Written by curtainpole

9 Aug 2009

hi i just want to tell you all about what happend to me last week. I should start by saying i had reluctantly agreed to go on a camping holiday knowing full well it wouldnt be hugely enjoyable. Anyhow we got there set up had a few drinks and went to sleep i woke early the next morning i decided to go on a walk. there were alot of hills around the area and as i trundelled over one my eyes caught a good looking 40's males naked playing with his cock, when he saw me he hurridly pulled up his trousers and gathered his things i just walked by and smiled (its a little secret of mine that i love serving nice hard cock occasionally and can be very slutty with it).

anyway two days passed and i had not seen this chap at all despite many walks, when on the thurs eve i saw him alone in the bar i grabbed a drink and stood by him (one there not being any tables free and two secretly hoping he would ask me to sit). which to my delight he did i sat at his table and as the beer flowed we got talking the talk moved on to me catching him wanking, he apologised and i told him not to he looked great it was then he knew i was bi, the talk got more raunchy now he asked me what i was into i told him i was quite slutty and loved being sub sucking cock,being fucked he seemed to like this and when we parted at the end of the night he passed me a piece of paper. i waited till i walked back to open it and on the paper was written 238 static caravan meet me tmoz at 20.00 hours the excitement rushed through me and thoughts flooded my head.

the next day i wasted eagily waiting till 7 where i went and had a shower ensuring i was totally smooth and clean i dropped my stuff off and made my way to his caravan. As i reached the static caravan area i stumbled around for about 5 mins till i located it when i found it had a sudden rush of nerves and gave the door a tap i was 10 mins early and hoped he was in, i then saw him approach the door he opened it and greeted me in he was wearing trousers and had a towel wrapped round his shoulders he offered me a drink which i eagerly took hoping to calm my nerves ihad around three drinks and chatted when i decided to make my move. I placed my hand onto the top of his thigh he gave a gentle encouragement and i ran my hand up further grasping his cock through his trousers he then stood up unbuttoning his trousers dropping them to the floor and stepping out i was now presented with a semi hard gorgeous cock even at semi it was pretty large and thick i moved over to me pulled my t-shirt off i stood and took off my trousers and boxers, he admired my body telling me how good i looked.

i dropped to my knees and placed the head of his cock into my mouth i slowly worked my tongue around the tip and then right down the shaft where i began sucking his balls using one hand to wank his cock he was now fully hard and must have been about 8in and v.thick i worked my mouth round his cock sucking him deep he moaned in pleasure. It was then he pulled out of my mouth and said he would be back in a sec, when he returned he was holding a large black dildo, a butt plug that had a tube coming out of it and a pump type thing and a large bottle of lube. I looked at him suprised and he told me to relax he then asked me to bend over the seat so with my knees on the floor i leaned the top half of my body over the seat i waited around a minute not looking round when i felt his hand grasp my ass cheek he told me he loved having younger guys i felt his other hand grasp the other cheek he pulled the apart and what i can only describe as heaven followed, i felt his tongue running my hole i moaned out loud showing my approvalhe continued this for a god few minutes and when he pulled away i felt a cold wetness againt my tight hole his fingers rubbing lube all over me he slipped one in easily the two working me into a frenzy.

he pulled his fingers out and i now felt the head of the black dildo edging into me at first it was a little painful but as i got used to the size i began to enjoy it,he was sliding it deep into me and pulling it back out this happend for a min or two just as i was gettin into it he pulled it out to my dismay i turned my head round which i when i saw he had set up a tripod which had a small video camera on top i was too horny now to care though i couls see the back of him, when he turned round i saw the butt plug in his hand mmmmmm i thought cant wait. he was rubbing lube alll over it. part two coming later in the week :)