Written by Jane

14 Sep 2017

My husband and I have been 'sharing' for the last few years, and I occasionally meet men on my own, and he saw a single woman at work for sex occasionally, but that is finished now.

A few months ago I was in a cafe and was, what I can only describe as, chatted up by an old chap about 70. He said he was attracted by my blonde hair and nice smile. When I got chatting to him he admitted that he had actually noticed my large boobs, and nipples as they always stick out. I am 43, a curvy size 14 and although he talked about my body he was also very charming.

He told me that his wife had died about 10 years previously, and although he had had a couple of girlfriends, he wasn't keen as they were all over 65 and he wanted a young woman. He knew there wasn't much chance of that at his age even though everything still worked ok and he still felt really randy all of the time. I said you shouldn't be telling me about that but he just laughed and said that if I was offended I would have gone by now, and he could tell I was alright with it.

As I said, he was very charming and tall, and still quite good looking, so we arranged to meet again, and over the next couple of weeks we had coffee together and he kept telling me how much he would love a chance to do more with me. I said he was just a dirty old man but I did think about it and decided I would let him have a feel, just once.

At our next meeting I said we could go back to his instead of staying at the cafe and we walked the half mile to his house. Once inside I noticed it was very clean and smelled fresh with nice flowers in vases. He made coffee and we sat on the sofa. His hand went onto my leg as we chatted and over the next 10 minutes it made it's way up my leg. I was wearing holdups and rarely wear knickers, and he eventually found his way to the bare flesh at the top. I didn't stop him so he pushed his hand up to my pussy and rubbed it with his finger. I opened my legs and he turned and kissed me. I wasn't expecting that but he was a lovely kisser and I held him and we kissed passionately for a long time, all the time his fingers were in me making me very wet. I could feel an orgasm building and he rubbed my clit fast and hard and I cried out loudly as I came. I wasn't expecting that.

He asked if he could get his cock out and then took his trousers and pants down. He was an average size but quite thick and hard and as I put my hand on it I noticed the end was dripping wet and pulled his foreskin back. He said no woman had done that for years and asked me to squeeze it and rub it hard. As I rubbed it he undid my blouse and was sucking on my nipples groaning as he said how big and hard they were.

He then got between my legs and I felt his cock against me as he laid on me kissing me. I didn't expect to go this far but I was very horny and reached down and pulled him into me. He thrust into me for about 5 minutes and I felt myself cumming again. I gripped him hard and pulled him into me and he groaned loudly as he came. I could feel his heat as it shot into me and I came hard. One of those that goes all the way down your legs and out to the ends of your fingers.

He collapsed on me and then gently kissed me and said thank you.

We got dressed and he asked if I would like to visit him once a week. I said I would think about it, but I knew already that I was going to. I have seen him every week since but haven't told my husband as I am not sure how he would feel about me going to see a man of his age. He said he is a new man and when his mates asked him why he told them about me. He said they all want to meet me but I'm not sure about that. I do enjoy the sex with him but I have made it clear we are not in a relationship, it's just occasional sex.