Written by Jon

15 Sep 2016

We were married in the early 70s and went on holiday to Spain typical hotel of those days but we felt like millionaires, the food was rubbish but the sun and beaches were great, we spent all day on the beach and evenings in the bars.

It was g for me watching the girls walk by in short dresses and could often see their knickers through their thin dresses, it was awkward in shorts covering my erection, we often walked the beach and sat on the sunbeds. We also had a kiss and cuddle nothing to heavy, one evening we sat at the outside bar we liked and a couple came and at a table opposite us, they were a similar age she had a white dress on, they ordered the drinks and after a while she put one foot on the chair opposite her, I could see in between her legs she had very Brown legs and lovely white knickers on,I kept talking to my wife as I didn't want to leave so I got another drink, they had only just got theirs I thought I was in for a long look. I was right she moved the leg on the chair side to side, my shorts were getting tighter, my wife said have you noticed the girl showing her knickers, no I replied she told me where she was sitting, as if I didn't know, oh yes, bet you like the view. She ran her hand over my shorts and said you've been watching, yes for a long time, she knows I like looking up girls dresses especially if they have white knickers on, that's why you ordered another drink without asking me, I said yes I couldn't not sit and watch when I had a chance like this, she left her drink and went back to the hotel in a huff, I stayed and kept watching, they finished their drink and left, I followed them to the beach and saw them sit on a sun bed towards the back.

There were other people scattered around so I didn't feel out of place sitting on my own, the time passed and people left and it was starting to get dark, although the sun had gone the humidity had risen I had pulled my shorts leg up and was touching the end of my prick, I thought I would come looking at her, he sat up and removed his t-shirt, she unzipped her dress and sat in her bra and knickers, I suppose for many passersby it looked like a bikini.

I had to stop touching myself in case I came, he must have got excited seeing her in her underwear in public, he sat up from his sun bed and started kissing her she seemed happy when his hand went into her bra her hand went up his shorts, I could see her hand moving in his shorts his hand went down the waitbandnd of her knickers, people were still walking by but nobody took any notice, I was dying to come but held back, he moved her knickers over and was frantically wanking her, she moved his shorts up and played with his prick, her knickers were around her knees he stood straight and came over her stomach, I had another couple of strokes and came over the sand, I then went back to the hotel my wife was asleep, the next morning was quite but after a couple of drinks she asked me what happened, I told her every detail, she looked shocked that I had wanked in public, but know body could see and the atmosphere was electric.

I explained that I hadn't touched another woman all I did was watch and found it very exciting,she said she may have overreacted, I told her if she found this out of order then we had better look at our relationship very closely,this is our first time abroad after being married for a certain of years and I think you should be more broad minded, you didn't mind us wanking each other in cinemas or parks what's the difference, did you think I'd change, I wish it had been us, she started crying, that won't work.

She said shall we go to the beach and we spent the day forgetting what had happened, we went out that evening and I never mentioned going for a stroll, we went back to our room and she said shall we get a drink and have it on the balcony, we sat in the warm air and everything seemed back to normal, she asked me if I had thought of last night again, I told her that it's something you would always remember, but it made no difference to us as it was just something that happened, it would have been better had you been with me. She said do you think they knew you were watching I don't think they cared, she leaned over and kissed me, perhaps we could go a bit further tomorrow evening she smiled and let's see how it goes but don't rush me.

We set off and went to our favorite bar we sat talking we had a few drinks and set off to the beach, still quite a few people strolling about, some sitting on the sand some on the sunbeams, we picked a spot not to crowded and sat on one bed facing the sea.I gave her a kiss and kept my arm around her, she seemed very responsive and I put my hand inside her blouse her nipple was already hard so I knew she was excited, people were still walking by but we were a few rows back. Her hand was in my lap and she knew I was hard already, she said there was another couple further back and they were laying on the sand, what are they doing, he's kissing her and his hand is up her dress, she squeezed me knowing I wanted to watch,we changed sides and I could see what she explained a man walked behind us and was sitting watching them, the couple saw him and stopped and got up and left.

I was disappointed but went back into my wife's blouse, do you want to walk further. No I'm happy here, she seemed glad and I suggested we moved back I guided her to the back so she couldn't see the man, we sat so she had her facing slightly away from him but I knew he could see us.

I kissed her and undid the rest of her blouse her arm was around my neck as I played with her nipples again, her hand was up my shorts feeling my prick, I told her that someone was close did she mind just carry on. My fingers tried to get up her shorts but they were to tight, she stood up and took them off, she looked gorgeous sitting with her blouse open just her white knickers, I could s the man was wanking, I pulled her knickers over and started fingering her , she wanted to change sides so she could watch him we moved around until he was insight, she opened her legs more and I managed two fingers, she was so wet I could hear her she was still working on my prick, she said she was coming and I could feel her shake, I pulled my fingers out and she finished me, we sat and she dressed, the man had gone, we stopped for a nightcap.

I asked her if she enjoyed the experience she said she had never seen a man wank other than me before and she wished she had seen him come, well we've got a week left plenty of chances she agreed.