Written by Steve

18 Aug 2014

"No way Sally" I said. She fixed me an angry glare and spat "I wasn't asking permission, I'm telling you what I'm going to do". Her ex Scott had just split up from his partner and had asked if he could sleep with Sally who to my disbelief had said yes. "He just needs somewhere to empty his balls" she insisted. "He can wank" I raged. She shook her head, "he doesn't do wanking" "oh but he can do you?" She actually laughed and looked less angry. "Look Steve he only lasts a few seconds anyway. He's not the stud you are. And he just looked so desperate. I couldn't say no. And Steve. It's my body" I wasn't going to win and my head spun in confusion as I heard my dry voice say he'd have to wear a condom. Sally laughed "no chance, he hates them". Jesus I'd got no say in this at all. Sally stood up and headed for the stairs "send him up when he arrives" she ordered. "It's today?" I asked. She nodded "yes, he hasn't had it for 6 weeks. I'll put some stockings on. He'll probably cum before he touches me then and my baby needn't be jealous" she stroked my face and blew me a kiss and I was a bit aroused. Scott arrived ten minutes later. We'd never got on since me and Sally had got together but he shook my hand warmly "thanks so much for this Steve. I need it so bad" and with that he bounded upstairs. I heard the bedroom door shut and muffled voices and then it went quiet. Intrigued I crept halfway up the stairs to listen. I heard the bed rthymically creaking slowly and then very quickly. Scott's low gruff voice uttered "oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah" then a low groan and silence. After a few seconds Sally said "all finished?" He grunted and she said "come on then cuz Steve and I have plans" and I heard the sound of her hand slapping his bare ass. I scurried down to the living room. Scott appeared minutes later looking much calmer and sated. "Thanks again Steve" he shook my hand with his sweaty one. Then he left. I ran upstairs to find Sally still on the bed in spunky stockings. "Wasn't too bad was it?" She asked seriously. I said "no he really was quick". She laughed "always was". I asked her what our plans were for the night. Her eyes opened wide "you listened!!!" Fuck I'd been caught. "Yes ok I listened but look what it caused" I dropped my trousers to reveal my hard cock "now what's our plans" I walked toward her and kissed her hard. "Well I need cleaning up" she said pushing my head toward her soppy cunt. I tried to resist saying " no way". She growled "I wasn't asking permission" and forced me to lick Scott out of her. When I finally got inside her I didn't last much longer than him but her cunt contorted around my spurting cock as she laughed at my impression of him. "Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah"