26 Aug 2018

Jean was on my mind since she her offer , and there was a rumour going around about her husband and that he was bi , so I thought I would go to the local allotments and see if he was there being a keen gardener and always there according to Jean , I remembered her telling me , and he was there , he said hi what are you doing here ? I said I wanted to chat to you , he was hoeing his plot , he said oh about Saturday, I said yes amongst other things , what other things , I said I've heard you are bi , he stopped hoeing and said yes I am , I said does Jean know , yes he said that's why she wants you to fuck her , she's been threatening to get a FB for ages , I love her to bits and she me but I can't give her what she wants so if it makes her happy I'm all for it , I said how long have you been bi , he said about 6 months, it's not heavy , I might as well tell you , you see that she'd over there that's my mates shed , well one day we were working our plots and there was a hell of a thunder storm, and he invited me over to his shed , and once inside , he closed the door and gave me a beer , and while drinking our beers the conversation got round to sex , he said do you watch porn , I told him not for a long time , with that he got up from the bench seat we were sitting on and went over to a little table and produced a portable DVD player, and said do you want to watch one , the thunder was still rattling around outside , the DVD was about two guys and they were having a wank , and my friend oblivious of me got out his rock hard cock and started to have a wank , I suddenly found the DVD plus his cock very horny and I had to take out my cock , after a while he asked if he could touch my cock , I was so horny I let him , we often masturpate each other but nothing else although I would love to suck a cock , , now you know , you will still come around on Saturday won't you, as Jean is looking forward to it , she's having her hair done on Friday and she knows you try to look down the front of her dress to see as much tit as you can , in fact she said to me I want to wear a dress so he can get a good view of my tits , I said they are nice tits from what I could see of them , I've always been a tit man , and I love women with big nipples , he said she's got really big nipples so you won't be disappointed there , i said I'll be off then see you Saturday, he said I will be glad to see your cock as well as Jean , don't worry I will just watch if you don't mind , I said fine , thinking to myself how fucking horny .......... Can't wait now for Saturday to see what's on the menu