Written by joeblogg12

5 Dec 2010

so there i was in the garage and my wife had just been fucked in every hole by 4 young cocks i could here movement in the kitchen so i made aloud noise and went through the door and i saw kerry standing in her dressing gown which is quite short i said hi not dressed yet no had alazy day so far mmmm i said how about a bit of fun then with that i shott my hand up between her legs and she was dripping i pulled my hand out and sniffed i said thats cum she looked at me i said who,s is it and she said the lad from over the road om sorry but i just couldnt resist bitch i said get down and do my cock now she duly went down and sucked for all she was worth and i also made her tell me what she did but she,didnt mention the other 3 guys needles to say i fucked her silly while calling her filthy names and asking would she do it again which made me shoot cum and let it mingle in with the rest

a week passed and again i came home early and i left the car round the corner walked in through the garage and i could her the radio playing and i peeked throught the door and saw kerry with her gown on washing up so i went back out and knocked on andys door and asked if he could help out with some thing at home sure he said i went back home and walked in and kerry said your home early i said yes i have some thing i have to do at home oh whats that she said i said i want to watch you bieng fucked just like you did the other day just then the door went and i said get it she went and opened the door it was andy hello kerry tony asked me to pop over and help him with some thing i heard her say oh ok youd better come in we stood inthe kitchen and kerry stood by the table i said to andy tea mate please he said kerry make some tea please here andy ill show you what i need help with and we went into the garden kerry looking a little puzzled with that i went back in doors and said to kerry leave that and go and get dressed still she looked puzzled so of she went i know she would be in the shower for a while so went upstairs and set up the camera in the bedroom so she couldnt see it and i took of my shorts and started wanking then in she came with her black lace knickers on i said i want to fuck you now she said but andys down stairs i said he,s busy in the garden come on and with that i started playing with her cunt and it was getting very wet i said fuck your horny i bet its becouse andy is downstairs and youd like his cock too she started getting wetter and said ivce never had 2 cocks be4 i thought lying cow i started fucking her and i said get on your knees and pushed her head into the pillow and then said right slut your gonna get the fuck of a life time and with that the door opened and in came andy and 6 of his mates i said she,s all yours boys treat her like a slut and moved out of the way kerry looked up andsaid tony what are you doing i said watching you take cock slut like you did the other week you knew she said yes i saw all now boys go for it with that andy said me first boys and out flopped his huge cock and it went staight in kerrys mouth and then there was cocks out and hands groping her all over to be continues