Written by AlKaz

25 Aug 2017

Kaz and myself (Al) are a fairly ordinary couple both 59 married for 37 years virgins when we met and we had never felt need to stray in all those years until 2 years ago.

We live in North Lancashire and had booked a holiday in a cottage in Dorset. We arrived after the long drive to find it was part of a pair of semi farm cottages the farmer had as holiday lets but secluded from the farm as they were part way down the drive and hidden from the farm by a hill in between.

We arrived early evening and it appeared we were the only people that weekend . I must confess we both hoped so as now Kaz cursed menopause was over she had rediscovered her sex life with a vengeance ( not that I’m complaining). We did the usual unpacked checked the place out etc and I made the evening meal. Kaz had done most of the driving so I was expecting her to be too knackered for much activity on our first night. Bit of TV and around 10.30 off to bed. I was in bed when she appeared from the bathroom still clothed I was under the covers already. I lay on my side watching her undress. Kaz is a size 14 and 36c boobs lightly trimmed not shaved.

Kaz usually wears PJs or a large tee shirt me nothing I watched as she lowered her jeans and knickers together giving me a view of her lovely bum before sitting on the side of the bed and back to me removing blouse and bra. Usually at this point the nightwear goes on unless she’s feeling horny but given the drive I wasn’t expecting anything and just lay there watching.

Then no nightwear she turned around , looking at her nipples I could see they were sticking out proud that told me and my average length but wide girth 6 ½” game on!! My cock twitched . Throwing the covers back from me she leant over for a snog her right hand straight down to my cock while left hand cupped her left tit caressing her nipple ensuring a deep breath from her as the sensation took hold. I was now hard breaking off the kiss she went straight down enveloping my cock head in her mouth with a hard suck and then running her tongue around it flicking the end with her tongue savouring the precum now leaking from it. I instinctively pushed forward my length disappearing down her throat her head was now bobbing as she greedily sought to swallow the entire length until my pubes were tickling her nose. As She treated me to one of her glorious blow jobs. I lay back luxuriating in her ministrations while stroking her hair and caressing her back and shoulders. She deliberately positions herself so that’s all I can do so she can concentrate on the “job in hand” without distraction. I was just beginning to feel the sap rising when she stopped her ministrations and the first word for 15 minutes were spoken.

“My turn” she said turning round and sitting down straight on my face presenting her hairy fanny for my attention. For a moment I just inhaled my senses taking in that delicious musky smell of her arousal. Kaz has quite protruding labia ( after the birth of our 3 now adult kids) very dark in colour and her clit although quite small tucked in its hood is VERY sensitive. My hands reached up to her breasts caressing her globes then her nipples tweaking then pushing them into the breasts which I know she loves meanwhile with my mouth if firstly began sucking her labia.

Kaz was so aroused she bucked her hips violently he hands grasping the bed head and although only a minute or two in began to orgasm as she subsided and allowed me a breath a transferred to her clit again sucking and nibbling gently a second come hit her far more powerful than the first and at peak my reward with a small squirt of her love juice straight into my waiting mouth. As her orgasm subsided she climbed off to head now on my chest right hand wanking my cock. We don’t as a rule kiss at this point as Kaz doesn’t like the taste of herself. A few minutes of this and she again lowered her head to my cock sucking and licking the end but wanking it at the same time. This time she was going on to the finish and I knew I wasn’t going to last long I began to come and spurts of my come began to fill her mouth and Kaz began swallowing as she sucked draining all I had. Once finished she moved back up the bed and leaning on one elbow looking at my shrinking cock before I moved in to give each nipple a loving goodnight suck. She then grabbed her tee shirt and we curled up spooning together and drifted off to sleep. Both at that point expecting to sleep through until morning………………………