26 Sep 2018

So were here in a mobile home, at a holiday park not far from the sea up north. 3rd night in and were sat in, thinking hmmm, what shall we do;) 1st night was needed for sleep, 2nd night, the wind was that bad we thought the roof would be ripped off or we'd end up in oz, far from kansas! So tonite had to be it! Different town, no neighbors,(attatched anyway). So in walks C, dressed in nout but a slinky black number thats shows her figure nicely, breasts in full form, nipples poking through and pussy just visible through the fabric. She lies down on the sofa and looks at me. I put the radio on so as not to have any distractions. We choose one of her new vibes, a small matt-black clit stim with various speeds and functions. I trace it over her, teasing her clit through the incredibly thin material of her outfit. After testing the different functions, we retire to the bedroom where C imediatly lies on the bottom of the bed. I kneel down, kiss my way up her legs towards her womanhood. When i finaly reach my destination, i employ the vibe again, this time, against her skin, stroking down her pussy and making sure to tease her clit at the same time. I bury my head in, tongue imediately working overtime, licking and flicking over her swollen little bundle of nerves until she could hold it any longer. She reaches down, holding my head away as i continue to assault her senses, making her cum harder and faster, soaking the sheets beneath us.

We relax a little, but not for long as she now has ideas. She takes my manhood into hand and slowly starts to caress up and down my shaft, stopping every so often to lick her way up, then suck her way down my cock, making me harder by the second. She pauses....then moves to the bottom of the bed, facing away from me. Sliding me into her moistened pussy, she fucks just the tip of my dick at first then, perfectly riding up and down my cock, C leans back so the angle changes, awakening more sensations. C turns round to face me, perfect tits in my face, hitting the exact right spot that sends me over the edge. And over the edge i go indeed! All the way over, exploding into her like some sorta cannon! We lie there and contemplate our next adventure.....in the morning were off swimming then, we will be on the beach, cant wait!..........;p