Written by Damian

21 Jan 2016

We had lived together for 2 years and married a year when my wife said she knew a guy and wants to spice up our sex life and have a 3some. I was a bit stunned but thought why not. I had never thought about it really but figured it would be cool so hey why not.

The guy came over, we talked a bit and then the 3 of us got into it. It was great shit, really good.

She sort of took control and we did some amazing stuff.

He came over some more times and then she said he was calling when I had other things on. That was good to. When I got home he may be there or gone but we would fuck.

She then started to call on him on her way home from work and they would fuck at his place.

It was when this happened that I asked her if we were still right and she told me that she had been fucking with him before she told me about wanting to include him.

I was a bit fucked for a while but we carried on. She said she still wanted me as her husband and lover but wanted him also.

I couldn’t complain. I got heaps, never knocked back. He still came over and he and I were quite friendly. He would often stay the whole weekend.

I admit it was always good to watch him fuck her. I saw it so many times.

Like if he left to go home Sunday afternoon. I watched him a few times fuck her just inside the front door against the hall wall. Her legs wrapped around him as he pounded her. When he finished he just let her slide down the wall to the floor and she would sit there with his cum running out of her. I couldn’t help myself then and would help her into the lounge and then I would fuck her. She realised early on that I liked that and she played that sort of thing many times.

But things change and he moved away. He went straight into a relationship despite all the promises he made about keeping in touch.

That’s a few years ago and she hasn’t wanted to do it with anyone else. We have had 2 kids now so maybe she will want more when things settle down.

I would do it again in a flash. I didn’t know what I was getting into when it started but it never hurt us.