Written by rooony

16 Sep 2009

I had always been turned on by wife having fun with another guy... Call me crazy for this but it just turns me on so much! We have swung several times and she has done the occasion blow job now and then when away with the girls.

Any way fast forward 2 children (5 yrs) and my wife was asked to go on a hen night in birmingham staying over.... when she said to me would I mind if she goes as I would be on my own with the kids. I had to say on one condition... and that was that she had some fun and told me all about it! Having had 2 children she felt a little unconfident about her body etc.. but I said she need not be as her body is still stunning. (Her fake boobs were still pert and standing firm)

So off she went for the day/evening leaving me with the kids and to wonder weather she would be naughty again.....

The evening flew by and the next day I dropped the kids off at their grans so that I would crack on with some DIY in the house. At around 12 noon I heard the door open and in stumbled the wife... (Still a little worse for ware)! The first thing she did was grab me and kiss me passionately! then she dropped to the floor pulled my cock out and started sucking it like a woman posessed, I pulled her up slipped her dress of her shoulders leaving her totally naked? her body was covered in little love bites, as I lowered her to the floor I could see what was dry cum on her tits and stomach... then as she opened her legs cum started to drip from her pussy! wow she had been fucked this morning?

As I licked her pussy she told me that the night was good and that they had got talking to a group of guys, as the night went on the girl who she was sharing a room with was definately hitting it off with one of the lads, so at the end of the night she invited the guy back to the hote. My wife had no where else to go so joined them and one of the guys mates who he would need to share a cab with home back at the hotel.

Anyway back im the room and the girl said lets play some dare games.... my wife said it must have been the drink because she was right up for this game! anyway the girl she was sharing with passed out with the drink thus leaving my wife with the two guys..both naked and probably frustrated! so to cut a long story short she ended up giving both the guys a blow job at the same time whilst they played with her pussy! she remembers them cumming on her tits then falling asleep!

The next morning when she work both guys were lying next to her with morning glories, her friend musth have woken up early and either panicked or was to embaresed to stay so left in a hurry leaving note for my wife!

My wife says that she was just so horny having two guys next to her naked with erections, that lust took over her! she ended up being fucked by both guys for a good few hours and comming several times! both guys came twice, and both came inside her! she said the black guy had the biggest cock which stretched her well.. They had tried to DP her but could not get it up her ass so instead she had a finger up there whilst being fucked.

It all got to much for me and I shot my load over her face adding to the already cum load.

I cant wait till she is staying away again.