2 May 2017

A while back I added a story about a meeting which ended up being quite groundbreaking for us. It was titled #A Handful of Firsts~ if you'd like to search it. Well, I've managed to get Mrs to right her account. It's been a while so she's a bit hazy on some points but there's some bits that are clearly all still in her memory, lol.............

On occasions, I like to be a naughty girl and my husband arranges some extra cock for me to play with. My preference is for a polite older gentleman. I like it best when they are not having their needs satisfied as that adds an extra bit of excitement for me. Meetings usually consist of mutual playing and sucking, but once things went further and this is my story of that evening.

My husband arranged a meeting with an older gent in his home. He was not getting any sex at home as his wife was not able, perfect for me. Driving to his home thoughts of what may happen filled my head. Although nervous I could feel my pussy twitching and becoming wet at the thought of what lay ahead. When we arrived, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. From past experience, we have found that it is best not to get in to general conversation but to ensure the evening stays on track. Therefore, I released my large breasts from my black lacy underwear and walked back to the lounge. G was sitting on the couch talking to my husband and his eyes grew wide as I came closer to him. He exclaimed loudly regarding the size and I smiled invitingly and asked him if he would like to play with them. He didn’t need to voice his reaction to the question, he just stood up, took one breast in his hands and began to suck a nipple whilst squeezing the other breast. Seeing the joy on his face made my pussy start to get very wet and I lowered to sit down so he could concentrate on them both. I could feel his tongue lapping at my nipples and him sucking and teasing. He made sure he gave equal attention to both. I could see my husband smiling and taking pics, so I knew he was having a good time too.

I was enjoying having so much attention given to my breasts, but started to want more than that. I opened my legs so that G could have easy access to my now very wet pussy. He immediately put his hand between my legs and found my clitoris. He began to rub it, gently at first and then getting more intense, also pushing his fingers up inside me. I opened my legs as far as I could so he was able to have easy access to my shaved and wet pussy. I let out a deep breath as my enjoyment of having my clitty played with whilst hubby watched. G took that as a green light to go further. He got on his knees in front of me and I felt his head move towards me. His breath was on my thigh and my clitoris ached for the feeling of his tongue. He started with a soft lick which gave me tingles and I let him know it felt good. He was encouraged by this and continued to lick and push his tongue up inside me. My whole body was tingling and I was so turned on and I told him he was good at licking me. G also used his fingers and the sensation of being licked and finger fucked and seeing hubby watching was enough to bring me to orgasm quite quickly. I threw my head back and moaned as the intense waves took over my body and I lost myself in pure pleasure.

As my body calmed following the orgasm I realised I had yet to see cock. I asked G to get his cock out so I could begin to play. He requested that we move to the bedroom for a more comfortable experience. On getting to the bed G stripped off and lay on the bed, anticipating his reward for pleasures given. He had released a very impressive cock which was semi hard, just needing a bit of attention due to nerves. I took his cock in my hands and gently rubbed it, enjoying seeing the pleasure on his face. I lowered my head to his cock and teased the end of his cock with my tongue. I lightly traced my tongue down his cock to tease him. Then took his balls in my mouth and sucked and licked them, giving special attention to underneath his ball sack. Very soon his cock was stiff and was an impressive sight. It was both long and thick and was certainly more than a mouthful. G said he wanted to continue giving me pleasure also. I am not one to argue when pleasure is offered. I positioned myself so that I could suck on G’s cock whilst he could access my pussy. I continued to suck on his cock and he once again began to lick my ever-appreciative clit. I looked up at hubby and he was looking very horny at this point and taking lots of photo’s. I could see the bulge in his jeans and knew that meant fun later too. Turning him on makes me very happy and I sucked G’s cock with even more enthusiasm knowing he was enjoying it. I felt myself coming to another orgasm and had to stop sucking G whilst I let the feelings wash over me. G was very pleased that he was able to give me so much pleasure. I asked him to lay back and enjoy the attention for a bit. I wanked and sucked his enormous bulging cock for a bit. G said nerves were stopping him coming. Hubby decided to step out of the room to see if that would reduce nerves. This was the first time I had been in a room alone with another man and it felt weird, it was sexy, but weird. It did seem to help as he became extra hard in my mouth. From the doorway, I heard a voice say ‘why don’t you let G rub his cock on your clit? We had never gone that far before and I had a moment of shock, but very quickly that turned to excitement. G certainly seemed up for it and it seemed the right thing to do. G asked if he could do it from behind. I positioned myself on all fours on the bed and awaited the feeling of this huge cock rubbing my clit. G put his cock on my pussy and rubbed it on my clit. The feeling was intense and I looked at hubby and he gave a look of approval. I pushed back and G knew what that meant. He pushed forward and I felt his large cock fill my pussy and it hardened to its full size and strength immediately. G pushed hard and fast in to me and the size of his cock meant I could feel the shape of him inside me, pounding me from behind. This was obviously a favourite position for G as he grew in speed until his cock exploded inside of me, filling me with his hot cum. He pulled out of me and I felt cum dribbling down my thigh. I looked at hubby and he had a satisfied and lustful look on his face. I hastily dressed so that I could enjoy the pictures on the way home and hubby when we got there.