Written by loki

8 Sep 2007

I'm not with my ex anymore but I always remember the first time I got her to go with another man. Michelle had magnificent tits and was a dirty little slut but was always faithful. For a while, after reading copious amounts of porn I developed an urge for another man to have her.

She used to work as a check out girl at Asda, she was about 25 at the time and she told me about one of her managers that had started flirting with her. We used to talk about him fucking her whilst we had sex and it used to turn us both on greatly.

I asked her what she would do if he ever asked her out for a drink and she surprised me when she said he already had! I said next time he asked she should go. Only about a week later, I received a call from her whilst she was at work to say he had asked her out for a drink after work and what should she do? I told her to go and enjoy herself but to tell me all about it.

That night I was shaking with anticipation at the thought of what was going on. I resisted the temptation to wank because I wanted to save it. About one in the morning she came home.

As she walked through the door I kissed her and could already smell the spunk in her mouth. I quickly sat her down and she reached for my cock and released it. Are you ready babe? she said. I was shaking with excitement as she told me that he took her for a few drinks and then offered to drive her home. They stopped of on the way and he lent over to kiss her. She responded and he immediately had his hands on her tits. she stopped him and lifted her top up to release those magnificent breasts and he immediately put his face in them. He spent a lot of time licking and kissing her tits and had his hand in her knickers all the time rubbing her pussy. After a while he lent back and got his cock out.

She told me that it was only average size but was really thick. I asked her what she did next and she told me that she started to lick the end and wank him in her mouth. She took as much as she could in her mouth and gave it a damn good sucking. He told her to stop because he was going to come. She asked if his wife let him come in her mouth and he said no. She said well I will and with that lowered her mouth over him again. He came very hard in her mouth and I was in ecstasy knowing that my woman had pleasured another man.

He didn't fuck her that night but I always encouraged her to the next time.

A few weeks later whilst I was fucking her she surprised me by saying 'babe, your cock is being bathed by his spunk right now'. I came so good about 4 times that night. This is a true story and she fucked quite a few other men after that, just for me. We're not together any more but I long to find another woman who will fuck other men for me. Do you think I will find one?