Written by Dave

10 Oct 2011

My wife and I just completed thirty years of being together, twenty five married and five going out before that.

We have during this time had some fantastic sexual experiences and because even in the early days we agreed that as we were both highly sexed we would take any opportunities to enjoy ourselves which came along without any hangups or jealousy etc.

I was 18 when we met and Janet was a couple of years older and a lot more sexually experienced than I was. She had the blonde hair, blue eyes and great figure which men always took a huge interest in. When we attended dances or parties she would get a load of attention mainly from men a lot older than her and she was I could see very flattered and turned on by this. I was kind of suprised at myself early on as even though I knew she was flirty I rather than get angry really enjoyed it.

The first time I had real evidence of Jan's liking for the men was during a party at a work colleague of hers. There was the usual boozing and dancing and I noticed that she had been very chatty with this one particular bloke all night. Anyway I was enjoying myself drinking and having a dance with some of the other birds myself and after a while noticed that I hadn't seen Jan for a while.

I had a look around with no luck then when I returned to the living room she was back stood on her own. I said where have you been and her reply was very vague and unclear which was not like her at all. Time came to leave and as I returned from getting our coats I noticed the man who had been with her before lean towards her and whisper something.

Anyway I was both intrigued and excited by the evening and when we got back to her parents house she immediately went upstairs and came back down with her night clothes on which was unusual as we usually had a bit of a wrestle as soon as we got back but tonight she said she was tired and wanted to get to bed. A thought crossed ny mind so I said I need a pee before I walk home so I went upstairs to the bathroom.

I saw that her undies which she wore tonight were on top of the laundry basket so I picked up her panties and stockings and had a look. The front of the lacy black panties were stained as were the shiny tops of her dark stockings. The thought of Jan and this guy having a quickie made my dick stand on end and I have to admit that I opened my pants and used the undies to add my own cum to the semen already in them from this other guy.

I didn't bring this up with Jan as I wanted this one in the vault for future reference for when I decided the time was right to suggest that we have some fun with other men etc.

The first time I actually watched her having sex came totally out of the blue and at the time unknown to her and happened only a couple of days after this episode.

I had just got back into town after a mornings meeting at a suppiler of my company's and decided as it was three o'clock to call it a day. I called Jan's office with the intention of arranging to go out for a drink after she finished work, anyway the receptionist said that Janet had left about half an hour ago as she was feeling unwell.

I drove around to her parents place as I knew thay would be out at work till much later so she might need me to go to the chemists for something. When I pulled up down the street as you could never get near her dads place I noticed a car pull up outside and Jan get out of the passenge side followed by the guy who I suspected of fucking her the other night.

My stomach turned over and my heart raced but with excitement not anger. I waited a few minutes that got out and headed towards the house. As I was always coming and going and had the run of the place her mum had given my the back door key ages ago so I used it to let myself in. There was no sign of them downstairs so I started up the stairs taking care to make no sound.

I could here quiet voices from Jan's room so I tiptoed over and stood so I could see through the crack in the door as it was not completely closed. He was a lot bigger bloke than Jan and was bending and saying something to her, I saw her nod and at that he moved his mouth close to hers and I saw her mouth meet his and saw her tongue come out just before they started to kiss.

His hands went behind her and found the zip on her dress which he slowly pulled down until it was fully undone and her dress fell to her ankles, she stepped out of it and was stood there in bra, panties, stockings, suspenders and shoes. His hands were moving all over her and he again went behind this time to unclip her bra strap. He pulled the bra away and her boobs fell free, his hands went to them and his fingers were stroking the stiff nipples, he said something to her then bent to suck her boobs.

Jan was panting like mad by now and had started to undo his shirt buttons and to kiss his chest and flat belly as her hands got lower. Once she had the shirt open her hands went to his trouser belt and pulled it open before unzipping him and pulling his pants and boxers completely down. She pulled his pants over his feet then stood up and got his shirt off so he was completely naked.

He grabbed her and they kissed some more before sitting down on the edge of the bed. He stroked her thighs while kissing her and then whispered something I couldn't make out in her ear. She took his swollen penis in her hand and after wanking it bent her head to suck the purple end. He held back her long blonde hair so he could watch her sucking while told her how good she was.

He took this for a while and I thought he was going come in her mouth but he lifted her head of his penis and pushed her back so she was laid down with her legs over the edge.

He stood over her and after stroking up her legs and over her stocking tops and bare thighs he reached the waistband of her tiny panties and began to ease them down her legs till they were removed completely. His right hand ran back up between her parted legs to touch her pussy, she cried out with pleasure and pulled her knees up to her chest and held them there so her pussy lips which were pink and swollen were open to him.

Again his hand came out to touch her and his fingertips gently stroked her clitty until she could stand it no more and told him to fuck her. He moved towards her and she reached out to hold his penis and guide him in. She was so wet and he was so erect that his dick went straight in and the sight of my girlfriend laying there wearing only the dark stockings and suspenders being pleasured by this older guy was so amazing.

They were both so aroused and oblivious to anything else that I think I could have blown a bugle and they wuoldn't have noticed.

It was only a short time before I could here Jan starting to come and the guy grunted before I guess shooting nhis load inside her.

I made my escape while the going was still good, and looked forwards to much more of the same in the future.

I never brought this up with Jan until we were married and comfortable with discussing stuff like this as I had no intention of scaring her away or putting her off repeat performances in the future.