Written by Qualitytime

24 Mar 2009

Whilst I am straight, I have always had a lingering curiosity about what it would be like to give another guy a blow job. I think most guys have wondered about this, few ever do anything about it.

The opportunity came my way about 12 years ago as the perfect scenario just fell into place. A friend from university had this way of saying things that made you wonder whether he had really thought about what he had just siad or was he just a little naieve? Whilst in a group, he enquired \"I wonder what it would be like to give a blow job?\" There was a lot of splutterings into pints over what he had just asked but it did flicker a little light in my mind. He strongly denied that he was in any way interested in finding out, yet I wondered. Was there an opportunity there?

It went to the back of my mind for a while until our graduation ball. At the hotel, there was a leisure club with a pool etc. I was sitting in the jacuzzi when he arrived. Oh my. He was wearing a pair of red speedo style trunks that were struggling to contain his flacid dick. It left nothing to the imagination. I immediately recalled what he had said previously and thought \"interesting!\"

Several years went by and we both worked down south and he returned north before I did. One night in the pub I went to the toilet and he was there taking a slash. I did likewise and noticed that his gaze was fixed on my peeing dick. He finished, zipped up and still he watched me. \"Very interesting\" I thought.

A few months later we met up for lunch and after a few refreshments he happily divulged how he had a spent New Year fucking this wild girl who \"just wouldn\'t let me stop. My dick was raw.\" He continued to divulge info about a former girlfriend and her blowjobs so I thought this could be the opportunity to see if he is really interested or not. And the prize was to see his dick in all its hard glory.

I engineered the talk to center around \"would you do it\" and the result was we both tentatively said we would in the right circumstances. Would we do it with each other?

\"Yes\" was the answer. I asked him to phone me if he was really interested (not just the beer talking) and about four days later the phone rang and nervously we arranged to get together a week later to satisfy our curiosity for cock.

After the call, I had an amazing wank fantasising about sucking my first dick, not just any. This was my friend I was going to meet, get naked and indulge in some quite different fun.

My thoughts kept going back to the image in my head of those red speedo trunks and that unbelievable amount of cock. A cock that I was going to have a serious amount of curiosity busting fun with.

And I did. No fucking, we were not interested in that, but everything else was tried. I will tell you about it soon.