Written by SunnyCat1

6 Oct 2014

What I'm about to relate happened many years ago. I am a reasonably good looking and fit guy of average height and build, and 'assets'. At the time this occurred, I was 49 years old, and had recently ended my latest relationship.

As a corporate staff director, I would attend our annual conferences at our home office. At these conferences, it was normal for corporate and regional staff directors to bring one or two of their subordinate managers. At the semi-annual conference that year in our home office, I met one of the managers from the Germany regional office and was intrigued by her physical appearance and demeanor, for she was somewhat out of the ordinary. W was in her late 40s, extremely intelligent and confidently outspoken with a dry wit, devilish eyes and, when it suited her, a lusty laugh, all packaged in a thin, taut, medium height body with smallish breasts.

I noticed her the last day of the conference during the afternoon break when I first saw her she was surrounded by six or seven men, all of whom were laughing with her as she held court in the center of their little group, even though she was very plain looking. It was interested me was that this [lain looking woman with a non-voluptuous body had the rapt attention of this group of good looking men. I saw very quickly that, although not pretty, she exuded a charismatic persona that was quite compelling.

I moved quietly to the edge of the group to listen and was soon mesmerized by her personality. I was impressed by the witty repartee she exchanged with these men. It was obvious they were enjoying matching witty sayings with her, not put off by her boldness. Her staff director boss, who I knew very well, was one of the men in the group and, when he noticed me, introduced us, and we started chatting one on one. Within a few minutes, the others drifted off and she and I were left deep in conversation for the rest of the break. As we headed back into the remainder of the session for that day, I asked her to have a drink with me in the hotel bar after the closing dinner that evening, and she agreed.

We met in the bar after dinner , sat at a table by ourselves and talked until quite late, occasionally being interrupted as other attendees who we individually knew drifted by and stopped to chat. We talked for hours, first about business related matters, and then finding out about each other on a personal level. I told her about myself and gave her my 'history', then inquired about hers. She was long time divorced with two children, a boy and a girl, both in their 20s who were out on their own. She had been born in Germany, but moved to Canada at about age 10 with her parents. She was fluent in German. She was a mountain trekker and an expert skier, and had done both all over Western Europe.

By the end of our evening around 1 in the morning, I was quite taken with her, finding her to be extremely intriguing. We left the bar to return to our rooms and, when we arrived at her room, she handed me her business card with her home phone number on the back and asked me to call her the next time I would be in Germany.

The next morning as we attendees checked out of the hotel, I inquired about her with people I knew who I thought might know her or know about her. The story was the same from all of them. She was known to avoid romantic 'entanglements' with company people and on many occasions was seen to shut down company men who tried to 'hit' on her.

The next day was a Saturday and I called her that afternoon to thank her for a very interesting evening. She was easy to talk to on the phone and my brief call lasted well over an hour. At the end of the call I took the plunge and told her I hadn't done any sightseeing in her area of Germany and, if I came there, would she show me around for a weekend. She immediately agreed, and we coordinated the visit for a few weeks later. I then asked her if she could recommend a hotel to me and she put me on hold to get the information.

She came back on the line a few minutes later and said why didn't I stay with her, explaining she had a three bedroom flat, with a female boarder in the second bedroom, and I could stay in the remaining bedroom. After politely refusing because I didn't want to be an intrusion, she insisted I stay at hers and I accepted.

On the appointed Saturday morning, she picked me up at the Frankfurt airport and drove us to her flat in her solid black Datsun 280Z sports car, which she proudly informed me was her 'baby.' During the ride to her flat on both autobahn and back roads, I discovered she was a very competent driver. During the drive, she told me her much younger female boarder was away for the weekend, so I wouldn't meet her.

When we arrived she had me put my bag in the spare bedroom and showed me the flat. I then found out she was an excellent cook when she prepared us a wonderful hot German meal for lunch, over which we talked quite at length. I helped with the clean up and, as we put away the last of the dishes, there was an awkward moment. I was leaning back against the food prep table and she turned from what she was doing and faced me and stopped, as if she forgot what she was going to do next. I looked at her with a steady gaze and she just stood there. After a moment or two, I went to her and slowly put my arms around her, drawing her into me for a long hug, my face buried in the bend of her neck.

After a few moments, I felt her arms go around my neck and she pulled me tighter into her. I ran my hands up and down her back and I felt her relax into me. I kissed her neck, then moved my face to hers and kissed her with some urgency. She quickly let my tongue into her mouth and proceeded to French kiss me. She was quite a good kisser and we explored each other with our lips and tongues for quite some time.

I then broke our kiss, pulled my upper body a little ways away from hers, moved my hands to either side of her waist, and gazed at her face. She quickly broke into a wry smile and her eyes danced with mischief. I smiled back, moved my hands up to her small very firm breasts and caressed them through her blouse, noting the absence of a bra. I also noting the fact that her nipples were already enlarged and quite hard. I thumbed them for a few seconds as she smiled at me with a knowing expression, then took her hands in mine and said "Come with me."

I led her into her bedroom. Standing next to her bed, I saw her smile now had a devilish look about it and her eyes seemed to challenge me with 'what now?' She might have been sexually aroused, but she was no wilting flower at the hands of her seducer. Instead, she had the look of a woman in charge of the situation, like a spider awaiting the fly to get tangled up in her web.

I accepted her unspoken challenge and said "Do you want this fast or do you want it slow and drawn out? I prefer the latter." She laughed, her eyes dancing with delight as she put her arms around my neck, and said "Oh, slow and drawn out, of course. I get the feeling you're the kind that likes to linger over his women." We both chuckled and helped each other out of our clothes.

We explored each other's bodies while standing. She got me fully hard with an insistent but gentle touch and I fingered her to the point of her humping my hand, but stopped just short of her climax, saying "Wait, not just yet." She responded with that wry look and I thought 'this lady approaches sex like a man, as a challenge, not in submission', and I liked this new approach.

I guided her onto her back on the bed with her bum at the edge, her legs pulled back and splayed open. I then knelt on the floor between her legs and brought my face to her pussy. I deeply inhaled her womanly odor, pulled her labia back with the fingers of both hands to open her slit. I pushed my tongue into her opening, slowly moving it up and down, and licking her clit at the end of each upstroke.

After a while, I felt her hips begin to gyrate in sync with the movements of my tongue as she built up toward a climax. When she started to make mewing sounds and her hip movements accelerated past a certain point, I concentrated my tongue solely on her clit. Within a few seconds, she jerked her hips rapidly up off the bed against my face and gave out with a series of moans as she came. Her orgasm lasted close to a minute, after which her hips collapsed back onto the bed. Only then did I stop tonguing her.

Still kneeling in the same spot, I placed my hands just under her bum as she dropped her lower legs onto my shoulders with her knees splayed outwards. This gave me an unobstructed view of her entire groin with her open pussy at its center. I alternately moved my gaze from her beautiful pussy up to her face and back again. After recovering from her climax, she raised her head and saw me gazing with pleasure at her womanly 'charms'. She chuckled and said "You certainly like examining at your 'handiwork'. When are you going to take me to the next level?" I responded with "Whenever you're ready."

As she wiggled her way further up the bed, I climbed on and lay next to her and she said she wanted to cuddle a while. I told her I liked nothing better, and quickly enfolded myself into her. We hugged, rubbed, and kissed for a long time, both of us enjoying the closeness. Since we had all afternoon, I let her take the lead regarding when to proceed. After some more hugging and rubbing, she concentrated on French kisses, and I started to get interested in getting in her.

She picked up on that because my cock laying between us started to rise. She looked at me and said "I think your 'friend' wants to get down to business!" I didn't bother to respond and just half rolled her onto her back and reached down to cup her mound. She responded by opening her legs and raising her knees to give me full access to her pussy. I inserted a couple of fingers, rummaged around a bit inside her, found her G-spot and fingered it. She responded with sighs and upward thrusts of her groin.

As I finger fucked her, I noticed her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the pleasure coming from her pussy. She was responding to my ministrations by rolling her hips and sighing in time with the inward thrusts of my fingers. Then she opened her eyes and, in a somewhat trembling voice, said "I want you in me now."

I rolled between her wide open legs and moved up on her and asked her to put me in. She guided the tip of my cock to her entrance and, not waiting for me to push, tried to force it in her by suddenly rolling her hips upward. She succeeded in getting the first part in and I swiftly pushed the rest of the way into her very wet pussy. I paused deep in her for a few moments to enjoy the feel of a new pussy around my cock, then said to her "I love the feel of you around my cock!" She grinned up at me, pumped her hips upward, and said "Get busy and show me how much you like it!" I loved her sexual repartee.

As I started thrusting into her, establishing a steady rhythm, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and raised her legs, with the knees bent, on either side of my waist. I was in no hurry and kissed her as we fucked. After a while, her responding rhythm started to get ahead of mine and I speeded up. As I did so, she started to emit low moans of pleasure and I could tell she was on her way to a climax. Wanting to prolong the process, I increased my speed just enough to stay a bit ahead of her rising passion.

Pretty soon I realized my own rising passion was heading to the end point rather quickly now and it was time to get both of us over the edge. I went into overdrive and started pounding into her faster and faster. By now she was responding with rapid hips thrusts and matching moans. I felt my climax quickly approaching and slammed into her, cuming with a series of loud grunts of "I'm coming! I'm coming!", as I shot several bursts of cum into her. She was right behind, groaning out her climax and slamming her hips into me. I kept thrusting slowly as we both came down from our orgasms, then hugged her, my cock still inside her. She put both arms around my back and hugged me silently, not letting me up.

We stayed that way, not saying anything, for quite a long time. Finally, I rolled off her and lay on my back next to her. I pulled her half onto me and she put a leg over and rubbed her dripping pussy against my thigh. I pulled her gently into me and we cuddled for a while, then fell asleep. After a short nap I awoke to the feel of her groin gently humping my thigh her lips kissing my neck. I told her this was a great way to be awakened and suggested we make love again. She answered "No, later. I want us to get up and talk some more."

After visiting the loo, we threw on our undies and sat on the sofa in the lounge. Holding each other closely, we spent about an hour kissing and talking. Then she made us tea, and we kissed and talked some more. For most of that time my cock ran the gamut from limp to half hard, or maybe a bit more. Our kissing and talking came to an end when she started to French kiss me and brought my cock to a full erection with her hand. She opened her legs and I fingered her slit. She said "I want you again", and led me back to her bed.

She got up on the bed on her hands and knees and said "Do me doggie." Getting on my knees behind her, I put my fingers into her sopping wet pussy and fingered her, again rubbing her G-spot. She grabbed a pillow, brought it under her chest, and lowered her upper body onto it. She moaned with pleasure as her arousal built, and soon told me to make her come with my fingers. I quickly brought her off to her loud moans of delight and, as she started to come down from her climax, she told me in a ragged voice to fuck me hard.

I placed my rigid cock at her entrance and slammed into her, bottoming in one thrust, and immediately pounded her as hard and fast as I could, pulling her hips violently back into my groin as I thrust my cock forward deeply into her. We fucked like that for only a minute or two when she cried out several times "Oh, My God, Don't Stop, Fuck me!, Don't Stop!" There was no way I was going to stop as I was short of my own climax. It and soon hit me and I shot another load of cum into her as I grunted out my orgasm. I continued moving in her as she came down from her orgasm, then withdrew. We cuddled in each other's arms post-coitally for a second time that afternoon.

We talked in bed for a while, then went back to the sofa in the lounge and talked some more, then went to a local German restaurant for dinner where we talked for another few hours. It was so easy to talk with her about a wide range of topics and interests, plus getting to know each other's 'stories'. In less than a day I had become infatuated with her.

We returned to her flat after dinner out and, as we walked toward the bedrooms, I said "So, I guess I'm not sleeping in the spare room tonight?' She chuckled and replied "Not if you want some more pussy!" We both laughed and hugged each other. After making love a couple of times during the night , she got up in the morning, but let me sleep. When I finally woke up and went looking for her, she was just finishing making breakfast for us.

That's when I discovered her favorite 'lay about' costume: a sleeveless top without bra and oversize shorts over loose knickers. After breakfast, I learned the purpose of this outfit as we were sitting together on the sofa. After a bit of kissing, she suddenly got up, walked over behind a matching high backed well padded easy chair sitting opposite the sofa. She leant over the back with her chest resting on it and said "Stand behind me and finger me." She had spread her legs and I ran a hand up the inside one of her thighs and slipped it inside under her knickers and inserted my fingers in her wet pussy. I started out slowly, but she soon said "Do me hard and deep, and make me come!" It didn't take long before she was loudly cuming. I continued fingering her while she came down from her quick climax. I was now hard and we went back to bed for a session missionary style.

We spent most of the rest of that Sunday in and out of bed until evening when we returned to the local German restaurant for dinner. The weekend was rapidly coming to a close and we didn't want it to end, however, we both had to get back to work on Monday. We didn't get much sleep Sunday night as we delighted in each other several times before morning. She dropped me off at the airport on her way to work and, by lunch time, I was also back in my office. I returned a few weeks later for the first of many long weekends of love making and sightseeing.

I found out during that visit that she was not inhibited at all about public displays of sexual affection and, many times thereafter during warm weather, when we thought we were out of people's sight, she would have me finger her to a come by slipping my hand into her crotch from the rear under her loose knickers and shorts. One time we were doing this with her leaning against a boulder on an Alpine trail when an elderly couple came around the bend of the trail from behind us just as W was finishing a come and, as they passed, the wife muttered in German "Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!" We didn't care and laughed about it many times afterward.

This somewhat long distance affair lasted for almost four years, with us flying to see the other one every few weeks for a four or five day extended weekend, plus a two or three week holiday during the summers. I flew to Germany most of the time and we would travel about Western Europe in her 280Z sports car, mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. While it lasted, we had a wonderful time with each other.