Written by lovemewife

21 Jan 2018

This happened last year in August my wife had gone to Russia to see her family and friends i might had . as she always see.s a old boyfriend to fuck her, any way I don't bother looking for sex whilst she is away as she tell's me what she as been doing along with many photo's she sends me of her getting fucked and sucking cock. I diverse a mate came round with a lot of ham he had just got from a friend for me but it was way to much for me but I took it thinking I would give some to my friends also , so he left as I was going down my drive my blond neighboor was just coming home having been for a run round the park she was wear tight leggings and a small top clearly showing her nipples , we smiled and exchanged hello's then I asked her if she wanted some meat .she laugh and smiled . that would be nice I told her to come round ,ok she followed me in she saw the ham and started laughing again she said I thought you meant something else . I said oh that can be aranged but whats up with your hubby she told me that two years ago he had hurt his back and couldnt perform , and she didnt want to fuck around but she was getting desperate now , by now my prick was getting hard seeing a beautiful blond in licra in your kitchen wanting some meat ,she smelt lovely her perfume and sweat I went up behind her lifted up her top and her tits fell out I played with them spun her a round started sucking her nipples she began to moan lightly I then pulled her leggings down to find a shaved fussy my tounge was straight in there ,she was now telling me not to stop ,she was pulling my hair and came in minutes , she looked at my bulge in my jeans and said I need that but I havent got time now could she come round later and would I save it for her I lied and said that I would she pulled on her clothes and left saying she would come back later ,as soon as she had gone I had a great wank coming gallons of spunk , Tell you more later