Written by Alexas22'2

27 Sep 2015

My wife Alexa (22, 5'4, curvy, beautiful woman with F cup breasts and a beautiful little ass) and I Josh (26, 5'11, pretty athletic and naturally quite tanned, with a good thick 7 inches) have been discussing the thought of 'sharing' for years, after having been together for nearly 8 years and engaged for 2 of them it felt like exploration was needed.

She has spoken to a few gentlemen and some not the gentleman like and picked one out in particular. An older gent at 39 but well within her top age range. They have exchanged pictures and many a flirty text and one night it went further to the point where they got down right filthy. I never found out exactly what was said in her drunken state but I do know she now can't wait to suck his 'HUGE HARD JUICY COCK'.

The conversations continued for a few weeks and seemed to be waning until one Friday night. She came home from work and told me she wouldn't be staying long, she was off out. I was a little confused with no previous mention of going out but hey it's not unusual. Her and her friend had decided to have food at hers and have a girly sleep over. It wasn't until the following day that I found out the following actually happened.

She left home at around 730 for her 'friends' house. She text me about an hour later to tell me she had arrived this was about 30 minutes longer than usual but I didn't question it. That was when the texts stopped and I went to sleep shortly after that. Whilst my fiancée was sat around a dining table in a strangers house with an exquisite meal in front of her, all hand prepared by his fair hands. The whole works, candles, wine, smart dress, subtle music. They discussed things almost as if they were a married couple.

After food they moved to the sofa where she cuddled into his manly frame, he stood at 6'3 very broad and muscular. After a short time her hands started to wander, she ran her hand up under his shirt running her fingers over his well toned body, getting excited at the feel. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his as she did so. His shirt was now off revealing his huge arms and chest perfectly tanned. This made her wet with all of the dirty thoughts running through her head, she knew this shouldn't be happening but she couldn't take her eyes or hands off him.

She lost control of her urges and his trousers were off in no time at all leaving just his boxers. She could see the 'HUGE' bulge in his boxers stretching them to ripping point, she kissed his cock through his boxers and could feel it throbbing and growing even more the more she kissed. He stood her up and unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it to the ground in one swift movement, her huge breasts bouncing with the force. He pushed her to her knees and she knew just what to do.

She took his boxers down and he still had some growth left in him, he must have been over 10 inches long and as thick as her wrist. She was mesmerised by it. After what seemed like an eternity her head was guided in towards his cock, both hands on the back of her head she opened her mouth which was barely wide enough. He pushed her head down hard. The huge cock poked the back of her throat making her gag, this she knew would turn her on but she didn't realise just how much. By this point her underwear was wet through with her excitement. She sucked and gagged on that cock for over ten minutes by which time she was messier then ever, her tongue dripped with his precum, her knickers wet through and he now exposed breasts covered in all sorts of wetness.

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, threw her over the edge of the bed and without warning ripped her knickers off and placed his shaft against her glistening pussy, her entered her forcefully making her whimper. He was not gentle but instead forced her to accommodate all near 12 inches of his now rock hard cock, her pussy stretching around his thick shaft covering it in her cum. His heavy balls slapping against her swollen clit. He pounded her like this until her hips bucked and her pussy tightened around his cock. He could feel her juices dripping and his balls now soaked with her cum.

He flipped her over and fucked her hard in missionary, he sucked on her nipples and grabbed her hips pulling him deeper into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed his bum with her hands digging her nails in now taking in every hard thick inch of his cock. The pounding getting harder. She felt something she had never felt before and she couldn't explain it but she wanted to stop yet at the same time she found herself screaming 'faster, harder' her mind was racing, she couldn't think straight as this intense feeling came over her and her senses heightened.

This feeling came over her, she could feel him pounding her and all of a sudden felt her pussy explode as she started to spray her cum all over him. This was a first, she tried to tell him to stop but no words came out and if anything he sped up and she uncontrollably bucked as the waves of orgasm coursed through her whole body. She felt his cock start to pulse as she was still riding the waves and without warning she felt his hot sticky cum filling her previously tight pussy. He came so hard that it began dripping from her pussy before he had even finished. They both rode the orgasms for as long as they could before they collapsed next to each other.

She looked him up and down, his cock was flaccid now but still a good 9 inches in length and glistening with her and his cum. The next thing they knew it was morning and this is where she dressed without a word and left, came home to me with no underwear on (they ripped) pussy still full of his cum and dripping along her inner thighs and climbed into bed and without warning rode my cock. It was after this amazing fuck that she told me the story and that I now know the juices I could feel were not all hers. Needless to say that was the best sex in a very long time. She will do it again and I do hope she doesn't take to long.