Written by tomtom

27 Apr 2010

After 20years together, we had settled into a pretty normal routine,sex once or twice a month, nothing adventurous but comfortable and enjoyable.My Wife is still attractive, 5foot 2ins tall, blond large breasts, great dresser, goes to the Gym 2 or 3 times week every where we go, she gets admiring looks. Although she loves the attention, I believed she had never been unfaithful to me. One night we were sitting having a meal, out of the blue, she asked me, If I had ever been unfaithful to her,I asked would it matter? Depends,on what I said, well answer me first, then I will tell you.No I have not, tempted a few times,but never.Now answer me you? No but at this time, very very tempted. It was like an explosion, going off in my head,my all time fantasy, was watching her with another man, but she has always been so prim and proper,I never even dreamed it would happen.Have you someone in mind, yes she said, Mr T I work with he is always asking me out.That started everything from that moment on. I Agreed he could take her out, as long as she told me all about it and leave nothing out.Friday night was the first time, He took her for a drink, he behaved like a gentleman drop ted her Home. She was like a school girl so excited,They must have looked different, she said, the way people stared at them.He is 6 foot 4ins black built like a brick shit house,her as described petite, white, blond. Apart from you, he is the most gentle caring person I have known she said.Part 2 to follow