Written by Dave

13 Dec 2013

Like countless other men on here, I've longed for my wife to be fucked by someone else. It is a regular bedroom fantasy but she has always said that's where it stays. There has been a little progress however. Occasionally her work colleagues go out for a drink or meal together as was the case last week. The restaurant had a small dance area and she said she danced a couple of times with this Steve and his hands wandered slightly but nothing too amiss.

One thing I have always persuaded her to do is wear sexy underwear which she has no problem with at all. She even wears stockings and suspenders to work and thankfully doesn't even own any tights.

She said that during the first dance his hand had slid down from her hips and he had definately felt her suspenders, whether by accident or not she didn't know. During the second dance he had actually moved his hand along her thigh through the thin dress and stroked her arse too. She said that probably due to her drinking a bit more than normal she didn't raise any objection.

Shortly afterwards they went outside as they were the only two smokers. It was fairly dark in the garden area and when they were standing against the wall, he kissed her and started to slide his hand inside the hem of her dress.

It was it seems at this stage she had to make a decision to either stop it or carry on. She said she felt she had led him on somewhat due to the drink so let him get his hand inside her black panties whereupon he started to finger her.

She was concerned now that he would want to fuck her and she wasn't ready for that. So to stop him from going down that route, she took out his cock and gave him a wank. She did hold him away from her so his spunk didn't go over her dress but she said it went all up her arm and she thought he would never stop pumping there was so much of it.

Going back into the restaurant was a bit nerve-wracking as she had to head straight for the ladies to wash all the spunk from her hands and arms. Fortunately the toilet was empty.

Remarkably none of her work-mates made any comments about them going outside but it was near the end of the evening and they assumed it was just for a smoke.

The problem now is she doesn't want to go any further and was a one-off due to the drinking and dancing. He has naturally said he would like a repeat performance and to take things further. This of course is what I'd like too.