Written by loki101

13 Sep 2007

Thanks for the comments guys. The second time Michelle fucked someone else, she had my full blessing - on the condition of course that I was told every detail.

She was asked to go away to Butlins on one of those adult themed weekends with some of her girlfriends. She didn't mention anything about cheating before she left. I spoke to her on the phone after day one and casually asked her if she had pulled (I knew she would as she is gorgeous - deep brown eyes, long brown hair, fit with incredible tits). She coyly told me that she had but had done nothing about it. I said that if she wanted to it was ok with me, but I wanted a text message just before she was about to get fucked so I could enjoy the agony of knowing when my woman was about to take another man's cock.

About 2 in the morning my phone buzzed. I knew instantly what it was and it simply read 'am about to get fucked babe'. My mind was racing at all the things she would do to him and vice versa. How fucking turned on I was as well, I wanked all night.

She came home the next day.

She had pulled some guy in one of the clubs and he took her back to his chalet. He was in awe of her tits when she released them and couldn't stop sucking on her large nipples. He fingered her pussy and she told me she was sopping wet as he lay her down and lapped at her pussy for all he was worth. I knew how much she loved being licked out so I knew how much she must have enjoyed it. At this stage in the story I had already come but remained hard.

They got into bed and she lowered herself down onto his cock (her favourite position). At this stage his mate knocked on the door and she was asked if he could join in. She thought about it and agreed. I knew this was a fantasy of hers and I was in ecstasy knowing that two men had been fucking ny beautiful woman all night.

She told me that her most vivid memory was when she was being licked out by one guy whilst the other was fucking her face.

She was also in heaven when they took it in turns to lick her arse, something that only I had done before (I came this point).

They fucked her in every hole for a few hours and it finished with one coming in her mouth and the other came up her arse.

She blew me as she recounted it and I was fucking shaking with sexual excitement. I still wank over it now, just knowing that my woman was used for the pleasure of two men in one sitting.

Again, another true story, hope it came across ok!