Written by Hugh

7 Oct 2016

It was the day of my 50th birthday and I was making coffee for myself and my wonderful wife who, just a little while before, treated me to morning sex and when we were finished said to me, "Happy birthday. Today is your day in bed and I'm your treat, all day, whenever you want. Good thing it's a Saturday." For some reason, it made me think of that week I had in southern Spain when I was 23 and feeling as depressed as anyone could.

Alicia, my girlfriend all through engineering school, and the one I was going to marry after graduation, had broken off with me the first week of my new job. We had met the first week at uni and she approached me to go to a pub after classes. I found out from her later that she just needed a no strings attached night out and correctly surmised I was 'safe' as I had the look of the science nerd I was and probably would not come on to her. Surprisingly, we hit it off and soon became inseparable. She was also in engineering school and looked the part, slim with small breasts and an ordinary face.

It was a very comfortable relationship; living, studying, and learning about sex together (we both were virgins). I thought it was love, but I found out at the end she thought it was just a comfortable way to get to her degree. A few weeks after she broke my heart, I was on a flight to a hotel in southern Spain notorious at the time as a place one went for sexual liaisons. The lady in the seat across the aisle from me looked like a 50s something version of Alicia; slim, flat chested, plain face, wearing a business suit, white blouse, and sensible low heeled shoes. She settled in with a book and I assumed she was a businesswoman on travel. We said the obligatory 'hellos' and then she ignored me except for the ocassional glance and polite smile.

That first day at the hotel was a disaster. I was trying too hard and I still had my 'nerdy' look, so every one of my attempts to connect with a woman was an embarrassment of rejection. That next morning I sadly headed for the swimming pool and got my self comfortable stretched out on a lounger and went to sleep getting some sun. When I woke up a half hour later, sitting in the lounger right next to me was the lady from the flight. Seeing the surprised look on my face, she said, "I hope you don't mind me being here, but I'm new to this and thought you would be a safe companion until I get comfortable with what goes on here."

I inwardly groaned as I thought 'this is Alicia all over again', but I smiled at her and muttered something about it being fine. She immediately picked up on my mood and asked what was wrong. Without thinking, I blurted out that the only woman who would even talk to me here was sitting next to me because she thought I was 'safe', and then quickly told her about my break-up with Alicia and my experience so far at the hotel. She reached over and touched my arm as she profusely apologized and said she meant it as a compliment. I gave her a small smile of acceptance and she suddenly went deep into thought.

I asked what was wrong and she finally blurted out, "I guess you're the best person to hear this. I'm here because I just discovered my husband is having an affair with my best friend and I wanted to have sex here with a few men to find out what she has in bed that I'm not giving him." She looked away in embarrassment and started to cry. When I tried to comfort her, she wouldn't look me in the face for embarrassment until I told her I was here for the same goal; to get laid as a balm to my ego.

She stopped crying, looked at me with interest, and said, "Why don't we comfort each other?" I told her I had no experience with women other than Alicia and she said she was the same since her husband was her only lover. She put her hand in mine and shyly said, "Let's just go to my room and take it from there." We went hand in hand, and it felt to me like we were 16 and on a first date. I told her that and she smiled and said she felt the same way.

Once in her room, we were both shy about starting until she said, "Let's just hug on the love seat and get comfortable with each other." We sat, enfolded each other in our arms, and suddenly were impatiently kissing and rubbing each other's body in a teenage frenzy, our pent up passions suddenly unleashing. Being in swimming costumes, it didn't take long before we were both naked on the bed and hungrily exploring each other's interesting 'parts'. I had my hand between her spread legs feeling her wetness when she murmured, "Lick me."

I immediately went down on her and slid my tongue up and down her wet slit for a while when she exclaimed, "My clit, my clit, suck my clit!" I clamped my lips around the hard nub at the top of her slit and sucked and sucked. Within seconds, she shattered and shuddered in a powerful orgasm, her hips rising off the bed. When that movement caused my tongue to dislodge, she almost screamed with urgency, "Don't stop! Keep licking!" With some difficulty, I get my tongue on it again and sucked. Her orgasm heightened and she cried out, "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" until she finally quieted.

She lay there for a few minutes, panting, her tummy heaving, and with a glazed look in her eyes. I just looked at her slim body with her 'B cup' breasts, their quite long nipples beautifully rock hard, and her legs spread giving me a clear view of her beautiful, lightly haired pussy glistening from my saliva. A more erotic sight I had never seen, including Alicia, and I thought 'maybe an older woman is what I need'. No matter, my cock was rigid with desire and I found I was unconsciously wanking it a bit with my hand.

At that moment, she opened her eyes, looked at me warmly, then saw my hand slowly stroking my cock, and said, "I have a special place for that. Come in me." She held out her arms to me in invitation and I knelt between her now upraised legs as she pulled my cock to her pussy with both hands. She placed the head at her entrance and with a hand tug simultaneous with thrusting her hips up, she seated my cock at least an inch, maybe more, inside. I just groaned with pleasure as I slowly slid up her hot and wet pussy. It felt like I was sliding into a hot moist velvet glove. I thought, 'My God, what an idiot her husband is. She's a hot woman and if she were mine, I'd fuck her every day and be thankful.'

I lowered my upper body onto hers and murmured into her ear, "I'm sorry, but I can't wait. It's been too long." I fucked her hard and fast, and came in less than a minute, bellowing out my climax as I spurt my hot cum up her. When my body stilled and I lay on her with her arms and legs wrapped around me, she whispered in a loving way, "My, you're a loud one! And so energetic. I think this may be my lucky day." We lay like that for a few minutes, revelling in each other's body until I felt my cock start to harden. She also felt it and said, "I knew choosing a young man was the way to go!" She started thrusting her hips up into me and we were soon on our way.

We fucked the rest of the morning missionary and woman on top, each of us getting our sexual needs selfishly fulfilled as we both came several times. She had the most delicious sounding way of moaning when she was coming! We went to lunch and then resumed where we had left off. We were together the rest of that day and I slept in her bed that night, fucking and cuddling, fucking and cuddling - you get the idea. We were insatiable with each other. Fate had brought us together and we embraced it with fervour. The next morning, we talked and talked, I about my gratitude to her for letting me have her body, and she about me validating her as a desirable and sexual woman. Over the remaining days and nights, we were inseparable, spending all our time together, mostly in her bed.

A few nights later as we were making love, her husband called. She picked up the phone when it wouldn't stop ringing and she talked to him as I lay on her, my cock slowly stroking inside her pussy. She later told me it was the ultimate revenge for her to have me fucking her as she spoke to him, telling him how much she was enjoying her holiday, with him not knowing she knew about his infidelity and she enjoying her own lover at that very moment. We laughed about it and when I asked, she said she might tell him when she returned, but she was still undecided what she was going to do about her marriage.

When the week was finally over, neither of us wanted to return to our respective lives. If it weren't for the tremendous age difference (27 years), I think both of us would have explored the idea of getting together. As it turned out, we managed for several years to be long distance lovers, being together two or three times a year until I met my wonderful wife and I broke it off.

She stayed with her husband and never told him she knew about his affair. Instead, she took local lovers in addition to me as her revenge. We kept in touch over the years and her revenge against her husband continued. Many years later, in a fit of guilty honesty, he confessed his affair and begged her forgiveness. She granted it and they stayed married. He, however, never found out about her affairs and her revenge was complete.