Written by nap

4 May 2011

My girlfriends birthday was easter monday and we'd talked about a nice three or foursome or going dogging but decided that I would plan her a surprise instead.

She's a very curvy size 12 and all the time we've been a couple (about 3 years)I've never met a woman who loves been blindfolded and tied to the bed as she does, once she's naked and tied all you've to do is run your fingers over her pussy and she's nearly cumming.

Having thought long and hard about what I could do I decided to use this info to my advantage.

I made some calls to friends (male)and after a boozy lunch on monday I whisked her home and took her upstairs, I left her in the shower and put my plan into action. Stripping her off, licking, kissing and fingering every inch of her curvy body on my return I laid her gently on our bed and bound her and blindfolded her. She was soaking wet and begging for a cock but I told her to just be patient and she'd be satisfied.

First up was my mate Dave, he's always ogling my woman and I know she quite fancies him so he was my first choice, he knew the plan and not to say a word, bringing him into our room the look on his face was a picture and he had his hard cock out without any asking.

I told Helen taht I wanted a nice BJ first up and then stood with my camera in one hand and hard on in the other I gave Dave the nod and moving round the side of the bed he rubbed his swollen dick over her lips.

She hungrily began sucking his cock and saying how much of my spunk she wanted to taste, I moved closer with the camera and gestured to Dave to gently finger-fuck her pussy, by now she was sucking like crazy and Dave was really pounding into her mouth - he shoved his hard cock as far down her throat as he could and I got some great pics as he let his first shot hit the back of her throat and then pulling out of her mouth he splashed the rest over her face - she licked and sucked every last drop as he relaxed and began to soften.

Next in was Danny, a guy I played football with and who always flirted like mad with Helen. Dave took a seat on the spare bed and I told Helen I was going to fuck her now and to spread them legs wide. Danny assumed the position and without any messing about eased his hard cock inside my girl. She pushed her groin up to meet him, telling me she needed to be fucked hard and Danny silently began thrusting into her - all the time I was taking pics and getting harder myself, after ten minutes hard fucking Danny gave me the look that said I'm cumming and at the last minute pulled out and shot hot spunk all over her gaping pussy and stomach - more great pics!

Now ushering the boys out of the room and telling them I'd mail some pics on I had my girl last, returning to our room I buried my tongue in her soaking cunt and began to make her cum with my fingers too.

Thinking all the time about the fantastic pics we had and the great fucking she'd received without knowing it wasn't me I was soon near to bursting and sitting astride her I began to fuck her nice round tits, reaching forward I pulled her blindfold off and then fucking her tits as hard as I could I unleashed another gusher of hot spunk onto her face and tits.

I gently rubbed the spunk over her face with my fingers and she greedily licked it from me, after a while I asked her if she was curious as to how I could cum three times in quick succession and before she could answer (and without untying her hands) I held the camera up and began to flick through the pics for her - initial looks of shock soon faded to be replaced by enjoyment and before we got through all the pics she was begging for my cock absolutely turned on again - horny bitch!

I mailed Dave and Danny a selection of pics each later that day and now I'm looking forward to my birthday in June when Helen swears she'll get me back