Written by Jim & Jen

4 Nov 2017

Let me start by saying i am not gay , ok ive had a few penis envy moments watching porn , im a mans man and my wife says im a good husband in and out the bedroom , listening to what she wants in the bedroom , we laugh when we were first courting, i would ask was she a finger me or rub my clit girl , anyway my story is about sperm , spunk , cum call it what you want , like most guys i love a blow job , infact Jen wasnt so keen , she loved me lickinh her blit but wasnt keen returning the pleasure , then she started liking it , now oral is a big part of our sex life , anyway spunk i hear you all say , Jen likes to swallow infact she will show me my load before she swallows , one time after a full sesh she was sucking me off and i filled her mouth , i dont know why but before she swallowed i said kiss me and we shared a spunky kiss , infact we shared my salty load , it wasnt that bad , jen thought it was a massive turn on , infact she fingered herself infront of me , call me spunky lips , thinking it was a one off we were fucking and i come in her normally she would play with her clit afterwards but she said , lick me , knowing my spunk was in her, i licked her and got my cream , she said let me see your spunk on your tounge , she would finger herself and i would lick her fingers clean .

But i did think what would another mans spunk taste like , Jen is loving our new spunk fun ..... i am too , we are a pair of spunk sharers, what will happen next , ive hinted on anal and licking sperm from her arse hole , i will keep you posted