Written by M

3 Jun 2009

I have posted on here various times, all of which are true events. My wife and I are not hardened swingers in the sense. We don't advertise for people, we live a normal life and see what genuine opportunities present themselves. We find this much more of a turn on. R is 30 and I am 33. This all started around 2 years ago when my wife R, fucked a bloke in a hotel in Leeds on our Wedding Anniversary. This was a dare from me but has opened up a new exciting way of life for us. R has fucked 17 blokes over the last 2 yrs. I haven't posted for a while as nothing has happened until recently.

I have quite a stressful and demanding job which which sometimes leaves us little time to relax. Due to a quiet spell at work I decided to take some time off and we agreed to go away for a few days. We booked a Villa at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest. We were staying Monday to Friday. This is something we do regular as we can relax away from the busy city of Leeds. We enjoy going there as we can swim and R loves the pamper sessions at Aqua-Sana. On arrival we checked in and drove to our villa. We parked up and unloaded the car, once all our bags were inside I went to return the car to the main car park while R sorted our children out. We have 2 young children. On my return R was sat out on the patio in the sun talking to a young couple. R introduced me to Emma and Paul. They were a couple in their late 30's. Turned out they were staying in the villa next door. They had a 2 month old baby girl with them. We chatted for a while and we got on quite well. We decided we better go in and get ready as we had a table booked at a restaurant and needed to get ready. We went out for a family meal and had a nice evening. Our 2 children had fallen asleep in their buggies so we headed back to the villa. When we arrived Emma and Paul were sat outside chatting. They asked us to join them for a drink. We put our children to bed and joined them outside on the patio. We drank quite a lot and spent all evening chatting, we got on really well and we all had a laugh.

This seemed to happen most of the week, we would go out on our own for a meal. Whichever couple were back first would open a bottle and invite the other couple round for drinks. Was really nice because we could relax and the children were sound asleep in bed at a reasonable time. We spent alot of time together and had even met up for lunch on the odd occasion during our holiday. We had become good friends. All too soon the last night arrived. We decided to have a big night and finish off the food and alcohol as we didn't want to take it home with us. We agreed to invite Emma and Paul round for a bite to eat and a few drinks rather than go out. I went round and knocked on their villa door. Paul took a while to answer and came to the door in just his boxers. I apologised for disturbing him and invited them around. He cleared it with Emma and he said they would be round about 7. I returned to our villa and we prepared the food. Once everything was sorted we had a shower, got ourselves ready and the children ready for bed.

Around 7 Emma and Paul arrived, they both looked nice and we went to sit outside on the patio. Their baby was in her pram. Our 2 were very tired due to the swimming and general holiday activity so we put them to bed. We opened a bottle of wine. Was really nice chatting and laughing with this couple, children asleep and we were all soon very relaxed. We ate and drank, even Emma had let her hair down a bit more and drank quite a bit. I started thinking about a full swap we had with some friends a while back and wondered if it was going to be a possibility. I got a little aroused at the thought of it. We had been drinking quite a while and I was wondering where the evening might go. I was definitely attracted to Emma.

Before long it was clear, Emma hadn't drunk properly for months due to her having a baby. She decided she had had enough and wanted to go home. She was quite drunk and just wanted her bed. Paul stood up ready to leave with her, Emma insisted he stay if he wanted to as it was his holiday too. He agreed to go back with her to put the baby to bed and he would return shortly. They left.

R surprised me by saying it was a shame. I quizzed her, turns out she was thinking the same thoughts as me. She admitted she found Paul attractive and would have liked to have played. I was so turned on hearing her say this. After a quick think I informed her just because Emma had gone didn't mean she had to miss out. R smiled at me and said ok. R disappeared into our bedroom. She came out a short time later. She had touched up her make up. She had taken off her clothes. She only had on a short Black Nightie and Black thong. She kissed me and went back outside and sat down.

A short time later Paul knocked on our door. I went and let him in. He told me that both Emma and the baby were sound asleep. I poured him a drink and we went outside. He sat down and we started talking. After a few more drinks the talk turned to sex, Paul laughed and asked what sex was. I told him I didn't believe him as he was undressed when I called earier to invite them round. He told me he had been in shower and had not had sex in 6 months. Emma wasn't keen towards the end of her pregnancy and not surprisingly she had not wanted it since the birth. R told him it was a shame and she smiled at him.

She stood up and walked over to him, she Lent forward over him. Her breasts were almost falling out of her Nightie. She kissed him fully on the lips, he was shocked to the core and was very hesitant at kissing her back. She continued to kiss him and then she took his hand and guided it between her legs. He became turned on very quickly and he was now kissing her and rubbing her fanny. She stood up and walked inside the dimly lit villa. She had her back to us and she removed her straps from her shoulders. She let her Nightie drop to the floor. She stood there in just her thong. Paul looked at me and I gave him the green light. We followed her in, she was sat on the corner sofa in her thong. Paul quickly went over to her. He dropped to his knees and they started kissing. R started removing his clothes, soon he was naked and R was wanking him off. He was knelt between her legs, he pushed her back and put his head between her legs. I sat in a chair and watched. He pulled her thong to the side and was licking her out. She was moaning loudly. After a while R had her first orgasm. Once that had ended Paul took hold of her thong. He started pulling it off her, R closed her legs and lifted her bum to make it easier for him. R's legs flopped apart. Paul started to finger fuck her, R started moaning again. He fingered her for a while till she begged him to fuck her. I saw R adjust how she was laid, she reached down and took hold of his cock. R guided it to her opening. I saw Paul's bum clench and he pushed towards her. Their bodies came together and R let out a groan. I knew he was in her. Paul fucked her slowly at first. They were kissing and he was rubbing her breasts whilst he fucked her. He was sucking her nipples and R was loving it. I could her the noises coming from R, she must have been soaking. He speedied up and was soon slamming into her, R started to come. She tensed up as her second orgasm ripped through her. He continued to fuck her. After a while they changed positions. Paul sat on the sofa, it was the first time I'd seen his cock. It was impressive. A good 9 inches and quite fat. R sat over him and she lowered herself down onto his cock. She rode him for about 10 minutes. She speedied up and started to pant as another orgasm was building. Just as she started to cum Paul told her he was cumming. His spurred her on even more and she fucked him hard and fast. R cried out as she came and Paul was groaning and shaking as he emptied his load up her. They kissed while they got there breathes back. R rolled off Paul and I saw her fanny. It was very red and puffed, spunk was running from her. She rolled on her back and laid there. Paul was still hard so he mounted her for a second time, R didn't object. This time he fucked her very roughly and it didn't last as long. He cum emptying his cock up her for a second time. R had her 4th orgasm and they both laid there panting. After a while Paul stood up and dressed. R pulled her Nightie on and went into the bedroom. Paul finished his drink and left. I followed R into the bedroom. Needless to say I fucked her, spunking up her hole in about 2 minutes.

We saw them the following day when we were loading the car. Emma apologised for going to bed earlier. We have swapped numbers and have agreed to meet them again in the future. Not sure if Paul is up for a rematch, R certainly is. I would love to fuck Emma but we'll have to see. We are meeting them for a night out in around 4 weeks. Will post with the details if anything happens.