Written by Dave

15 Sep 2015

I had been a dogger for a few years and wanted my wife to go dogging with me. The idea of another guy exploring her turned me on a lot. We are 35 and she has a nice figure with decent sized breasts and is shaven.

Eventually she agreed to give it a try on the Saturday to see if she liked it. Unknown to her I drove out to the dogging site on the Wednesday night and there sitting in his car was a guy I knew. He was slim early 30s and I knew well hung. He was also clean and articulate.

I explained that I was bringing my wife and would he like to help me break her in gently. He agreed at once and would take things very gently looking for my hand signals to go ahead or wind down.

Saturday night came. It was dark by 8pm and we found ourselves out at the site. It was a car park with small bays which would each take a couple of cars cut into the woodland, I drove in and parked to the right in a bay and presently his car with no lights drifted in beside us on Julie's side but a little way off.

She stiffened a bit and I said ' we might have a visitor'. she looked to the side seeing his car and said ' what happens now?'

I suggested that she might show some boob and opened the front of her blouse. She was obviously nervous and he got out of his car walking forward into the woods. I slipped open her bra freeing her firm breasts with erect brown nipples.

Pete walked back out of the woodland and down her side of the car glancing in as he went. He stopped just out of her sight and I had my hand behind her to give him a 'thumbs up'. He moved back slightly looking in her window at her breasts. I played with them and he got his cock out. It was semi hard and soon rose to the occasion. I suggested she look and she was a little taken aback by the size. I asked her if I could open the window and she nodded Slowly I pressed the window switch and her window rolled down. She was separate from his cock by just a few inches. He reached in and cupped her left breast teasing her nipple

Julie was unsure what to do or a little self conscious so I took her left hand and placed it on Pete's hard cock. She automatically gripped it and ran her hand back and forth having a good feel. It was clear she liked it and I gave him a thumbs up which encouraged him to reach down to her thighs. He felt her through her panties until I suggested she ease up. When she eased up he began to slip her panties down and below her knees.

His fingers explored and soon she was writhing as he found her clitty. It was going even better than I had hoped. She was cumming under his touch and I could see He was close.

Presently he turned sideways and she brought him off in a huge arc of cum.

He moved away from the car whispering his thanks and I passed my wife a kitchen roll and wipes.

After she cleaned up she agreed that she had enjoyed it

We chatted at home and I found that she might go further with encouragement.

During that week I got back to the site on the Wednesday which I knew was one of his nights. He told me that he thought she was so sexy and what a great time he had.

He asked if she would do full sex with him and I said maybe eventually but not yet.

On the Saturday we arrived again to slip into a vacant spot and then find Pete beside us.

He went through the pantomime again stopping by her this time open window. Julie looked out as he unzipped and reached in to slip off her panties. It was all available to him and her legs were wide apart to allow him access.

I was aware of another person beside him. A guy I knew vaguely had his cock out. Quite a good size. I thought ' What the hell' as he reached in to feel her boobs as Pete played with her pussy. The guy put her hand around his cock and she had a good feel moving between the two of them.

I looked around and no one else was about. I walked around to my wife's side of the car and opened the door. I took her hand and helped her out. These two had their hands everywhere and she was moaning softly. Hands on her breasts and the young guy knelt down to lick her pussy. She loved it cumming several times.

Eventually we had to go and on the way home she was so horney I had to stop in a gateway and satisfy her.

She told me that maybe we should get some condoms for next time.

There was a next time but I will Tellyou about that next time