Written by Ben

6 Mar 2018

I’m 56 and married to Karen who’s 45. We have a great sex life and experiment with toys regularly. We also got into the role play thing a while ago where she loves to be blind folded and fucked pretending I’m some stranger. A while ago Karen told me that she loved the idea of being blind folded and tied up and fucked but not knowing for certain if it was me or not. So, whilst on holiday I got chatting to a waiter who clearly had the hots for my wife and, well let’s just say that whilst Karen was tied up, blind folded and baked I pulled my cock out and he put his in and fucked her and made her cum and to this day she’s not sure if it was me or not. Anyway, this story isn’t about all that it’s about her best friends. These names have been changed for obv reasons.

Susan is 32 and married to Kevin. Susan is a sweet girl, plain looking but absolutely a girl who turns heads, like one of these models that isn’t a stunner but there’s something about her. Her husband on the other hands is a dickhead, he’s arrogant and selfish and we have had Susan at our house may a time crying because he has said something bad about her. The she gets pregnant and Kevins refuses to have sex with her, telling her things like ‘ sex with a pregnant woman is disgusting’ and ‘ your way to fat to get me hard’ and crap like that. So, in bed one night my wife snuggles up and tells me all about this and asks if I would help our friend out, I ask ‘in what way’ and my wife actualy says to me ‘ I want you to fuck Susan, she isn’t; getting any sex at home and its stressing her out’. After a lot of chats around ‘are you fucking serious’ it turns out that she is.

I won’t go through the lead up to it all but one evening Susan turns up and we get chatting, Karen is getting frustrated and gets up and says ‘ oh for fucks sake lets do it’ and pulls open Susan’s blouse which causes a lot of laughter and a little embarrassment. Susan is by now about 6 months pregnant and her tits are getting big. I thought for a second that she was changing her mind but my wife pulls me up by my hand and pulls me to the bedroom followed by a pregnant and topless Susan who’s laughing hysterically. Then it gets serious, Karen tell’s me to be gentle reminding me that she’s pregnant which was hard to miss.

My wife helps Karen undress and I get into bed, she is so fucking hot I get a hard on immediately. Her big fat tits are in my mouth in an instant, her nipples are big and hard and sensitive but her favourite position is spooking so I lay her on her side and enter her from behind. This is the first time I have fucked another woman since I have been married to Karen and it’s a bit weird, what’s makes it more so is that my wife is naked and sat on the end of the bed masturbating, moaning and finger fucking herself. Her friend on the other hand is squealing, her friend on the other hand has turned from a gentle sweet young woman to a foul mothed slut, I’m getting all the ‘ fuck me harder you fucking bastard’ and ‘fuck your big, keep fucking me’, so I oblige. Its fantastic, my cock deep in her pregnant pussy, her tits filling my hands. Then she wants to fuck doggy style so kneels up. I slide back into her and hammer her fucking pussy, her big fat tits swaying with every thrust. My wife is now laying on her back, her fingers working their magic, she’s squealing and thrusting her hips and by now I’m thinking of credit card bill’s and work and anything to stop me from Cumming.

Susan is ranting, telling me to keep going and to fuck harder and announces that she’s going to cum. I pull my cock out to cum over her back but she goes fucking mental begging and demanding that I cum inside her, then she leans over to Karen and starts sucking her tits begging her to let me cum inside her. Karen tells me to keep fucking and to ‘fill her up’ then the two of them start sucking tongue and I slid my cock back into our pregnant friend.

My stomach slapping against her backside and the muffled cries and groans of the two of them still sucking tongue. Then I cum, I shoot my loan into her pussy and she lets out a long groan and collapses onto the bed shaking. I have to perform again for my wife and move over and slide into my wife’s pussy and I fuck her. By now the three of us are sucking tongue and tits and its ot long before Karen has her own deep, long orgasm and I pump out the last of my cum into her, then we collapse laughing at the thought of what we had just done.

I fucked Susan three of four times a week up until the day before she gave birth and it was wild. That was 6 months ago, now once during the week and every weekend my wife and I ‘have’ Susan and I mean we have her. Her husband still doesn’t want sex with his wife so we make up for it.

There’s not time for chit chat, maybe a coffee afterwards but Susan comes to visit her friend which her unknowing, stupid husband thinks is a good idea. Karen and I lay quilts on the living room floor and close the curtains and as soon as she comes in her clothes are pulled off and my wife and I pull her to the floor ( her fantasy) and fuck her. Karen and I sharing her pussy and her still fat tits until we all cum, sometimes I fill her pussy with cum and sometime I fill her mouth and my wife helps her drink it.

We have a great time together and I get to fuck every day, wither Susan and Karen or Just Karen or if my wife is not up for it which is rare its just Susan and me in the bed.

Great times.