Written by richnan4

19 Mar 2013

Following on from my post a couple of days ago about my sexy girlfriend and the hen party I can now relate the final sloppy details! Having gone round to her place she welcomed me with a mocking smile on her face knowing full well the effect her well fucked dripping pussy was having on me. For the first time I was shown her new dress bought for the occasion (a very sexy, short little black number)and the newly trimmed pussy albeit by now extremely wet with juices down her legs and arse but I could not resist the pleasure of licking her out. This had the desired results with her squirming around asking to be fucked while still smiling at my obvious excitement and discomfort.

I was only too willing to oblige but to prolong the pleasure had to keep stopping and changing position to prevent myself coming too quickly which was a constant problem. The feeling of fucking your beloved in such a state is something extremely sexy for both parties and highly reccommended. Added to that she kept cleaning my cock and balls up with her tongue in between these positional changes which had me in perpetual bliss. In fact she was as turned on by the whole experience as I was so it developed into the perfect scenario and 1 that I hope we will experiment with again but with me in attendance next time. I had previously discussed putting an ad on this site for a "controlled" 3some with me directing the proceedings with her blindfolded and bound whilst we used her body in various ways! This turned her on enormously but not enough to overcome her inhibitions or worries that I might not be serious or was not ready to share her charms. I hope that this experience will give her the confidence to now go along with my suggestion knowing how hot we both were fucking on this occasion. Anyway back to the story, I could not hold out any longer and finally exploded inside her coming bucket loads to add to the previous deposits. What a sexy Slut she is and how lucky am I to have sch a beautiful looking woman totally liberated and prepared to enjoy her sexuality. Someone was looking down on me when fate allowed us to meet and I will now look forward to the next round when it happens which hopefully will be soon. If your interested I will then let you know? If anyone is in Barcelona (July 10th -17th) and wants to join us let me know because I would love to arrange some sun, sea and sex while we are there with another couple or good looking single guy? Bye for now but let me know what you think