3 Jul 2017


Myself and Denise have just come back from a holiday in Tenerife. We had a great fucking holiday, with lots of sex with me and another couple.

It started on our first night in the hotel. We had gone for a meal and a drink, when we got back to our room, we both stripped off, turned the lights off and opened the patio doors to go on the balcony. We sat outside in the nude for a while. Denise started to rub her cunt, and I was wanking my cock. She came over to me and started to suck my dick. I then stood up and pulled her up so she was leaning over the balcony. I shoved my dick up her from behind and gave her a good fucking. After we finished, we realised we were being watched from the next room, which turned us both on.

The following day, I saw the couple down by the pool, so I said to Den, I am going to chat to them. So I went across to them, and said sorry about last night, I didn't see you, but we were very horny because of the heat and wine. They said it turned them on, and they had sex also. We made arrangements to meet up in the night for a drink. After meeting up, their names were Jeff and Carolwe went down to a bar on the marina, after a couple of great hours together, telling naughty stories, we made our way back. We invited them back to our room, once there we all sat on the bed, and our hands started to wander over both wives. I started to kiss her while he was kissing Den. He soon pulled Dens tits out of her top, I did the same to her. I started to suck her nipples, while pulling her skirt up over her thighs.. Jeff was doing the same to Den, within minutes we were all naked on the bed, Den was clean shaven, but carol had a thin strip of hair on her mound.

Carol was wanking me, Den was sucking Jeff, Carol then started to suck and lick my cock. Me and Carol went into a 69, she was lovely to lick. Jeff by now was fucking Den, . We stopped licking each other and then laid down next to Den and Jeff, and I started to fuck Carol. So we were lying next to each other fucking each other's wives.. once we all came, we went back to our own wives. Jeff and Carol went back to their room, went onto the balcony, and we did the same. Jeff and Carol said, the same tomorrow, me and Den said great,looking forward to it. It was like this most nights ,fucking our own wives, and fucking Carol and Jeff, the girls each had a go at sucking 2 cocks together, and even licking each others tits and cunts.

Since coming back, we will be going up to Derby to stay with them for a long weekend of fucking and sucking. Will let you know what we have done.