Written by Dave

5 Apr 2018

Sorry about the predictive text in my first submission....hopfully this is better

My wife Paula and l have just got back from a winter break in the Canaries. Paula is 46, 5"5" tall has short black hair a decent pair of 38 tits and good shapely legs, she doesn't shave her pubes but keeps her black bush trimmed.

In the next room to us were 3 black lads, 2 18 and 1 20. We spoke to them when we all arrived at the hotel and we bumped into them the same night in the bar. In the general chitchat, they told Paula the were amazed that she was 46 and had been married for 25 years, which pleased her no end and she flirted with them outrageously after that. This was a complete surprise to me because it was so out of character for her. She was always prim and conservative where sex was concerned and l would never have believed what happened on holiday if l hadn't been there to witness it myself.

I.ve often fantasised like many others of seeing my wife being shagged by other men, in fact l have often raised myself up to watch my cock slipping in and out of her when we screwed and imagined it was another blokes cock.

I could see she liked the flattery and l could see that she had taken a shine to the oldest lad Jimi.

On the third day l twisted my ankle really badly, in fact a x-ray showed that l.d broken it and was put in plaster so that buggered my holiday, of course l could lie about and enjoy the sun. So there l was lying on the beach on a lounger next to Paula when the lads appeared and asked Paula if she wanted to make up a 4 for splashing about with the ball in the surf.

Well they were playing around and like all lads there was the usual horseplay with Paula on the receiving end of the splashing and the ducking under the water etc. It was during this time that through my binocs l saw them grab her and as they were trying to force her under the water l saw her stiffen and stand up quickly and l saw that Jimi had his hand down the front of her bikini bottoms. She just stood there and the other 2 moved so that they were between her and me on the beach. I then saw her put both her hands on Jimi,s shoulders as if hanging on to him while the other two seemed to be rubbing her torso

She stayed like this for a minute or two and I'm sure l saw her gasp out loud but l couldn't hear for the noise of the sea, but I'm sure that the three of them had just finger fucked her to an orgasm. I was amazed as in 25 years she had never strayed or even missed anyone else at a new year party etc. I then realised that l had a right stiffy on. I shouted that l was going back to the hotel and hobbled there on my crutches. As soon as l got into the room l wanked over what of just seen.

When Paula came back, she didn't say anything but she seemed distracted and said she was going to the shops when she changed. So Paula went out and l sat next to the open doors on the balcony and heard the lads come in and through the open doors l heard Joel say " do you think we can fuck her Jimi" and he answered "l reckon after today in the sea, she will be gagging for it, l didn't finger fuck her, she fucked my finger didn't you see the way her arse was going she l got my finger in her"

I got my cock it and wanked again.

It was the next night that l was really shocked and although l didn't see Paula get fucked, l heard it. We were all in the bar, they were drinking and dancing wth Paula and real close grinding stuff and l said that l was going to lie down and take some pain killers. Not 10 minutes later l heard the lads and Paula go in their room, so l moved to the open balcony door and heard her say "l shouldn't do this, I’m married, l think l should go" Then l heard a muffled sigh as if someone had kissed her to stop her thinking about leaving. I could hear the odd groan from her, then Jimi said "ok lie her on the bed and get the rest of her clothes off"

My cock was out and l was wanking again. I heard loud groans again and Dean said "go on Jimi lick that white married pussy"

Then the conversation went like this...."wow, look at all that juice running out of her"

"Look at her fuckin hole, it's got a life of its own it's fuckin pulsing look at it"

"Right get a cock in it quick"

"Let me fuck her first l’ve never fucked an older woman"

"What about johnnies"

"Never mind about johnnies just fuck her and give her your spunk"

I heard Paula gasp and moan and knew that one of them was up her.

"Fuckin hell, this is fantastic, her cunt is red hot"

Then grunting from her youthful fucker, who panting heavily told her to wait till Jimi was in her, he is fucking massive, then about 30 seconds later l heard him grunt like an animal and l guessed he had fun up her with an "oh yesss"

Then with no respite l heard "oh yes oh fuck Paula you fucking lovey fuck....ahhhhhhhh," and l guessed he must have cum almost as soon as he made half a dozen strokes.

The next voice l heard was Jimi.."what do you think of this then, this is what you want init, ever had one this big Paula"

Then l heard a long grown from her and an " oh my god oh god ohhhhhh and after that huh huh huh huh huh" as Jimi thrusted in and out of her

The other 2 shouted their encouragement "that's it Jimi ram her ram her, Look at her buck back she's fucking loving it...move a bit so l can suck her tits"

I think l heard Paula cum 4 times in the ten minutes it took Jimi to empty he ball sack into her.

The pain killers were now making me drowsy and of cum twice listening to them and so to bed.

I next heard the shower running and then Paula slipped in beside and looking at my phone saw it was 3.30 and when the first cock went up her it was 9.30.

Being very careful with my ankle l pushed her over and put my cock in her, she seemed very loose and was half way though my fuck when she woke and before she could protest, l told her that l knew about last night, she looked horrified but l told her she could fuck them all all through the holiday but l was going to join in, so my previously innocent wife had a holiday of sun sea sand and spunk