, you'll now that Ann's now aware that I'm posting - she knows that I'm posting now and she's really getting off on the thought of SH readers sharing some of our experiences. Eager and ever ready as she seems to be these days, she's taken her own laptop to work today to log onto SH and read your comments....so please feel free to comment - she's going wild!!!

So far its all been very 'local'....sex on 'The Chase'......yep, ur spot on K! However, we've also managed to sneak a few 'over-nighters' here and there......

After some planning and diversionary tactics, we agreed Ann would catch the train to London and that I would meet her at Euston as I had already been there for a couple of days on business.

Meeting at mid-day this gave us the opportunity to throw her bags in the hotel and spend the afternoon 'doing' Harvey Nix 'n' Harrods, plus grab some nibbles, the odd G & T, then rounded off with some 'bubbles' in The 5th Floor Bar. Unlike our more local escapades time was not an issue so we 'chilled', looking forward to our evening/night together.

I'd pretty much got an idea of what we were going to be doing - dinner booked - followed by a club or two - as a regular to 'town' I was fortunate to know my way around, especially when in search of fun!

Ann wanted to get a couple of things to wear, although she already had a 'caseful' and we had some fun with her trying on 6 inch sky-scraper heels and selecting some stockings that would compliment her 'look' for the evening ahead.

For those of you who haven't read about our previous adventures:

Ann, 42, married (not to me!), 2 kids, 5ft 2ins, blonde shoulder length hair, 34d and all pointing in the right direction....up and out (!!!), somewhere around size 10 and although demure by day, as horny as fuck when given the opportunity!

Back at the hotel not a million miles away from Haymarket, I elected to go for a swim whilst she readied herself for the evening. Like most couples her getting ready was a 2 hr 'event', whereas I'm very much shave, shower, dress, go! I was intrigued to see how tonight would pan out....although we'd been away a number of times, things had moved on (accounts 1 & 2) and it was just me and her and with Phil not invited, no husband to taunt!

Returning to our room she was still showering. Fuck it, 'in for a penny....', I jumped in with her. The best way to describe the next 15 mins is that 'we soaped each other up'....suffice to say my cock was bursting and my hot-wife lover's pussy was soaked in anticipation of the night ahead. Did we fuck? Nah! Why break the sexual tension that was building between us!!!

Ann had got her hair, make-up etc to do. She was in charge of tonights 'wardrobe', you know the score guys....I was told 'you go and have a beer in the bar, I'll join you in half and hour!'....she fancied the idea of making an entrance! As for me, usual 'uniform', jeans, crisp white cotton shirt with cuff-links (she has a thing about them), linen jacket etc......'smart casual'.

Leaving her to it, the bar beckoned. Perched on a bar stool quaffing Peroni I people watched for a while....mainly the 'office crowd' chilling out before cramming themselves onto the tube to make their way home for the weekend. One or two nice sights, it has to be said!!!!

Late as always, in she came! As you may know, Ann likes to 'flaunt it' and tonight was no different. From the top down, blonde hair straightened, make up....again, slightly heavier than normal, lots of mascara to high-light her roving eyes. She usually opted for a natural coloured lippy, but tonight it was best described as pillar box red.....and fuck, did they look plump....almost a permanent pout! Apparently, she'd bought some sort of lip enhancer. Mid summer, so no coat in sight, she wore a very, very fitted black lace top....long sleeved with a zip front. You could see the trace of a black lace bra underneath, half cut and underwired, so they were most definitely 'out on display' with the zip undone to show both cleavage and a hint of her bra.....so low! Oh, she knew alright! Just how many signals can one woman send out! Black fitted pencil skirt tonight, button at the front. Three undone gave a glimpse of thigh as she walked towards me. I'd assumed suspenders held up a pair of tan coloured stockings....finished of with 5 inch open toed suede heels. Class, but with bucket loads of sex appeal. I presented her with a G & T, we briefly exchanged tongues and she gave me a twirl, seeking my opinion. Two or three things came to my attention.....one of which I had noticed immediately on her entry into the bar:

1. Seams....proper nylons!

2. Anklet

3. Some large hooped earings

4. And the detail I had noticed on her arrival into the bar - a black (obviously!)4 inch wide patent leather belt that 'nipped' her waist making her look even more 'woman' than she already naturally did. It made her hips and tight arse look fabulous, but the effect it had on her tits was effin sensational. For her stature she was a 'biggish girl' already in that department. But it was Ann who hit the nail on the head.....'It makes them look fuckin massive, don't you think? No need for a boob job!!'......her words, not mine and delivered almost with a sneer!

We spent 30 mins in the bar....touching, feeling, snogging. I felt for a suspender belt. Yep! Good news. I'll look forward to that framing her arse and cunt later as we fuck each other. Making small talk, we also took in the 'scenery'....it keeps it fresh to be caught stealing glances at other women,but she's no angel either and she'd made eye contact with a couple of suited guys on more than one occassion. In fact, sitting side onto me at one point, she made a big thing of crossing and uncrossing her nylon covered legs....stocking tops almost on show I noticed that she seemed a little distracted....her lips upturned in a smile, I followed her gaze. Ann, the cock-teasing hot-wife had caught the gaze of a 20 something yr old, fit looking, suited, black guy. He was engaged in conversation with his buddies, but was quite clearly staring her down.

'Penny for your thoughts?' I questioned .....'Trust me, you wouldn't want to know!' she replied.

'Try me!'

'OK, you asked!'

'Come on then'

'Do you think he might be as big as the guy in the woods? Cos if the answer is yes then you might get that wish to see me act like a black-cock whore!!'

'Well you're the one whose on display, dressed as you are!'

'Yep, I know. And I love it!'

With that we slipped out of the bar. I'd got a table booked at Mint Leaf over the road - the night was young, and I had a lot more in store for Ann.........

Follow-up coming soon..........

Hope you enjoy!