5 Jan 2019

Unfortunately there was a bit of a wait after letting Frank finger me at the dining room table....(about a week)And id not attended to Bill either.........

I was working the night shift and had to finish getting the residents ready for bed, i was asked to attend to Frank and i quickly went to his room with a grin on my face and a spring in step.

When i entered his room he said "I thought you'd been avoiding me young lady" with a smirk on his face.

We exchanged a few pleasantries as i got his pj's ready and filled his sink for a wash.

As i approached him he looked right at me saying " Now i wont take no for an answer, let me get at that chubby cunt of yours, get your knickers off"

I was taken aback somewhat but it excited me so much that i just allowed him to pull up my uniform dress and pull my knickers down. I stepped out of them and picked them up quickly stuffing them in my pocket.

He didnt waste a second, pushing my legs apart he pushed his fingers right up me, making me gasp with excitement, my Adrenalin was pumping through me. He frantically thrust his fingers into my pussy, fast and hard making me cum immediately.

I looked down at him and he was holding his cock in his hand, stroking it gently. Now Frank was small in stature, probably around 5'3 BUT his cock was enormous......long and fat too.....OH BOY i wanted to sit on it right there and then.

He stood up and said "Now you can fuck me, he then sat on the edge of his bed saying " sit on my old cock you dirty little bitch"

Well how could i refuse, it would have been rude not to do as i was told, dont you think ? hahaha

So i straddled that magnificent old tool and slid all the way down it, i pushed myself onto him, taking every single bit of it deep inside my aching hole and i bounced and bounced and bounced

He was a real dirty old bugger, saying " fuck my cock bitch, you love it dont you? " calling me a filthy whore for old men's cocks


He spunked up me and said " i want you to go straight to Bill when you leave me and make him eat my spunk right out of your cunt"

What was it about these old men? they put me under some kind of spell...............i did it

i went to Bill and i said " do you fancy eating hot cum from my pussy Bill?"

I lifted my dress to show him i meant what i said and he smiled asking "who's cum is it?" i told him id just been bouncing on Franks fat cock,.

He smiled and moved himself to the side of the bed and said "sit on my face dirty girl, hold yourself open and sit on my face"

WOW........just wow

he licked and sucked at me then pushed his fingers deep inside me and made me squirt over his face..........

As i left his room he said " So are you liking being a whore for old men nurse?"

I simply smiled, giiggled and said YES as i closed the door behind me.