Written by self

5 Jul 2008

i had a very erotic encounter while livin abroad. I met up with a couple who were on their holidays. we knocked it off strait away and it led to us having the most amazing sex. we were in the hotel room when it happened. it went nuclear almost straight baway. They were a very attractive couple she was absolutely stunnin she was tall slim and blonde lovely tits false but lovely her body was fuckin fantastic. anyway she started it all off by rubbin her blatently fellas cock through his shorts next thing she took it out n started lickin along his tool takin his balls in her mouth n strokin his hard prick. she started suckin him off takin more each time she lowered onto it. i was as horny as fuck. she looked at me as she took his cock deep into her throat she lifted off and told me i was next and to show her my prick. it was rock hard. i got it out n walked over to her so she could play with me. she stood up n peeled off her dress and stood there in stockings n suspenders no bra n no knickers. i sat down n she started suckin my cock her fella got behind hes n started playin with her wet pussy he started lickkin her as she sucked my prick he started fuckin her as she deep throated me it was lovely he came deep inside her n we swapped around my cock slid in using his spunk as lube n we spit roasted her i had my throbbin prick stretchin her then i came shootin my spunk inside her as i pulled out both mine and her fellas spunk was oozin out her she begged for us to do her arse and we did again we both shot our load up her arse we d both came in her mouth arse and pussy. nextshe sat on her fella i got behind her n started doing her arse she had both holes filled it was absolutely amazin. after we all came again she told me she wanted licked clean the thought of lickin not only my spunk out of her but her fellas too got me rock hard again and she started suckin me as i licked the spunk from her pussy and arse. it was fantastic. as i had my tongue inside her cunt she was on all 4s he started to push his prick against her arsehole. it was only milimetres away from my mouth he really hammered her then started to come firsy inside her then pulled out sprayin my face. he pushed it against me n i took it into my mouth, it was a 1st for me but i was so horny i sucked his prick mit tasted of her arse .wat happened next blew my mind she got up and put a strap on on bent her fella over licked n fingered his arse then mounted him burying the strap on deep up his arse and started to do his arse he wa lovin it id never seen that before but it turned me onto fuck, i was hard again n slowly started to play with my cock he was screamin with pleasure next thing he reached out for my prick n guided me to his mouth we spit roasted him she was bangin him hard up the arse as i came all over his face. i wanted to let her do me too but never, i wish i did cos like most men it is a fantasy of mine. but i sucked her fellas cock and let him suck mine that was my 1st and only time.