Written by John

24 Aug 2013

Sammy was 40 and i was 50 when we got together 5 years ago. I thought it would be a one night stand as she wasn't my usual type, quite slutty really. I was banging her doggy style when I noticed the word harder tattooed on the small of her back. It made my cock grow bigger and I increased my pace. Sammy giggled that it had that effect on most men. She wiggled her arse and clenched her cunt wall muscles and literally sucked the spunk from my balls. Lay in her arms after I had to ask about the most men comment. How many had there been. Around 150 was the answer. I was shocked. I'd only been with 3 women. But it didn't matter. We fell in love and have been perfectly happy. But my virility was soon on the wain. Knowing her love of cock I had to do something and so I told her she'd have my blessing to take lovers. Sammy was relieved and confessed that she had missed the wild fucks she'd enjoyed pre me. She's got a few wrinkles but has a great body still.

A milf I suppose and it was young men she craved. Initially I wanted no involvement but one day Sammy lost track of time and I came in from work to find her lay between 2 lads, covered in jizz with her pussy gaping. It was post fuck and they were just enjoying a chat and cuddle. I wasn't upset. In fact I made tea and sorted fresh towels so the men could shower. The image of it aroused me and Sammy got another helping of spunk off me that night. Now I often come home to the welcome sight of an arse pumping away. One time she had one cock between her tits as another lad licked her out. I love seeing her satisfied, lay there all fulfilled, pussy oozing spunk with a couple of sleepy spent men at her side. She looks very womanly when she's relieved a few pairs of balls of their contents.

It's usually 2 men but last week I found 3 just getting started on her. The one lad in his excitement started cumming as soon as his cock was out. His mates laughed at him but Sammy, easing his embarrassment, got on her knees and had the other 2 fuck her in quick succession using that cunt clenching technique they were powerless. Within minutes there was 3 soft embarrassed cocks and a cunt full of spunk. Mine was the only hard on so I gave the lads a lesson on how to fuck a cock hungry milf.

She came twice before my juice joined theirs. But she soon had them hard again that professor of cockogy and I enjoyed the show.

Now she's hinted that she wants to add to my sex partner tally of 3 .

I'm living in hope!