22 Dec 2015

OK for my age - 67.

This story came about because Nikki (Nikita 101) wanted to put her story out for others to enjoy. She’s not ashamed of anything she has done and wants more women to have the same freedom to fuck that she has.

Nikki has always loved being fucked and has never made any secret of the fact that she wants to fuck other men. Sometimes I’ve been too jealous and that’s why we’ve split up so often. She agreed long ago that I could fuck other women, so I don’t feel as jealous aanymore. Over the years we’ve been to a few swingers’ clubs and Nikki is in her element. She has no inhibitions and is totally outrageous. So we agreed that she could wank, suck and fuck clients two days a week at her massage parlour. I also get to fuck the girls, who have worked for her over the years. Currently 2 gorgeous 25 year olds, a stunning Russian girl and a delicate, petite Asian girl. She earns a fortune from her “massage” business. Socially though we decided to join the swinger society. That way there would be less jealousy.

About 3 years ago we found out that our new neighbours were swingers. We were delighted when one weekend they asked us to go to a party at their friend’s house. We had a few evenings of same room sex with them and felt comfortable to swap and fuck in that situation. At the party N had a great sexscapade and made quite an impression with her blow job on one bloke and being fucked in front of everyone. Carl and Alice our neighbours had told us that the dress code would be underwear or nothing. Before leaving for the party they invited us into their house for a drink of two before we set off in their car to the party. Nikki decided that she was only going to wear a small G-string under her coat. I just wore a pair of boxer shorts. Our two children, Ben (15) and Polly (14) were old enough to be left at home and we ordered them a pizza and cola. Carl and Alice have no children so it was safer to go to their house. They were both naked. Carl was completely shaven around his prick and balls. His prick was about 5 inches hanging between his legs. Alice just had a small thin strip of hair above her pussy. Both were well tanned. They explained how they got into swinging. They were working at a posh hotel during their time at college. One weekend there was a “Sex Fair” and they volunteered to work the whole weekend. They were offered a lot of money to fuck each other in one of the suites. Then Alice was asked to have a three-sum with two guys and Carl was invited to take part in a gangbang.

From then on they were invited to more parties and Alice was always paid to attend, but Carl was never paid, but he still went. The rules at the party we were going to were basically anything went if you agreed to it and “no” meant “no”. It was strange standing around with your naked neighbours drinking and discussing sex. We were starting to feel horny and N sucked Carl off as Alice wanked me off. Carl pointed out that Alice was no stranger to getting naked and wanking blokes. She even enjoyed being fucked in front of strangers and by strangers. Alice told me how many men the previous weekend had actually fingered her pussy at the party. Over 12. Carl reckoned only about six blokes had a good feel of her tits and pussy. I think Alice probably knew better. She’d shown everybody her cock sucking skills and was fucked in front of everybody, both cunt and arse. I was now turned on as was Carl. We had some liquid “Viagra” and had a couple of drinks of vodka and coke. I could see Nikki was getting excited as her nipples were swollen and her cunt lips werevery pink and swollen. We bundled into their car. Nikki sat in the front as Carl drove and I sat in the back with Alice. As soon as we started off on the 20 minute drive, Alice opened my coat and pulled my shorts down and played with my semi-hard prick. I played with her tits as she wanked me with slow strokes. I could see that Nikki was wanking Carl’s erect prick. We arrived at the house, waiting for a while to enjoy the car sex for several more minutes. We were all ready to explode. The house was secluded and up a long dark drive. Very posh.

We decided to leave our coats in the car and still quite aroused, went into the house with Carl and Alice. We were introduced to our naked hosts Pete and Sally. Sally was a cracker with a great body for a 50 year old. She had enhanced 44D boobs, long slender legs and a small butterfly tattooed on her shaven pussy. My prick popped out of my boxer shorts as it became fully stiff, just looking at Sally. Sally grabbed my prick, handling it expertly and pulled me into the lounge. There she slowly wanked me off, squeezing my cock hard to stop me from coming. There were about ten other couples and a couple of single blokes. Most men were naked or just wearing pants. A couple of women had see-thru baby dolls on or open crutch panties, lots of tits to see. Sally introduced me to a couple and made sure I had a drink. Most of the men had erections or semis. Peter took N off to talk to a bloke, who, from the huge erection he had, obviously wanted a fuck and whose wife obviously wanted to fuck Nikki. They were both feeling her up as they talked. I mingled, made polite chat with people, had a couple of tit squeezes and had my cock stroked a few times. I made sure I had plenty of Dutch courage. I was wondering when the sex would start and how. I did notice one couple go to the corner of the room and she knelt down and gave him a blow job, stopping just short of a cum. As I walked around I made sure I spoke to as many naked females as possible. I noticed N was now standing talking to another couple. N was wanking his thick cock. I joined them. N introduced me to them, Clare and Joe. They both commented on Alice’s show at the last party. I could see that Alice was sucking a couple of cocks off near the open log fire and Carl was fingering a beautiful Spanish-looking woman. We chatted for a couple of minutes, then Clare took hold of my prick and played with it, making little butterfly movements up and down my hard shaft. I took hold of her right tit and played with her nipple. She moved her legs further apart and took my hand from her tit and placed it on her smooth pussy. I ran my finger up her wet slit and found her clit and gently rubbed it as we talked. N knelt down and gave Joe a fantastic blowjob, taking his full load in her mouth. Then the lights dimmed and the music became more upbeat. I looked and saw that everyone was moving around the room and forming a circle. Once the circle was formed, Sally went into the centre and I saw Pete come down the stairs with a naked black bloke. Pete led the naked black bloke into the centre and then he too joined the circle. The black bloke, Tony, stood in front of Sally, who got on her knees and took hold of his large soft prick. It must have been 8 inches long. Sally took it in her hands and started to lick it, taking her time with his bulbous knob-end. She gently kissed it and played with his balls until he became erect. His prick was about a foot long sticking out from his slender, toned body. I was standing next to Clare who said to me “That is one fucking big prick” as she squeezed my bum cheek with one hand and started to wank my prick with her other hand. I looked at N who was now standing slightly in front of Pete with her legs apart. It looked as if he was fingering her from behind. Joe was on her other side playing with one of her tits.

Sally was now on her back and the Tony was kneeling between her legs as he slowly slid his large throbbing prick into her pussy. He started with long slow strokes as he fucked her and gradually speeded up, making her moan and groan with delight. Everybody was watching and feeling someone up. Tony fucked her hard for about 10 minutes, when she tapped him on the arm. He pulled out of her and she got on all fours. He then fucked her doggy style. Her big tits were swaying all over the place as he slammed in and out of her pussy. He was ramming his prick fully into her pussy as hard as he could. She was moaning with delight. Carl then knelt in front of her and she took his glistening cock into her mouth. It was a great spit roasting. Carl came in her mouth as she moaned that she was coming. Her body shook as she came. Tony pulled out and stood up. His glistening prick stuck out in front of him. Clare let go of me and went over to Tony. She signalled for N to join her. N went over and both knelt in front of him and sucked his wet, throbbing cock. Alice came over to me and asked if I enjoyed the show to start things off. I told her I did and turned her, so she was bending forward with her back to me. I rammed my cock into her and watched the action in the room at the same time. I looked over and saw that N was on all fours as Tony was just about to slip his prick into her pussy. As his cock ploughed deep into her cunt she gave a shrill of delight. He then pushed his prick balls-deep right into her cunt and I saw her smile as he started to fuck her. This brought me to orgasm and Alice, quickly turning round, took my full load in her mouth. Normally the rule was come in a condom, but Alice chose mouth especially for me. She told me she wanted to fuck me more often at home and N had said it would be OK. Alice then went to suck off another guy. I went to watch more closely as Tony eased his black cock out about 7 or 8 inches and then pushed it all back into N’s pussy. She was taking all 12 inches of black cock up her cunt. He fucked her for 10 minutes, making her come again and then pulled out. Another bloke took his place and fucked N. He also had staying power. Sally and Pete took Tony into a room next to the lounge and shut the door. I was enjoying watching N being thoroughly fucked when Clare took hold of my cock and guided me to an armchair in the corner. She sat down and spread her legs. I knew what she wanted. I got in between her legs and licked out her pussy. I found her swollen clit and licked away at it while I finger fucked her. She came in a couple of minutes. I lay on the floor as she straddled me and rode my prick. I was holding on to her firm thighs as she was riding my prick with her tits jiggling about. Carl asked to join us and fucked her up the arse, producing a big cum from Clare. I looked over and saw a group of people watching Joe, who was now fucking N, as she sucked the cock of another guy kneeling in front of her. He came in her mouth and as he moved away N looked over at me and I saw spunk dribbling out of her mouth. Joe was about to come and pulled out of N, shooting his load over her arse. She stood up and came over to me. N opened her mouth to show me the spunk inside it and then swallowed every last drop. After taking a large drink of vodka and coke, she kissed me on the lips and we tongued each other. She tasted of salty vodka and sex. I was still fucking Clare who was close to cuming, I felt her cunt tighten around my prick as I came inside her and N tickled her clit. She squirted a small come, making her nervously giggle. Her husband never made her squirt, she told us quietly. I wasn’t wearing a condom, so N knelt down and licked my spunk from Clare’s cunt. Some couples had gone upstairs and were using the four bedrooms to fuck in. It seemed that the condom rule was being ignored and so many women were licking out spunk filled cunts.

Joe, Clare, N and myself could hear Sally, as she was being fucked in a side room. Pete came out and left the door open. We all looked in and saw Sally tied face down over a table. Her legs were tied to two of the table legs, spread really wide. Her hands and arms tied to the other table legs. Her pussy was at waist height and she was being fucked by Tony, the black bloke. We watched as he fucked her bringing on two orgasms. He pulled out and moved away. Pete came back and turned the light up and we could see spunk dribbling out of Sally’s pussy. Pete then told us that Sally had been a bad girl and everyone was to fuck her, without condoms. Joe stepped up and proceeded to fuck her as he slapped her arse. Pete then went off with Clare and N. I took over from Joe and fucked Sally. In all, after me, six more blokes fucked Sally as she was tied to the table. Her cunt was filled to the brim with spunk. N returned after being fucked by Pete, who had a cane, with which he gently spanked Sally, as N sucked him hard again. P caned S a bit harder leaving red marks on her arse cheeks. Tony returned, still with an erect prick. Pete told Sally she was really going to be punished. Tony stood behind Sally as Pete put some KY jelly around her arse hole. Tony eased his thick black prick into her arse and fucked her. Each time he pushed a bit more of his prick in until she had taken it all up her arse. At first she was moaning with delight but now, as he rammed it into her arse with his full length, it was getting painful and she was crying with pain. As she was being fucked, Pete struck her with the cane. She finally squealed as the big black prick up her exploded as Tony filled her arse with spunk. He pulled out and his spunk gushed out of Sally’s arse. N went over to Tony and knelt in front of him and wiped his cock clean with vodka, then licked his giant prick clean of spunk. I took hold of N and Tony and lead them both upstairs and found an empty bedroom. His prick was still hard and I watched him for the next 20 minutes fuck N to three massive orgasms as she sucked my prick.

It was a great party and a first time swing for us. N has never had a black cock before. Tony sais he could bring a few other black guys to our house, because N had asked for a gang-bang for her birthday in two weeks time. We decided to host a swinger’s party and N wanted to do a gang-bang with a group of 5 or 6 black guys, with everyone watching. N asked if she could have that as her birthday party treat and then have Tony, the black guy, for the rest of the night all to herself. I agreed as long as two of her girls from work, Elle and Jade, could stay over and fuck me.

We were invited to Carl and Alice’s house for another party two weeks after N’s birthday. It’s going to be a black and white party and there would be around five black girls as well. I’d never fucked a black girl, so I looked forward to that.