Written by Mr and

2 Oct 2013

My wife is mid 30s and is attractive very slim and enhanced 32f. We were out drinking one night and she started talking about her X boyfriend who was extremely well hung, and that she only used him for sex, as it was that good, I found myself initially annoyed but then tuned on by her stories about there sex life. We then started talking about 3somes on a regular basis and I found myself getting more turned on by the thought of it, she said that her x would always be keen.

We decided to book a holiday to a small holiday island, we had also spoke about meeting someone in a club, but I thought it would never happen . until our second night out when we started drinking way to much it was about 1am when we caught a taxi and asked the driver to take us to a club which he responded a sex club! My wife was to drunk to care and he took us to the edge of town where we got dropped off .

We walked in and it was a small charge for being a couple, we walked straight past the bar where there was a porno playing and straight into a dark corridor where there were large bed like areas divided by small partition walls, we layed down and started to kiss, due to us both being drunk I pulled her boob tube down and exposed her amazing boobs.

When I looked up there were 4 men watching and 1couple, two men were naked and playing with themselves, my wife was unaware as she was initially laying down 1 of the men sat down and got his cock out from under his towel, I gave him the nod to touch her legs which he started to kiss , I then hitched her skirt up and exposed her already wet pussy, I returned to lick her breasts and kiss her whilst she unbuttoned me, she stopped kissing me and said I'm getting licked out" I looked down and saw a man licking her out and another two men watching she then sat up and started to suck me off in front of everyone.

Her breasts were looking amazing bent over with her skirt hitched up then I observed she was playing with the bloke who had licked her out, she was wanking him off, she then started to kiss me smiling as we both played with her breasts, he came in her hands within two mins, but this was only the beginning of our night..