Written by David

3 Jun 2016

I am not a cuckold and if anyone tried to do that to me or order me around I would react accordingly. I am not a voyeur and want to see my wife being used by someone while I watch.

But I am a very fit guy who loves to fuck and most anything else to do with sex. My wife is well suited as she like the same.

From the time we met we had incredible sex. For me personally I have never had better. She says the same and I believe her. It feels different and I enjoy it with someone else but not better. She tells me the same. That is why neither of us are monogamous to each other.

We had good sex from the very first time. We met and obviously liked each other and ended up in bed. We had casual sex for about 3 months before we committed to each other that we longed for something more. For those 3 months we had sex with others individually as neither of us were in relationships and we took what came along.

Once we committed we only had each other. We married 2 years later.

Just before we were to be married she said she had something to tell me.

We sat down and she explained all.

Some of her friends from college and from when she started work would be invited to the wedding and she wanted no surprises for me. She wanted me to know about her past before we tied the knot.

What she told me was somewhat surprising but also very exciting. I knew she had had plenty of sex and had quite a few willing partners. It was obvious as she knew what she liked and what a man liked to receive.

The short story about the friends coming to our wedding is that they all had had sex with her. They were all part of a group of about 18 (girls and boys) or so that for about 3 years came and went and partied often.

It was best described as orgies, group sex, threesomes etc, depending the situation and where who was living.

There was always someone to have sex with. The girls often had sex with more than one guy. She remembers being fucked by 7 different guys in one night.

I expect some may call her bi but she never actively looked for sex with another girl but was ok with and enjoyed the other girls when the guys were involved. She said some of the girls got off with other girls but it’s not her scene.

I was amazed and excited that my future wife had had such a past. I immediately offered to let her relive old times when she met up with her old friends. She didn’t want that and as I found out later neither did those who came to our wedding. That’s what they said anyway. They had moved on, had relationships etc.

They were completely at ease when they knew I knew about it and freely talked to me about it.

The guys particularly told me what they used to do to her and what she liked. I could tell they knew her well and it gave me things to try in the future.

We didn’t involve anyone else till about a year after we married.

She fucked a guy she met at an exercise class she attended. She did that 4 or 5 times. Then she gave me a threesome with another girl she had met. We did that a few times.

A few times on vacation we have partied with 2 and 3 guys together. She liked that.

We don’t do it often but we both know we can if we want.