15 Jun 2015

This is the second part in a true story. As I wrote before. It is set a few years ago. It’s a story telling how shy wife started coming out of her shell and how I found out that I liked seeing men admiring my wife.

It was the next morning and I woke to Jane returning to the bedroom with a cup of tea and informing me that it was another fine cloudless day. She then said that she’d like to spend another day beaching it.

I asked her where she’d like to go; “The same place as yesterday as it was nice and quiet.” She then disappeared into the bathroom for a shower. On her return she was wrapped in a towel with another on her head that made her look as though she was foot taller than she was. She went about getting ready for the beach. She went to the wardrobe and got out a lose fitting white vest top and dropped the towel and put the top on. I thought to myself that things where looking up as there was no sign of her bikini top, next she got out a white mini skirt that she normally wasn’t keen on wearing due to her dislike of showing panty lines and it also had a habit of flaring up on breezy days. She was just stepping into her skirt when the phone rang, she then started to curse quickly pulled the skirt up and ran through to the lounge to get the phone. About 10 minutes later she returned informed me it was her sister who’s called with some gossip she then started packing the bag and telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed, as she was almost ready.

I quickly showered, dressed in shorts and t shirt, grabbed my sun glasses, and told Jane I was ready.

After the short drive to the parking area we started the walk through the dunes towards the beach. Jane was just ahead of me and as she reach the top of one of the dunes she stopped was standing there looking at the view while waiting for me to catch up I looked up with perfect timing to see a slight breeze blow her skirt up a little giving me a lovely few of her bum minus her bikini bottoms!

I decided I’d keep the fact that the skirt was misbehaving to myself as I’m sure she would have become conscious about it and put her bottoms on.

I spent the rest of the walk through the dunes watching her skirt in the hope of a repeat and also I discovered on closer inspection I could make out that she had nothing on under it and at times when the sun shone on it the skirt became almost transparent.

From that moment on it became my favourite skirt she had. Once we got to the beach my letching had to end as Jane would sus something was strange if continued to walk behind her on a big wide-open beach.

We started the long walk towards the other end of the beach. Looking off into the distance Jane said that it seemed a little busier than yesterday. With her saying this I was surprised when she continued walking when we reached our spot from the previous day. Again, I didn’t say anything just to see how brave she was feeling.

I was in luck; we continued walking right to the end of the beach to a cliff. She then pointed out a spot and she got out and placed the towels she then looked in the bag and after a bit of searching around she started to call her sister names, I asked her what was up and Jane said that her sister had side tracked her with the phone call and she had forgotten to pack the bikini. I then faking my ignorance of her lack of underwear suggested she just go topless with just her knickers on. She then said she couldn’t as she thought she’d go commando again as she enjoyed the feeling last night, she also stated that I would have to get use to it because she planed on doing it more often. I thought to myself “This day is getting better and better” Jane stood there looking around for a few moments then said “ To hell with it, I’d be the odd one out if I wore my bikini anyway” then said “You’ll have do the same as I’m not going to be the only one with my bits out!” then she whipped her top off and then sat down and managed to remove her skirt and keep her modesty at the same time she then rolled over onto her front and looked at me and said “Well? Come on, kit off!”

I promptly took my shirt and like her sat down and took my shorts off as ordered but unlike her I remained on my back. Jane said “Your braver than I am” I asked her what she meant. She said “it looks like we’re the only ones who have bothered to try and do a little grooming and I think people would stare if they saw that I was shaven” I must admit the feeling on being nude was different from the previous day as now I could feel the breeze around my cock. Very strange.

Even though the beach was busier there was still loads of room and the closest couple was a good 50yrds away. And most of the people there were older couples or men hoping to get a look so I was a little miffed at not having any eye candy but on a plus side we was left alone and Jane had a chance to get accustomed to being nude again.

20 minutes pasted and I was having a snooze when I heard voices and I also heard Jane say “No that’s fine” With my eyes still shut I asked who she was talking too and she told me that a couple of ladies had asked if we minded if the set up near us as they found this spot the best for stopping the men from constantly walking past. I opened my eye and saw two women about our age setting up about 20 feet from us. Jane got chatting with them about the weather and normal girly chat and while the was chatting I was able to watch as the two women was setting up (whoever invented sunglasses I think deserves a medal for enabling red blooded males to watch females without getting found out)

Once their towels where places they started to remove their clothes, I was pleased to see they had very skimpy bikinis on I was even happier when the both removed their tops and sat down.

After a few minutes of rubbing sun cream in the lady closest to Jane leaned back and after squirting some cream on her tummy just below her belly button she untied the strings to her bottoms and pulled them off revealing the second shaven pussy I’d seen that day. Jane turned to me a said “That lady’s shaven too, so I feel better now I’m not the only one shaven here” and on that Jane rolled over and then went back to chatting. After a while I suggested to Jane we take a dip as I needed to cool off as the sun was very hot (the real reason was I didn’t want the get a stiffy as there was no way you could hide it)

Jane thought this was a good idea and off we went for a paddle. Down by the water took the same format of the previous day with a deserted beach when we got there but full of onlookers within a few moments, however this time it didn’t seem to bother her, she even went as far as exchanging a hello with this one man that walked past. I wasn’t surprised when the man made a point of stopping to chat. I could tell even though he had sunglasses on he was looking at Jane’s shaven pussy. Ether Jane wasn’t aware or she wasn’t bothered and continued to chat as if we was fully clothed. After a few minutes we made our way back to our towels and I said that she was brave and her reply was that she was almost enjoying the attention she was getting. If you told me 24 hours ago that my wife would be standing nude on a beach talking about the weather to a naked man I would have said that there was no way this would have happened.

On getting back to our towels I noticed that the second lady had also removed her bottoms and was also shaved. Jane said hello to the girls and the one closest sat up and chatted as we dried ourselves and I noticed that she spent a lot of the time as she was chatting looking at my cock. Now I’ll not say my cock is 12” long but Jane says it’s on the large side at about 9” not that is was that on the beach. When soft I’m about 5” but I have heard that if you shave it looks bigger after a few minutes I saw Jane notice the woman looking and when she realised that Jane had seen her looking she apologized, Jane said it wasn’t a problem and did she like her handy work and went on to explain about why we was both shaved. The lady then said she has always shaved and disliked hairy men and did like her work and thought I was every impressive. Jane replied by saying that “It keeps a smile on my face” the lady then said “I bet” they both laughed. Then as women do they changed the subject and started yakkin about all sorts.

So I decided to go back to our towels and admire these naked beauties from afar.

After about 15 minutes Jane returned and said sorry for embarrassing me. I told her it wasn’t a problem as it was a nice ego boost. I then asked as to why the second lady hadn’t spoken and was told that she did start talking after I’d left and apparently she was very self conscious. I then reminded Jane that she was just the same 24 hours ago; she replied by saying “What way would you want me to be, as I was or as I am?” “Stupid question.” I said.

An hour or two later Jane suggested we go home and we started packing I was surprised to see Jane put her skirt and top in the top of the bag. She then turned to her new friends and said, “See you next week then?” and we started walking back across the beach. I asked Jane if she’d forgotten to dress and she replied by saying she was going to dress once we got to the path through the dunes. I thought to myself “What a week end, Jane has gone from a shy woman to one that is walking the best part of a mile across a beach nude without a care in the world”

That evening it was again decided we should go out. On Jane exiting the bedroom I was presently surprised with her choice of clothes. She had a black backless halter top dress that came to about 5” above the knee which is the shortest she has and had a plunging neckline that went down to just above her belly button. Again the dress was one that she liked when it was on the coat hanger but she’d never been brave enough to wear it due to it being backless it wasn’t an option to wear a bra and it was a little lose on the front and she thought there was a risk of showing her boobs.

She asked what I thought. And I said that I loved it. She said it was a perfect dress for showing of her tan. As we walked in to the pub loads of heads turned. We made our way to the bar where Jane found a stool and we got chatting to loads of people. After a while I ended up moving down the bar to talk to some friends after about 30 minutes I looked across the bar to see how Jane was doing and could see there was the chap spending a lot of time talking to her so I thought I’d make my way back to see if she needed a drink or rescuing I got part way when I bumped into this lad, he apologised for not looking where he was going and said he was distracted by all of the eye candy here. I agreed with him and started chatting with him about the lovely ladies. After pointing out a few ladies he though nice he said that the best one in the pub was sitting at the bar with her b/f . I asked him why and who he was talking about he pointed to Jane and said “Her, she has this dress on that when she leans forward to talk to her b/f you can see her nipple and, she moved around on her stool a while ago and she opened her legs and I saw she hasn’t got knickers on, and she’s fucking shaven!” I started to laugh and he said “No no mate, it’s true, I’m not making it up” I then reassured him that I believed him, it was just that wasn’t her b/f. He then asked if I knew her to which I said, “Yes, she’s my wife” The look on his face was a picture, he almost choked on his drink and he couldn’t say sorry fast enough. I told him it wasn’t a problem and said that I’d better get back to her.

I was still smiling to myself when I got back to Jane, she asked what was so funny. And when I told her. She then surprised me as unlike the night before she wasn’t embarrassed at flashing her pussy she smiled and said, “If he was at the beach earlier he would have had a better look.” She then asked me if I minded if men saw her bits and I said “No I loved it.”

After a while we decided to go home and as we left the pub we walked past the chap that I spoke to earlier and Jane looked at him and said “See you again” I then called her a mean cow and we left.

I hope you liked these true accounts.

I have other true stories if you would care to read them?

However no more featuring Jane as we have since parted However, I think you might find them of interest