Written by pleasuremate69

29 Oct 2010

well after months of ifs, buts and maybes, this is how it all unfolds.

a thursday night, the grandparents agree to have the kids. the wife and i, decide upon a night out. often we have toyed with the idea of extra curriculare activity, and boy we have had some intense sex sessions with the idea! whispers during sex, suggestions during romantic moments, and the occsional name dropping during bouts of passion.

in my previous relationship before meeting my wife, sex was not taboo. it was anything goes. if the opportunity arose, then it was fully disclosed. got off on. and thoroughly enjoyed by us both. but with my wife things were different!

although several opportunities arose, from the lifestyle we led. boundaries were never crossed, although often fantisized about. until this day.

a night out with friends. an innocent excuse for a drink. in my mind an opportunity to push the boundaries.

the evening begins with a good night out. the drinks are flowing. we play pool, and have a laugh. we move on to another bar. totally innocent. i can feel my head starting to spin. our embraces become more intense. from a peck to a snog. to a cheeky feel. karaoke kicks off, a few songs are sung. its a good night.

after the bar closes we move on to another. our friends couple by couple go home. we stay out and are finally alone. proper loved up. kissing. groping, smooching as you do.a total innocence is upon us. although in my mind, i am going to take her home and have her for my self.

In the new bar, we bump into an old friend of ours. I personally in my single life have come across him and his wife in the post-club, wrecked situation. And had a really good time. A REAL good time.

We have a few drinks, all innocent. Last orders are called.

Nowhere to go, still in the mood. How about i few drinks back at ours i think?

We lose the rest of the group, and all that is left is my wife and i. And our very good friend.

Outside a taxi is hailed. The three of us get in and its back to ours to carry on the party!

When we arrive at our house we are all in good spirits. My wife goes through to the kitchen and sorts us all out a drink. I put on some chillout tunes. And the three of us sit down together in our lounge. After a short while chatting about the evenings events. Mainly discussing the young girls we have seen wearing outfits unsuitable for the time of year! The conversation starts to hot up.

Our friend says to my wife, i don’t know how some of the girls have the bottle. She replies that if it wasn’t for me, then she would wear more sexy clothes. I tell her that i have no problem with the way she dresses. She then says i am bullshitting. Not to be embarrassed and outdone. I suggest that she goes upstairs and puts on some clothes that she thinks i would disapprove of.

Me and my mate are sat alone downstairs and i quickly point out that i think she will bottle out. And come down wearing the same clothes she went up in.

A few minutes later the sound of footsteps are heard and my wife walks into the lounge. She is wearing a very, very short skirt and clearly visible beneath the skimpiest pair of panties i believe she owns. She is also wearing a small tight fitting top.

I can not fail to notice that under the top, she is not wearing a bra, and under the short skirt the panties she has put on leave very little to the imagination.

Very, very nice. And my mate and i are both transfixed.

She sits down on the sofa across from the two of us and asks what do we think?

Well, words cannot describe what i’m thinking. My wife is sat yards away from my mate and i wearing an outfit, that makes her look a complete slut. Deep down i am gutted, but the naughty side of my mind is racing.

She asks me what i think, duty bound and spell bound, i tell her i think she looks fit as. She asks our friend, who duty bound, and honestly says she looks a thousand time better than the other girls in the bar this evening.

I tell her that dressing like that shes a tease. To which she replies ‘a tease? You are joking? I love dressing like this.

A few uneasy moments pass, m y wife gets up and goes to the kitchen to get the drinks in.

When she comes back through, i notice straight away and too my shock, she has taken her panties off.

A total sense of trepidation, whilst at the same time arousal overcomes me.

She puts the 3 glasses down an d sits back down on the sofa.

Not knowing what to say, what to feel, or indeed what to think, i ask my mate what he thinks to my wifes outfit.

His look all.

Without a word from either of us or without any prompting, my wife then moves her legs slightly apart, showing us both her shaven pussy.

I have thought about this in my dreams many times, i have dreamt of this moment. But nothing could have prepared me for this reality.

Here i am sat on my sofa, with my mate, whilst my wife is flashing her pussy at us both.

I can feel my cock start to twitch in my jeans, i look at my mate and it is obvious he too is turned on.

My wife obviously senses this, and without hesitation proceeds to move her hand between her legs and starts to play with her pussy.

Slowly at first she gently rubs her pussy, before sliding her fore finger into her blatantly moist pussy.

I am well an truly mesmerised.

And then, she says, without embarrassment. ‘guys, you are not going to let me make a twat of myself are you? Show me your cocks!’

Almost instantaneously i look at my mate and he looks at me, as if asking for approval.

I suggest we had better do what she asks.

We both undo our jeans, my wife kneels on the floor and crawls towards us.

By the time we have got our jeans off she is between us kneeling on the floor.

I can not help but notice his cock is rock solid and a slight shimmer of pre cum is glistening on the tip.

My wife the perfect mother, the shy lover, then proceeds to take his cock in her hand. Quickly followed by mine. She then lowers her mouth and gently licks his cock, and then switches to mine.

She is then taken by the enormity of what is about to happen and says to my friend. ‘whatever happens tonight, stays in this room. Is that ok?’ to which he replies ‘yes’ obviously

She then starts to alternate his dick and then mine in her mouth.

She quickly removes her top, and his hands reach out to caress her breasts.

Then she stands up and removes her skirt, and is stood before us totally naked.

To be hones i could have just about cum there and then, but some how managed to withhold.

My wife has now totally disengaged herself from me and is giving my mate a real sensual blowjob.

I slowly start to wank my cock at this sight.

He reaches below her and starts to rub her pussy.

I am so aroused at the sight of my friend rubbing my wifes clit, slowly he slips a couple of fingers beneath her and into her pussy.

She continues to suck his cock, alternating beneath his cock and then his balls. Then further between his legs. She eagerly starts to lick his asshole. (something she has never done with me). She is sticking her tongue into his hole and licking all around his cock.

With her other hand she is fingering herself. Her wetness is clearly visible on her fingers.

This sight is too much for me and i cum all over my hand and stomach. As soon as she notices this, its like a green light, she turns and says to me, whilst sucking his cock ‘you are enjoying this aren’t you?’

Well what can i reply to that.

She then pulls him to the floor in front of me and he duly obliges. His cock is solid and a good 8”. She then kisses me passionately on the mouth and proceeds to lower herself onto his dick.

What an awesome feeling. My wife kissing me whilst taking my mates cock into her pussy. They both give out a gasp as they are obviously now fully engaged. She looks at me as she starts to grind herself against him.

He starts to pump back and she groans.

I kiss her and start to fondle her breasts. Her breath is quickening and i know she is close to climax already.

I stand up and position myself so my cock is next to her cheek. She turns and takes my dick in her mouth. She starts to suck me.

I can feel an erection start to grow within me. I look at her and ask if she is enjoying herself.

She doesn’t need to answer, her groans are enough to tell me.

My wife is cumming on another mans dick.

Her cumming is obviously too much for my mate and he grunts as he orgasms.

And now my wife is being filled with my mates spunk.

This is too much for me, i get behind my wife and start to caress her neck. She leans forward, and my hands caress her body, working their way down to her hips, and quickly to her arse.

I can feel her body jerking as she still rides his quickly shrinking cock.

As he falls clear of her pussy, i rub her. I can feel their juices on my hand, this arouses me. I slowly start to finger my wifes pussy, its dripping. Sodden. I rub the juices from her pussy, and start to finger her arsehole.

Slowly at first, i gently ease a finger into her arse. And then two. She leans forward on top of him, as if to give me the go ahead. I position myself behind her and rub my cock end against her bumhole. I push, slowly at first and then with a bit more force. My dick is sliding into her arse. And for once she is responsive. She starts to push back and soon i am a couple of inches inside her.

Gradually i am slipping into her, she pushes back with more vigour. She starts to kiss my friend with passion. This turns me on and i slip all my cock into her arse. She is loving this. She pushes back, i don’t need to thrust. She grinds herself back onto me.

Stop check i think, here i am, fucking my wife in the arse, whilst my mate is lied beneath her. Her pussy is full of his cum, i’m loving it!

He has obvioiusly gotten aroused by this, and i can feel his cock pushing against the shaft of mine.

He feels solid and within seconds his cock is inside her pussy again. I know, because i can feel him against me inside her.

It is a strange feeling when you are two up on a bird and you can feel another mans cock rubbing against yours, with only a thin piece of skin between you.

It is even stranger when that bit of skin belongs to your wife. And the other cock is your friends!

It was again too much for me too take and i shot my cum inside her arse, i stayed in her until my cock limpened, and then fell out. My mates cock was still hard inside her. She was really grunting now and i knew she was having the time of her life.

I started to drift off. To the sound of my wife asking my friend to fuck her harder.

Well that was 2 hours ago.

As i awoke, she was sucking his cock. I asked her if she was ok. She replied ‘hell yeah’. And as i type this i can hear him fucking her again.

Pissed off? No. Gutted?, slightly. Aroused? Hell yeah