Written by SunnyCat1

26 Aug 2014

What I'm about to relate happened many years ago. I am a reasonably good looking and fit guy of average height and build. At the time this occurred, I was 33 years old and in a "dry" period as regards sexual relationships after having broken up with my "steady" of several years. At the time, I was one of six staff directors immediately below the managing director in the home office of a medium sized services company.

One Monday, having just returned from a two-week holiday, I spent almost the entire morning at work catching up with reports, in briefings by my key staff, etc. Having caught up with the essentials, I got up to do what I like best, which is to wander around the other staff divisions and the managing director's office casually talking with people at all levels to find out the latest developments of the interoffice politics scene.

I headed to the financial management staff area to visit the chief to catch up with the operating budget situation. I had walked almost to his office when I glanced into the suite housing his budget branch, and saw a rather tall, very elegantly dressed, very striking woman with the hairdo and face of a Vogue model standing next to the desk of the branch chief's executive assistant, earnestly talking with her. I paused for a moment taking in this sight, then proceeded next door into the outer office of the head of financial management. I greeted the three people working there, briefly chatted with some of them, and then went into the chief's office.

I said the usual greetings, then asked if the woman I had just seen was his new budget chief. He smiled knowingly and confirmed my guess. We chatted a few moments about her and I got the essentials: she was top notch and had worked for him in the past at another company, was extremely professional in conduct and demeanor, about my age, recently divorced, and already was the object of attention of every wannabe lothario since arriving on the job two weeks previously. We then discussed business for a while, and I left.

As I started down the hall, the new budget chief exited her suite in deep discussion with one of her staff, had not noticed me, and went down the hall. I quickly walked into her outer office, greeted everyone, and went up to Nora, her executive assistant, a married woman a few years younger than me who had developed into one of my office "mates". As I walked up to Nora, she looked up at me from her desk with a big "cat that ate the canary" smile and immediately said in a low voice "You must want to know all about C". I nodded and, continuing in a low voice so the others in the room could not hear, filled me in. Even though C had been there only two short weeks, her staff (including Nora) were already very impressed with her, she was exceedingly intelligent and professional, had just recently gotten rid of her husband, and was not interested in a new relationship. Nora jokingly ended her summary with "You haven't got a chance, but it'll be fun to watch!" I gave her a broad conspiratorial smile in return, and turned to leave.

At that moment, C walked in and politely smiled at me. Not one to waste an opportunity, I introduced myself and asked if she had a minute for me. Ever the polished politician, C invited me into her office. She and I chatted for a few minutes, mostly me welcoming her to the organization and politely asking about her in a "getting to know you" manner. It was almost lunch time and I said she looked was too busy to have lunch out just yet, but I would like to take her to lunch when she felt she was "up to speed" with the job and could relax her pace a bit. She looked at me silently for a few moments, then said that, after two weeks working at a frantic pace, she needed a bit of a 'slow down', and lunch out sounded good.

We had a wonderful lunch together, talking easily about a wide range of subjects and interests. The time passed by so quickly that, before we realized, it was time to return to the office. It was obvious that we were already somewhat 'sympatico' with each other. I asked her to dinner on Friday, and she accepted.

Wanting to avoid office gossip, if possible, I limited my visits to the budget branch suite the rest of the week. But, each day, as I normally did, I stopped by Nora's desk and chatted with her for a few minutes, and each time she teased me in a low voice about my upcoming dinner date with C. When I stopped by on Friday, we teased each other a bit, then Nora became serious and said to me "Be gentle with her. I already like her very much, so don't break her heart. She doesn't look it, but she's rather fragile in the "men" department - something to do with her ex-husband."

Many months later, Nora told me that early that Friday morning, C called Nora into her office, closed the door, and said, referring to me, "I know you two are very close. I've still not recovered fully from my ex and I'm very nervous about going on a date so soon after my divorce. Please tell me what he's really like under all that charming talk." Nora did so and ended up by telling her to relax because she didn't think I was the type to push her into anything she didn't want. The last thing she said to C was "Under all that banter he's really very nice, so don't be surprised if you end up sleeping with him this weekend."

We had a wonderful dinner and talked easily just like we had done at lunch earlier in the week. During dinner, I realized I liked her as a person very much. When it was getting late, I took her back to her flat. Once we left the restaurant, she displayed a bit of nervousness and seemed a bit flustered. Considering she had recently been divorced, I ascribed it to the dilemma of the 'good night kiss and do I ask him in for a nightcap?' In fact, I much later found out it was more of 'I don't want to fall for someone so soon.'

On a first date, I never expect an invite in for a nightcap, nor even the goodnight kiss. I had discovered years earlier it was better for me to hang back in such matters. So, when we arrived at her door, I told her I enjoyed the evening and our conversation very much and hoped we could do it again soon, but made no move to kiss her goodnight. She seemed a bit surprised, hesitated for a few moments, then demurely said "Don't you want to come in for a while?" I answered "Yes, if you're sure I won't be intruding."

We walked in and she left me in the lounge while she went to her bedroom to deposit her overcoat, jacket and handbag. I noted that the flat had a gracious look and was elegantly decorated. She had excellent decorating taste, as she did in clothes, jewelry and make-up. She soon returned, put on some soothing low background music, and asked if I would like some tea. I told her tea was my favorite drink at that time of night.

She went into the kitchen to prepare it. I took off my suit jacket, and followed her into the kitchen. I had decided she should take the lead in whatever happened, if anything. I complimented her on how nicely her flat was decorated as I watched her movements about the kitchen. While doing so, I idly started to imagine what she looked like under her clothes. My reverie was suddenly interrupted by her asking "Penny for your thoughts?" She had turned around and was now looking intently at me. I was startled to realize that, even tough I had been watching her, I had been totally lost in my speculation about her body. Before I could answer her question, she gave me a wry smile and confidently said "Never mind answering, I think I can guess". Evidently, the nervousness and apprehension she had felt about dating a new man so soon after her divorce had disappeared.

I smiled back at her and, gazing steadily into her eyes, slowly moved the short distance separating us, and placed my hands on each side of her waist. I felt her give a slight tremble as I gently pressed my hands into the taut flesh of her waist. Still gazing intently into her eyes, I slowly leaned in for a kiss. She visibly hesitated for a moment or two, then moved her face up to mine, closed her eyes, and opened her lips slightly. I brought my lips to hers, and started a gentle kiss. I opened my mouth a bit, inviting her tongue in. As we kissing, our mouths opened up more and more as our tongues penetrated deeper and deeper into each other's mouth. At some point, she raised her arms from where they were hanging at her sides and wound them loosely around my neck.

As we kissed, I slowly moved my hands up along the sides of her torso until my thumbs arrived at the lower edge of her breasts. She reacted by suddenly breaking our kiss. She stared at my face for a few moments seemingly making a decision, then, with the decision made, resumed kissing me even more passionately. I slowly moved my hands a bit higher and brought my thumbs to where her nipples were located under her blouse and thin bra. I slowly rubbed my thumbs in a lazy circular pattern over her nipples. I felt her body make an involuntary jerk, and then she allowed me to continue rubbing her hardening nipples without protest.

After a minute or two, she moved her face a bit away from mine and shyly said "I think we need to get more comfortable." I smiled and silently nodded. With that, she broke our embrace, quickly turned off the teapot and, grasping my hand, said "Follow me." I followed as she led us back through the lounge and into her darkened bedroom, dimly lit only by a small night light. As we entered her bedroom, she continued to take the lead. I had no problem with it as I wanted her to be comfortable with what was about to happen. She turned around to face me and we resumed our deepening French kissing. She again allowed me to place my hands on her breasts and caress them through her clothing.

I was willing to continue this almost indefinitely since, in my experience, it is often best with shy or hesitant women to take lots of time with the preliminaries before advancing to the final events. However, I was pleasantly surprised that, after only a little more kissing and caressing, she whispered "Let's get out of some of these clothes." She backed away from me and removed her outer clothing and I did the same. She stopped when down to her bra and knickers, but I continued and also removed my boxers to free up my now fully erect cock.

She glanced down at my cock, her gaze lingering for a few seconds, then moved to the edge of the bed, but suddenly turned away from me. Was this a sudden case of shyness, or perhaps a reluctance to continue taking the lead? Whatever it was, I now took over the lead and moved to her, placing my body fully up against her back. She couldn't help but feel my erect cock pushing against her bum. I moved my arms around to the front of her body and returned my hands to her firm breasts and their now exceedingly hard nipples. I caressed them for a few moments before unhooking her bra and sliding it off. Still turned away from me, she pushed her body back into mine and, as I returned my hands to her now naked breasts, she tilted her head back and rested it against my upper chest with her eyes closed. I moved my hands over her breasts and massaged them, alternating with rolling her hard, elongated nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She moaned in satisfaction.

Still paying attention to her breasts and nipples, I was now slowly undulating my hips against her bum. She started to make low mewing noises deep in her throat, and I sensed her arousal was increasing. She started to grind her bum slowly back against my groin, gently at first, then more and more urgently. Soon I moved my right hand from her breast and slowly slid it down her tummy and inside the top of her knickers. As I did so, my fingers came into contact with her pussy hair. I moved my middle finger further downward through the silky hair into her wet slit and rubbed my finger up and down along it for a few moments, then advanced to the entrance of her pussy.

At this point, instead of opening her legs a bit to allow my fingers easier access to her womanhood, she instead attempted to squeeze her legs shut, but my hand was in the way. She moaned "No, no; its too soon. I shouldn't be letting you do this!" I sensed she was not referring to our lovemaking, but to her mind set that it was too soon after the end of her marriage to start an intimate relationship with another man. That might have seem nonsensical to most people but it made sense to me. I gently whispered into her ear "I'm going to make love to you now but, if you don't want to, tell me and I'll leave". She was silent for a few seconds, then relaxed her legs and whispered "It's OK, you can have me now."

I responded by tempting to move my middle finger into her entrance. She moved her legs apart a bit and I pushed one finger into her, then another one, and plundered her womanhood. I moved my fingers around inside her for a few moments, then withdrew them. I quickly slipped her knickers down her legs and she kicked them aside. I turned her around to face me, pulled her close, reached down with one hand, and re-entered her pussy with my fingers. I found her "G" spot and massaged it as I finger fucked her, holding her close to me with my other hand firmly on her back.

My fingers inside her pussy gained speed now, moving rapidly in and out against her sensitive spot. She responded with hip thrusts and low moans. Her moans became louder and she transitioned to rapid gasps in time with the thrusting of my hand. My fingers soon became a blur of rapid thrusts that shortly put her over the top. As she climaxed against my hand she let out a long, loud cry of ecstasy and moved her hips in random climatic jerks for about 30 seconds or so. As she started to come down from her orgasm, I pulled her body tightly into mine and gently plundering her pussy with my fingers a little while longer, loving the feel of her soft wetness. Finally I withdrew my fingers and motioned for her to lie on the bed on her back.

I climbed onto the bed. She was lying on her back with her legs fully extended and parted about half way open. Her breathing was still a bit heavy, but slowly getting back to normal. I lay on my side right next to her, moved my leg over hers and cuddled her, gently caressing her breasts and still hard nipples with my hand. I said to her "I think you liked that," and she replied "It's been such a long time since someone made me cum."

After a short while, I raised my head and looked down her body. She had beautiful firm medium sized breasts. Her nipples were very hard and standing straight up. She had a flat, taut tummy, and her mound was lightly covered in trimmed silky light brown hair. I could smell her sweet feminine odor wafting up from her wet pussy, and I savored the smell for a few moments. I then felt a strong urge to taste her. I rose from her and knelt between her legs, sitting on my haunches. I saw that her pussy lips were still somewhat open from the earlier ministrations of my fingers.

I moved up between her legs and brought myself to her mound. She raised her legs up half way to allow my upper body full access to her womanhood, I brought my face close to her opening. Using both thumbs, I opened her entrance some more, and ran my tongue around her inner pussy lips. I briefly flicked her clit few times, then plunged my tongue into her, sucking out some of her juice. It tasted heavenly and I savored its taste, then brought my tongue to her clit and rubbed it in a circular fashion. Her hips suddenly jerked upward and she uttered a startled "Oh!". I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit and flicked it up and down and side to side, then returned to moving her it in circles. I did this for a few minutes, gradually increasing the speed and pressure of my tongue.

She started to buck her hips up into my face and moans bacame louder and louder in time with her hip thrusts. Soon she was getting close. When I sensed she was right on the edge, I put my whole mouth on her clit and sucked hard. That did it! She grabbed the back of my head with both hands, jerked her hips violently upward into my face, threw her head back hard against the mattress, and screamed out her orgasm. Her body arched upward off the bed, suspended off the bed between her shoulders and feet, her hips jerking up and down in an involuntary humping motion. After at least a half minute long climax, her body slumped back onto the bed and her hip movements gradually subsided. She uttered a deep, long drawn out sigh of satisfaction as she finally came down from this, her second orgasm of the evening.

By now I felt an urgent need to be inside her, so I moved my upper body up over her chest, holding myself slightly above her body on my knees and forearms. I kissed her face, her hair, her lips. As I kissed her lips, she was still 'hot' from her cum and urgently French kissed me in return, almost sucking my tongue down her throat. She raised up her knees, splayed them outward, and said "Come in me now, I need you inside me!"

She reached down between us, gently grabbed my rock hard cock, rubbed the head up and down her slit a few times, and inserted it just inside the entrance of her pussy. She then snaked her arms around my upper back as I pushed a bit into her very wet pussy. I withdrew my cock a bit, then pushed it in a bit more. I repeated this movement until I was fully inside her. As I bottomed out inside her pussy, she gasped loudly, thrust her hips upward into my groin, and pulled my upper body tightly into hers with her arms. I quietly lay deep inside her for a few moments, savoring the feel of her, then started a gentle thrusting. At this point I was so hot for her, I knew I wouldn't last long; but I wanted to last long enough for her to cum with me.

I gradually increased the speed of my strokes and she thrust back at me with her hips. I raised my face from the crook of her neck and gazed into her face. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back a bit, concentrating on what I was doing to her. We speeded up our mutual thrusting, and she started a rhythmatic moaning in time with our thrusts. I soon said to her "I'm going to cum soon. I want you to cum with me." She replied in an uneven earthy voice "You've already given me two cums. Don't worry if I don't come. It feels wonderful just having you move in me!"

That turned me on even more and I soon went into overdrive, pounding my cock hard into her pussy as I felt my cum rising in me. She responded with more rapid upward hip thrusts that matched my rapidly rising arousal. I soon got to the edge of a climax, hung there for a few moments as I pounded even harder and faster into her, then suddenly plunged over the edge and came in her with loud cries of "I'm cuming!, I'm cuming!" As I flooded her pussy with a large load of cum, her rapid hip thrusts and her own loud grunts of passion raised to a crescendo and, only a few moments after me, she repeatedly screamed out "Oh, My God!, Oh, My God!" as she experienced a huge climax.

I kept thrusting into her as I came down from my own climax, then lay 'soaking' in her sopping pussy as my cock slowly deflated. When it finally fell out of her, I slowly rose up a bit, gazed down into her smiling face, and said to her "God, you're sexy!!" She chuckled at that and replied "I didn't think I could cum again so soon after having your fingers and mouth made me cum." A few moments later, as she pulled me down onto her again for a bear hug, she whispered into my ear "Will you be able to do this to me again a bit later?" I replied "We have all night. What do you think?" She hugged me tightly and said "Good, but right now I need some sleep."

I rolled off her, gently pushed her onto her left side facing away from me, and brought my body up tightly against her back and hips in a "spoon" position with my left arm under her neck and my right leg over her hip. I held her right breast in my left hand, gently caressing it, and, placing my right hand on her tummy, pulled her tightly against me. We soon fell asleep again.

'Spooning' like that has always been my favorite position for cuddling a woman, and it pleased me that she also seemed to like it. Another thing that pleased me was that, unlike too many women I had encountered before her, she did not immediately go to the loo right afterwards to wipe herself. She seemed comfortable with just letting my cum run out of her so as not to break the mood of our love making. For a man, this is a big turn-on.

During our next short sleep, we reversed positions and she was 'spooning' me. I soon awakened to the feel of her hand stroking my cock. Once awake, I reached full size and hardness rather quickly and, turning my head towards her as much as I could from our "spoon" position, I said "Does my lady want something?" She chuckled at that, but then replied very seriously "I want you in me again." With that she rolled away from me and had me roll onto my back. She was already fully aroused and quickly straddled my hips, reached down with one hand to place the head of my cock against her entrance, and rapidly impaled herself. I thrust up into her and felt the slippery feel of my cum still inside her from our previous love making. She placed both hands on the upper part of my chest for stability and, bearing down on my groin with her hips to keep my cock fully inside her, started fucking me with short rapid undulating movements of her hips.

I could tell she was extremely horny as she quickly increased her pace and started to make soft mewing sounds. I looked up into her face and saw her eyes were closed and her head thrown back as she concentrated totally on bringing herself to orgasm. It was obvious I was just 'along for the ride', but I didn't mind since the totally lustful expression on her face and the erotic swaying of her breasts above me were rapidly turning me on. As she moved her pussy more and more rapidly on my cock, she was pulling me along to climax with her. I could feel her cunt muscles griping my cock more and more tightly as she rapidly approached her climax. All too soon, my cock was involuntarily jerking inside her as the cum rose in me. I quickly realized she was going to make me cum instead of the other way around, and I was helpless to prolong it or stop it, not that I wanted to. Suddenly, I lost all control and grunted "I'm cuming!" several times in a row as I spurted up into her. Just as I did so, she came violently, rapidly mashing her hips onto my groin, her upper body wildly writhing as she threw her head back and screamed out her fourth climax.

It was unbelievably erotic to watch her above me having her climax. When she finally came down from it, she was so 'wrung out' that her upper body just collapsed forward onto my chest. She lay there quietly panting. I asked if she was alright. She finally managed to raise her head a bit, looked at me, and said "God, that was unbelievable! I have never cum so hard in my life. I never thought I could ever cum like that." I smiled broadly, pulled her face down to me, kissed her deeply, and rubbed her bum with both hands. After a while, groaning with satisfaction, she rolled off me, and said once more "I think we need to get some sleep". Still on my back, I pulled her half over onto me. She nestled her face into the bend of my neck and shoulder, put one leg over my leg closest to her, gently rubbed her dripping pussy on my leg a few times, and rapidly fell asleep. I followed very soon afterwards.

By the time we finally rolled out of bed around noon the next day, we had made love eleven times, not counting the two times she had an orgasm from my fingers and mouth at the start of our 'adventure' the night before. We both came all eleven times and, to this day, I think it was an amazing performance (at least for me). We had 'brunch' in her flat, and then, the both of us being totally 'fucked out', we enjoyed being 'out and about' the rest of that Saturday. We again had dinner at an elegant restaurant. Back at her flat after dinner, we had several more 'adventures' by the next morning. We spent all of Sunday together, and both went to work Monday morning straight from her flat. The tally of our 'adventures' from Saturday night through Monday morning was an additional seven times. We had joyfully spent the entire weekend together and by Monday morning were deeply 'in lust' with each other.

I tried to avoid going to her office suite on Monday, mainly to avoid Nora who, I was sure, had grilled C about her weekend. I was correct about that as Nora made some excuse in mid-afternoon to hand carry some budget document to me. Once in my office, she gave me her widest possible 'cat who ate the canary' grin and said "I asked you to be gentle with her; I did not say shag her brains out!" It was obvious C had related to Nora at least some of what happened. I grinned back and responded" But it was gentle shagging!" She laughed out loud and said "My husband's going to get an ear full this evening!". I then asked her what C said about me, and she replied "Nothing but compliments, especially about 'you know what'!" I became serious and said to her "It wasn't only the shagging. We really liked being with one another, and I really like her."

Starting that weekend C and I were exclusive for about nine years until it didn't work any more, which was my fault and was my second biggest life regret.

Reader's Note: This is the third in a series of memoirs about significant romances I have experienced during my life up to this point. Having arrived at my seventh decade, I feel it is time to put these factual remembrances down on paper for my own satisfaction. The first two were recently published by SH on 12 & 16 August. All of these tales are totally factual as written, with the following exceptions: the names of the ladies romantically linked to me are denoted only by the initials of their first names; some of the corporate ranks mentioned are equivalents but the relativity of the various ranks are accurate; and I have disguised the geographical locations. You can find the currently published memoirs, as well as future ones, by searching SH for "sunnycat1" in the "Fact" genre. If you enjoy them, then writing positive comments at the end of those you enjoy will be greatly appreciated.