Written by Steve

23 Aug 2014

So Sally had allowed ex Scott to empty his desperately full balls into her and I was forced to admit I'd liked it and so we made it a weekly event. I'd sit on the stairs and listen as the horny Scott managed to last just seconds in my sexy woman. After one session Scott and I had a beer and he promised that when he got a new girlfriend he'd set something up for me, probably a bit of a lesbian show with his girl and Sally. The feisty Sally, hearing this began to laugh. Ok we'll see she said. Next week on Scott's arrival Sally asked me to join them in the bedroom. This was a new thing but we both agreed. Sally in full basque and stockings ordered us to undress which we nervously did and then kept well apart with our boners waving in the air at the sexily dressed woman we'd both had the pleasure of. "So you want a lesbian show?" She asked. We both nodded eagerly. My heart raced. Had she invited a friend to join us? She'd been talking loads to her friend Jenny recently who I knew was bi. "Okay" she said "you can have one" I nearly came with excitement. "I'll do it with Scott's new girlfriend but only if you two 69 now". "No way" I said as Scott said "fuck off Sally. No" Sally laughed "that's ok. No lesbian show and no pussy for either of you tonight". We begged her for her cunt but she just said no. In the end it was Scott who said he'd do it. I still said no but Scott implored me. "Just do it Steve we both need her". I relented. Hesitantly we got into position, Scott on top. I felt sick as his thick stubby cock headed toward my face. His hand gripped my cock and my erection disappeared. I opened my mouth for his helmet and gagged as I tasted salty pre cum. His hard on withered too. Sally laughed loud "ok boys call it off, you really aren't bi are you? Come on" she separated us and got us to stand either side kneeling between us. "My brave boys" she laughed as she wanked us both to hardness taking it in turns to dip our cocks in her hot little mouth. Scott reached down and frigged her clit and Sally responded. She lay back on the bed "whose going first" she smiled sexily. "Me" said Scott quickly and was in her instantly. True to form within seconds he was grunting "oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah" and his arse tensed as he deposited a fresh load into Sally and then lay still and spent. "Off" ordered Sally and before she had chance to breath I was in her splashing in his spunk. "Do her doggy Steve " urged Scott. Sally and I obliged. "I've always loved her arse" Scott grunted groping her ample rear especially the tattoo of his initials. Another man mauling the arse I was banging my balls against sent me into a frenzy and I fucked toward my orgasm. Scott's erection returned and he pushed it into Sally's mouth. The three of us came together and spunk splashed out of her cunt and mouth before we all collapsed on the bed. After getting our breath we laughed uncontrollably. Then I lovingly kissed the remnants of Scott from her mouth. "No way" he grimaced. Once I'd done that I licked her spunk sodden hole. "Fucking hell" said a disgusted Scott. "He'll fuck me all night now" Sally told him as I performed my oral duty. Scott kissed her sweaty forehead "I'm going to the pub" he said.