17 Nov 2015

I am a very happily married forty two year old woman, good figure size ten, big tits for my frame 38d2435' long legs, and waxed smooth. I am also very highly sexed and have a very sexy younger black master, who is as my husband say an arrogant, dominant thug. They actually get on well together. I am a sub and my husband is a dom, and not a cuckold he has always liked to to fuck other guys and encouraged me to get a master. Other than my husband I have fucked few non black guys, a fact my husband knew when we first met.

Anyway, my master and I and my husband agree that I will do anything either if them want except shit and vomit and I won't use safe words and the guys will be younger, very well hung, mixed race, black Arab or if fit Asian guys but no white. I do enjoy rough and kinky sex, and I do like black bad boys.

My masters mate Wayne was in prison for five years for some violent offence and was having his first day release, having been moved to an open prison. Master had sent photos of me to him for the past year and I had visited him twice before his day release. Wayne was a massive guy. 6'2" pure muscle, arms were huge and his head was shaved, and he had some tattoos on his arms, he had a few gropes when I visited him, I was introduced as my masters whore who who do anything he wanted on his day release, she likes a bit of pain bro master told Wayne.

On the Saturday in question I stayed at hotel near the prison, with my master, the night before, I was told how to dress, which was very slutty. I was given a leather micro mini skirt, stockings and suspenders, thigh length leather boots, I never wear knickers, I was also given a tight white blouse no bra, a collar, a necklace which had slut on it and that was it, and I was made to walk through the hotel reception looking like a pro. I had some very lustful looks from the men and some very disapproving looks from the women.

We arrived at the reception at the prison, I had to go and collect Wayne from the reception, a few whistles and shouts I attracted. I collected him and once in th back of the car together, Wayne could not keep his hands off me, fingering my cunt and pinching my nipples telling me was a white slut I was and he was going to treat me like white trash. He told me to deep throat him, I undid his jeans and got out his massive clock and he pushed my head down to make sure I got balls deep, I sucked him off until he came with huge force inside my throat, and at that point we had almost reached the hotel.

We went to the room, my master said he would pick us up at 3pm. Once in the room Wayne stripped and he had an amazing defined body, I stripped he pushed me into the bed spread my legs and entered me no finesse just raw animal fucking, he was really rough, he slapped my face called me a slag and whore, he was really into pinching my nipples very hard. He then stopped sat on the bed and told me to deep throat him, but before I had to beg him to take his cock in my mouth, he asked me what I was and he expected me to say whore and then beg, because I was not convincing enough he slapped my face each time, the I was allowed to suck him and deep throat him, he wound my hair up in his hand and pushed me right down to his balls, he was very big and thick and I was gagging but I still did it. Then he told me get off my cock cunt I want you doggy, he then entered me from behind pulling on my hair as he rode me, then he started to finger my ares. I am going to ruin your arse whore, he shouted. Then he pulled out of my cunt and slowly entered my arse, it hurt but I soon got used to it, then he alternated between my arse and cunt, eventually cuming inside me.

Then I felt his hand enter my cunt and he started to fist me, it was a orgasmic experience I screamed as I orgasmed, he then started to fist my arse. When he finished he got his belt and used it on my arse hard at least twenty strokes. Then he told me to ride him, and he pawed my tits and pinched my nipples calling me cheap white trash and slag. He fucked me another twice and had my arse once more. When we had finished we showered, he dressed and told me to get the indelible ink pen I was told to bring. I gave it to him, he wrote on my back, I discovered later, your wife I a cheap who're for black cock, great fuck. On my arse he wrote fuck me and then on my chest above my tits he wrote slut, so it would be seen when I dressed. He then took me to the hotel bar and made me stand at the bar so people could see what he had written on my chest. Master turned up at 3pm and we took Wayne back. We then went back to the hotel and went to the room, I stripped and he saw what Wayne had written, I had bites all over my tuts cunt and neck, love bites on my neck and tuts bruises everywhere and reels on my arse. He laughed and took photos. He then fucked me. He asked if I enjoyed it with Wayne and I had to admit I had. He told me that was good because Wayne has an overnight next month and I would get more of the same.

He took me home and showed my husband who then fucked me with my master. I now wait until next month to see Wayne once again